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/yawn /meh 'The emotes of the lazy'.


2 reasons to whine.

1. Over working. Having spent the last 5 weeks at work with a total of 5 days off it is safe to say my game time has been minimal. Though I managed to go through Fallout 3 once again in the 2 hours I had to myself each night.

2. Uninstalling windows and then installing windows. We’ve all been there, we’ve all done that but it’s one of the biggest fucks in the universe to do. From XP to Win7 in just 3 easy days.


o/ EvE, hello games.

The last month, infact 2 months have been pretty odd. Playing PC games and board games pretty extensivly for the last year has honestly been amazing. Playing games either be myself ( Blood Bowl, Deus Ex, Final Fantasy 7), or playing PC games with the missus on our network at home (Champions online, Dragon Age, Baldurs Gate 2), or simply board games (Chaos in the old world, Horus Hersey, Drakon, Magic the Gathering) with the family or friends. All of that is great.

See playing EvE online like some blubbering imbecile for hours on end isn’t. I honestly do like EvE but recently it’s a bit of a shit sandwich and as it’s a sandbox it’s my own fault. The only things I want to do, I don’t think I can be arsed with because the ideas sound good in my head but then doing them is just a pain in the cock so I’m usually left with routine which is a mix of P.I., Wormholing, piracy, extreme-trading (which is where you really undercut everyone just so you can sell it like you desperetly need the ISK to shove into your vein via narcotics).

And all of that doesn’t feel like healthy gaming. It now feels like a bit of a job, an addiction for the sake of being addicted. To stop that, I’m taking a break because it’s worth taking a break.

On the list of things to do:

– Finish reading the Gaunts Ghosts omnibus.

– Finish my new Orc team before Legendary Edition Blood Bowl is released.

– Play through Dragon Age.

– I finished Star Wars Lego on my DS but I got New Zealand Story recently and it’s the hardest game in the history of mankind. I must beat it.

– Construct the best white deck ever.

– Make fuck tonne of soups and freeze them in preperation for the long winter ahead mmmm soup.

– Watch more 24.

– Watch SPACED with the missus.

– Begin to read Eisenhorn.


Awesome free games in links 2.

Ok so this post and the previous post are nothing more than my attempt at having a permanent place for links to these awesome games. Nothing revelatory about linking, but I have frequently deleted my bookmarks and forgotten about so many cool things that losing them would be a bit shit…again. So links and a small explanation, though everyone of these is 100% awesome.

Physics based hand drawn awesomery where you build machines out of the available parts to get you from A to B. Sounds simple but the execution can really test your brain.

Fantastic contraption

A random world is generated and your small band of dwarfs must build, build, build and dig, dig, dig. Ascii based game so it will run on a toaster. This game is very very hard, but the long play is oh so worth it.

Dwarf Fortress

Angband is incredible. Again, ascii based game but it’s the gameplay that sells it. A random dungeon is created and you must explore it, but you won’t get far because you will die, and then restart and go explore again but you are again dead so you try aga..DEAD. (I want Zangbandtk but I can’t find a copy that works damnit >_< you might have luck with this one, it won’t work for me You want to play this version –> though I will leave the angband version here also,  Zangbandtk , You MUST move the root of the folder to your hardrive, too many folders causes it to crash upon startup.


Everybody loves this one, it’s addictive as heroin but cheaper.

Desktop Tower Defence

1 single button to control your man who must run, he must run and he must jump to get away from the bad thing that is happening. Just look out for window, window is a bastard.


The hardest thing to do is to start on the first mission and not lose a marine so that you have a small chance of completing the second and third mission. You won’t do it, I have REALLY played it and only come close to winning twice, close mind, not actually won. I’ve never won.

Aliens: The board game


Awesome free games in links.

Here is a short list of games to play while the server is down, while at work and looking to be fired, while at work with a PC and your lunch, while at relatives whom you don’t want to speak to so much, while on the bus/train to work, while poor and bored.

All of these are very good, very VERY good and worth the time to play. N is a jumpy ninja game, iji is a sci-fi platformer, Spelunky is cave exploring wonderous death, Alien Assault IS Space hulk and also wonderous death.




Alien Assault



If you don’t work for a living, I am hating you right now.

If you work for a living but don’t really exert yourself, I am hating you right now.

If your only stress during your working day is something so minor like…John has used your paper basket again, Miriam has sent only 4 copies instead of 5, your mouse has ran out of batteries or anything trivial, I am hating you right now.

This list of hatred would include things like fashion and children but it would go on FOREVER.

Maybe something nice will happen in EvE and I can write about that instead. Maybe I will just go and sleep and tomorrow will be all sunshine, peaches and cream.


Another week of fun.

In the last 2 weeks I have:

– Taken the weekend off the AT8 finals off from work and watched them and enjoyed them. I made a series of bets during the tournament and came out 2 mil down plus a Worm frigate. Oh well, there is always next year 🙂 AT8 was the best tournament so far due to meta-gaming, throwing matches, suprising Amarr setups, suprising Caldari blaster setups, yet more hero ships, a mix of varying skill comentators, a new PCU record, tournament cat and Darius Johnson puns. Can AT9 be better? we can only hope so.

– Installed and not played: Final Fantasy 7 (yes the pc version, yes I own it), Ghostbusters, Farcry 2.

– Installed and played: Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers, The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom, my third EvE online account but this one is on STEAM OMFG!!

– Taken a short shopping holiday back home with my extended family for the last 6 days and spent far too much money but gained a Nintendo DSi. Done more walking and shopping in a concentrated period than ever before, fitness ftw, shopping ftm (for the mediocre?). Nintendogs is in the post AWESOME!

– Celebrated the birthday of Deus Ex on June 22nd. 10 years old and still one of the best games of all time. I own 4 copies of it, I think I have said that before. I played through it twice recently, the first time was just before the birthday and I didn’t even know it was the birthday so that is a magical coincedence 😀 it is still very awesome.

– Started playing the actual Magic the Gathering card game with my missus who has a very hax greendeck and is far too good at this game.

– Read through ‘This Gaming Life’ by Jim Rossignol. You should do the same if you are interested in gaming because it is truly great and inspiring.

– Decided I have even more distractions via the medium of games than anybody really needs, should really slow down before I die of gaming orgasms.

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