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EvE Online, a not so quick intro pt.7

A 7th post on this subject is not necessary. It is simple after all, firstly you either want to play or do not. Then you either can or can not play becuase it’s too difficult or just not your thing after all. If you can play and want to play then you are stuck with EvE for a very long time. The only thing from holding you back is your own will and want, it is only a game but it offers so much more than the average MMO/regular game. CCP give you this universe to do what you like in, fantastic! now you just have to decide what that is and can you pull it off.

I would urge you though to make friends with people and learn from mistakes and learn from people that have been playing for a long time. Do your homework from time to time, that is, search for guides about manufacturing for example, or youtube yourself a video guide for scanning out exploration sites. Do the tutorials ALWAYS and learn the basics, use the help channel for questions, learn learn learn and learn some more. EvE is truly big and takes a long time to get to grips with but again, it is worth it.

Get yourself into a corporation and see what they are like. If they are not social enough or too social then leave and search again. Search for the forums for corporations recruiting that sound like they might be doing the sort of things you want to do. Read the forums anyway and discover who is the biggest arsehole this week and who is getting shafted up the choclate speedway by some other arsehole. It’s drama, it’s sci fi, it’s a game, it’s a great grand internet adventure and you just have to decide wtf you are going to do!!!

And now, some pretty screenshots.

Fleeting up, all your corp' mates in one fleet ready to kick some space arse

Recent updates changed the surface of the 3000 odd planets, they all look pretty awesome

The Chimera carrier, capital ship class. Capable of launching a wave of fighter ships from its vast drone bay.

The vastness of EvE, hidden areas of unseen space untravelled for thousands of years. Definitive Sci-Fi.


EvE Online, a not so quick intro pt.6

EvE online is a hardcore, brutal mmo. With out a doubt it is the most difficult game to get started and get playing consistently. If I make up some random percentage and pull a supposed fact out of my arse I would say that 96% of people that try EvE on their own don’t continue to play past the first few days. The percentage doesn’t matter, what matters is that it is hard to get into and understand what the game actually is. EvE has never been that clear about what the game is, to me the game is just…flying spaceships about space, but to what end?

What is the goal here? what is the end game? And it is this that trips people up. When confronted with the lion, Daniel said to god, “So with all of this freedom I can just go be a pirate or a commercial giant or anything I want to be?”, and god replied, “Can we talk EvE later, do you actually see that lion??”. Given that EvE is a sandbox game and it gives you the tools to be an awesome space pilot some could find this to be very daunting. Within certain confines the game is what you want it to be and that is somehow confusing?

A recent trailer from CCP talks openly about how EvE is a sandbox and how your choices ultimetly have an effect on the whole game, which is true to a certain extent. Your minor actions don’t exactly resonate through the entire universe but the intentions of this trailer are there.

The trailer sums up EvE’s “emergent” style with a bit of flair and a bit of an inspirational tempo. It doesn’t quite say, “OMFG YOU R SO TEH MOST IMPORTNAT!!11” and it doesn’t throw the required university courses you will need before you start to play but it does make a good job of showing the none-EvE player what could happen (theoretically but it COULD happen). This all said however once you are playing and have a rhythm of playing every night or whatever your schedule, you are treated to some of the best sci-fi gaming of all time. And it will not be time wasted.


EvE online, a not so quick intro pt.5

EXPLORING!! DANGER!! SHOPPING!!mining and industryyey…all of these are accurate and valid bullet explanations for EvE online and what you can expect in spades, especially the shopping. Despite the earlier statements about EvE being a pvp centric game full of bastards the core game is just like real life, everything (sadly) revolves around money. Not having it means you don’t get very far, having little means you are limited, having lots means your choices are more open and having more than you can spend means you don’t care for the consequences which is awesome.

So after your character is made, after you have gotten to grips with the EvE way of life, and after you have settled into the game you will start looking more and more for the ‘bling’ of EvE’s ships and module selection. To get this you need a steady source of income.

Some forms of ISK making are: Mission running. Trading. Exploration. The unknown. Industry. Piracy.

Mission running. Like other games EvE has a standing/reputation feature which basically means you help an NPC and their corporation and in return they give you some ISK and loyalty points as a reward and your standing increases because…well you are a nice gofer and you do what they like without question. You start, as always, at the bottom working for the lowest pay working your way through level 1 difficulty missions all the way through levels 2 and 3 and ultimately level 4 missions (level 5 missions require a group or a set of cajones!).

Mission running is all fair and well and at some point in their EvE life everybody has done it at some level or other. It is a grind thus it can be very tedious however it is one of the safer ways to make your money and in a group it can be much more fun and takes less time. For example a level 4 Angel Extravagansa mission takes between 1 and 2 hours to run solo and can net you anything from 40-60 million isk.

Standard mission Raven being pummeled like...the British at Rorkes drift..yea

Trading. Gordon Gecko said it best, “When I get a hold of the son of a bitch who leaked this, I’m gonna tear his eyeballs out and I’m gonna suck his fucking skull.” Amen Gordon, amen. The market in EvE is vaginormous and though not perfect or “organic” it is awesome and if you wanted to play a broker-sim then EvE’s market is probably the coolest little mini-game for you.

To explain the market fully would take a brain much larger and faster than mine but also a degree in finance which I won’t ever have.

Basically you can follow trends or start them and as such you are constantly outbidding others for as little as .01 isk at a time adjusting your buying and sell orders to beat the furious competition for every single order you have open. Market PVP as it is known is ruthless and can make you incredibly rich if you only pay attention to ingame news, up coming game patches. Hundreds of millions of ISK are made every minute and you could get a piece of that pie…ISK pie made from…grubby pocket change.

You don’t have to use your main character to trade, creating a trader alt with minimal trading skills takes a couple of days at the most and you could leave him/her in a busy trading hub to be used when you want. The market is almost as relentless as the real world market except nobody is coming to repossess your house and insider trading doesn’t mean you go to prison like Bud Fox bawling your eyes out because you owned yourself.

Jita, the biggest and busiest trading system has it’s own server node (correct me if wrong) so that it can take over 1,500 people without crashing the game and so has the highest footfall of any other system in the game.

Look at all these graphs...doesn't it just scream, "omfg I so need an ingame portfolio!!"

Exploration. Space is very big which is why it is called space, because there is lot’s of it. In this space you can find hidden complexs which involve you shooting NPC pirates, gathering materials or performing some task such as hacking data banks. The method of finding these sites is called ‘probing’…yes with spaceprobes, no not with anal probes. This method of aquiring wealth is very indepth but I can try to go over quickly what it is generally about.

Exploration is done by dropping a set of probes in a system and using your onboard scanner to scan out these hidden sites of wealth. There are Combat, Gravimetric, Radar, Ladar and Magnometric sites. And really quickly, respectively they contain fleets of NPC pirates with bounties to collect, hidden asteroid belts, secret data banks, harvestable gas clouds and  ancient technology.

Low security space (no police protection, filled with pirate scum) has far greater exploration rewards than high sec’ space. Risk –> Reward basically.

The ruins of a planet? space station? or just a statue placed in space because space really needed a statue.

The unknown part comes in the form of annomolies called Wormhole’s and inside these wormholes are areas of untravelled space filled with massive volumes of loot but the greatest PVE danger EvE has. The danger is ever present and it is three-fold.

1) W space unlike normal space at any security level (ranging from 1.0 – 0.0)  has no local/general chat channel so you can not see who is in the system with you by just glancing at your chat screen. This means you have to bemore vigilant and more carefull than ever before or it could be your last mistake.

2) The NPC bad guys are called ‘Sleepers’ and they have awoken! They have very tough tanks, they repair each other, they stop your ship from moving or warping away to safety, they have high damage, the AI has been programmed so that they switch targets on their own and can be fighting every member of your fleet at the same time. Basically just like real players but without the smacktalk.

3) Wormholes have a mass and time limit. If you put too much ship mass through a WH entrance or waste too much time it may collapse leaving you stranded or cut off from your fleet. If you can not probe (yes yes har har) your own way out then you are stuck forever unless help arrives or you suicide your ship and pod. Lost in space never felt so real.

A not so sleeping sleeper decides to end your ships life, do you 1) cry a river 2) forum whine or 3) PETITION AND DEMAND MY DAMN SHIP BACK BECAUSE MY SUBSCRIPTION PAYS YOUR SALARY YOU KNOW??!!

Industry. So Industry is the biggest source of income in the game. Everything you fly has been made by somebody in the game at some point. These people control the market fluctuations, pricing, everything. The biggest producers control the game essentially but it is not some inpregnable fortress your meger wallet can not crack into. Knowing your market and doing a little research on your own and you can find gaps that need filling.

Industry is fueled by 2 types of people.

1) Those who run their own stations that produce polymers and compounds that are then used to produce materials which are then used to produce parts which are then used to produce actual ships and modules…EvE is huge, that explanation will have to do.

2) Miners. People who sit for HOURS alone or in small groups in mining barges shovelling up space rocks and proccessing them into minerals to either sell or produce parts which then produce..OK OK you get the picture. These individules rack up millions and millions of ISK, but it is about as exciting as well…ok say it with me, “a mining sim”. Yea, exactly.

So yes Industry, die rich but die bored.

Mining, the second most fun thing to do online after your annual tax return form

Lastly, PIRACY!! YARR!!! yarr you flew into the wrong system matey, yarr gonna have to pay the toll you yarr says I. Pirates, scumbags in a game…is it not enough that in the world outside your PC desk that there are people on a daily basis that annoy the shit out of you, that when you relax by playing your Sci-fi game they come and ruin your day here to??? In pt.4 I refer to these “people” as fuckfaces.

Admittedly it is a lot of fun. Finding somebody with their pants down and a choice of ‘Pay and live’ or ‘Die’ their options being that limited the isk usually comes quite swiftly. The problem with sticking people up like this is every time you do it, you suffer a security penalty. If your security penalty drops below the starting 0.0 you gain a WANTED label and a bounty that increases with each law break. If your security rating drops low enough, areas of high sec’ become off limits and the CONCORD police chase and then kill you. This of course limits your game but then YARR! A PIRATES LIFE FOR ME!!

Famous pirates. Wensley, so pirate he wears 2 eye patches and Verone so successful at pirating he can afford salon sessions to get his hair just right.

All of these are great ways to make money it just depends how commited you are and how you go about each task. Taking part in all of them means you don’t do 1 of them exceptionally well but it does mean your game is more varied and as EvE is a really truly massive game, to do everything really well would require no school, job, life and I do hope that I have not just listed every criteria for your current real world situation. Yey! for your EvE character but seriously if you value ISK over real cash, sort yourself out.


EvE online, a not so Quick intro pt.4

To break the combo of metaphorical instruction I thought now would be an excellent time to wade into the black cancerous innards of EvE online and perhaps help you learn the greatest lesson now that there is perhaps a seed of enthusiasm sown into your eager little mind. It goes like this, everybody is out to screw you over. EvE is not a nice game full of nice boys and girls, I mean in the sense that to be nice in EvE is a rare commoditiy reserved for your friends; corp’ and alliance mates, and these last 2 are stretching that rule allready.

Everyone else in the universe can go to hell.

It is better stated that while being polite and friendly keeps your karma account in the green and you will find out that within your friend group/corporation/alliance it is a neccessary commodity, inevitably however you are going to cash it in for a big payout of ISK or LOL! Depends what sort of bastard you are really; perhaps you enjoy ruining somebodies day OVER profitting by it, I should let you work that one out.

Incidently, everyime I use the word people in the below examples, I am using the term loosely. (Fuckface/s would be what I actually have in mind.)

– Some people mission bait/mission grief other players by stalking you across the system, find where you are playing, invade your mission area and steal your loot encouraging you to shoot at them  which you do, so CONCORD police destroy YOUR ship for actively agressing somebody in high security space.

-This bastard did it on purpose.

Ninja salvagers, the loot whores of EvE

– Some people will sell a cheap lower end module while giving it the name of a much higher end module, advertising it as such in the local chat channel waiting for you to come along and buy it for 400million only to find that is worth 50k.

– This bastard did it on purpose.

For the un-initiated. the REAL item here is a Cap Recharger I blueprint worth 700,000isk. Advertised as a Cap Recharger II blueprint with an initial bid starting at 700 million and a buyout of 7 billion. If you buy this, I have a left handed chopping board to sell you.

– Some people destroy your beloved spaceship in high security space with a well timed suicide run taking out your very expensive modules, precious cargo, spirits and exotic dancer companion. Prime targets for this behaviour are AFK players who mine in the asteroid belts. The griefers do this for…excuse me while i debase myself here “the lolz”, little monetary gain is netted but mainly done for…and again “the lolz”.

-This bastard did it on purpose.

Many members of the local CONCORD police department investigate the ruins of a mining barge while dealing severe punishment to the offender in question. READ: A slap on the wrist and a "sod off you berk".

Some people will join your corporation, earn your trust over a long period, then one day empty the contents of your corp’ wallet and corp’ hangars then write a forum thread about it to show off. Yey to the new dawn of thievery.

– This bastard DEFINETLY did it on purpose.

Noah the dirty, no good, lousy, thief! ... and his Ark of stolen animals, 2 of each kind.

EvE more or less actively encourages this type of behaviour because 1) from a story stand point EvE is a gloriously open game in an ever expanding universe where theft, murder and corruption is an everyday occurance and chasing these criminals down is a near impossibility. The CONCORD police can only keep a certain number of systems safe (relativly). And 2) it is a game mechanic where YOU! the player is control of controlling your assests and space and as long as no game breaking deliberate circumventions of the EULA occur the GM’s of EvE will not do a thing about it. EvE is YOUR sandbox, it is YOUR game so deal with what happens and learn from your mistakes.

Sometimes it is easier to imagine just what would happen if a corp’ theft for example, was something that happened if EvE was real. The thief boards the biggest freighter he can find late one evening and he spends the next 3 hours prepping it by having cargoloaders fill the hold of said freighter with everything from the hangar. He then transfers the funds from the corp’ wallet into his personal account because he has the access rights to do so. He then flies the freighter away and hides in the far reaches of a far away system where the law can not find him.

The only person to blame is yourself for openly trusting somebody and so, nothing can be done about it besides declaring war on him or hiring bounty hunters/mercenaries to destroy him…oh and the ubiquitous forum thread of threats towards ‘John Starbastard’ (or whoever the thief may be) where you vow to utterly destroy him, yea right, because everybody is affraid of a mug like you.

You wouldn’t get away with this sort of behaviour in any other game. As far as I am aware EvE has so many areas to which screwing people over becomes an art form of even “meta” gaming proportions. The story of the corp called ‘The Guiding Hand Social Club’ is one of legend and I am sure you have heard of it. To summarise though, they took on a  contract to ruin a well known isk scammer and owner of a large corporation. Getting involved on a romantic scale outside of the game, gaining trust inside the game, then stealing billions of assests, destroying the ‘marks’ most valuable and rare battleship, pod killing and handing over the frozen corpse to the waiting employer.

DE-VI-OUS :adjective


departing from the most direct way; circuitous; indirect: a devious course.

without definite course; vagrant: a devious current.

departing from the proper or accepted way; roundabout: a devious procedure.

not straightforward; shifty or crooked: a devious scheme to acquire wealth.

LASTLY on this subject, if you are a victim of piracy, scamming, theft, deciet, devious behaviour, plots to ruin your ingame life or anything else that is negative in anyway and does not constitute as a breach of the EULA (ask a GM if unsure). Then please for the love of yours and my own sanity do not post a forum thread whining that things are not fair or that so and so is a douche bag because you will get ZERO sympathy from the EvE community but you will get funny pictures like this.

The Onion critically strikes the awesome bar for over 9000 yet again.


EvE online, a not so quick intro pt.3

The ships available to you in EvE are awesome. It really is a as if the artists opened up a bag of sci-fi dreams and just went with it because every (or nearly every) style is catered for and…ok enough shit, the ships in EvE are not exactly EVERYTHING you could want but the choice is absolutly huge and they all look sci-fi like so you can’t really complain unless you have designed a universe yourself…no? ok then let’s move on.

Now in gaming terms you can refer the ships in EvE to say classes from World of Warcraft, Baldurs Gate, anythign else with Elves and Orcs. The staple characters of our gaming worlds might be called things like Paladin, Barbarian, Monk, Priest, Gigolo etc but gamers have turned them into clinical terms such as Healer, tank, damage, hybrid of the previous, buffer, de-buffer which more or less explains their role compared to others. EvE is no different really, each ship has its own speciality or is a good mixture of 2-3 uses. Some are flat out useless and/or broken some are just a bit confusing. (Argue away).

1. Tank 2. Healz 3. Spank 4. Buffs 5. Donkey!

To help clarify this visual aid should suffice. These are but 5 examples of a large number of available ships and from a large pool of various abilities and from an even larger pool (so an ocean of..) equipment to do assorted job. It is far to large to explain fully so this basic aid will do for now.

1. The Drake is the obvious example of a good tanking ship. In EvE each ship has 3 “Health bars” and these are Shields, Armor and Structure. The Drake is an exceptional shield tank, a passive shield tank at it’s best. Passive shield tanking means it recharges shields that have taken damage naturally over a gradual time, this is much like a HOT for you WoW players.

2. The Scimitar is a remote repairing ship that gets large bonuses when it is repairing shields making it ideal to keep fellow fleet (gang) mates alive. Every ship in EvE has a capacitor which stores energy which you then use to perform tasks, the Scimitar and ships like it work best in pairs because whilst repairing their buddies they also transfer this capacitor energy to each other for a gain of energy on each transfer. This effectively creates energy out of no-where so they can keep their repair modules working longer.

3. The Brutix is a torrential lava spewing volcano of destruction capable of tearing you a new one so fast you can barely say, “Hon, call the doctor would you please…my intestine is coming out my arsehole again and I need more wax supositories to help clot the blood up”.

4. The Scorpion battleship has the ability to sit on the battlefield for a very long time while jamming your sensors so you can’t target anybody thus denying you the ability to cause damage, repair HP, remote sensor boost or anything else involving the need to lock a target which is 98% of the time. (% pulled out of my arse but it is close to the truth). A handy ship if you want to deny your enemy the ability to fight back.

5. Ahh yes the Orca. A very large industrial command ship capable of holding vast quantities of goods in its cargohold whilst acting as a mobile base of sorts. What this boat is designed to do is to give bonuses to mining barges who sit in asteroid fields breaking down rocks into bite size portions, which you then refine into minerals, which then get used to make stuff. Miners sell the minerals directly or horde them and make ships/modules/ammo and then sell or use them. Industry and commerce is a big and serious business in EvE so fighting is not the only thing to do if you prefer the merchant life.

Hopefully this eased your brain into something you might recognise from other games, a Brutix or Harpy is just a warrior, a Scorpion or Falcon are just illusionists, a Rapier or Curse are just Rogues etc. Saying what they are close to compared to other games still only scratches the surface of what a ship could do. There are infinite possibilities for setting your ships up and with many different types of ships and many different bonuses you could argue forever until the end of time about the best way to fit a ship and beleive me there are people who do exactly that all day every day and you are overly calculating nit picky bastards, go outside you pale skinned milky idiot and your social awkwardness will dissapear in no time, if you washed a bit.


EvE online, a not so quick intro pt.2

Flying ships, ships and killing, killing and flying, flying and doing maths. Such is the life of a podpilot. Despite how confusingly overwhelming EvE is, summing up what you do in the game is rather easy because it is essentially just a sci-fi game. So you fly space ships together PVE wise and make money (ISK) to buy more ships and toys to use which you then try to destroy other players ships with. Rinse repeat. It is a game afterall and it only comes down to those simple elements. Elements covered in a thick layer many other things.

But you don’t play EvE becuase it’s a spaceship game, you play EvE because what you are really interested in doing is pretending you are Han Solo, Captain Avatar or Wash…ok most of us pretend to be Boba Fett because he is kick ass but the other 3 serve as decent examples of a player.

You enter the room, you can only choose one person to be for your entire life. The charasmatic rogue with a hidden heart underneath, fast with a blaster and owner of the coolest ship ever. Pedo' Santa captain of the Yamato or widdle Wash and his toys.

Han Solo types just want to be scoundrels, trading stolen goods, making a fast buck while avoiding trouble but being a cocky arrogant prick while you do it.

Captain Avatar, directing your entire crew on a suicide mission using your old rusty battleship and good old fashioned grit!

Wash…you like monologuing, toys, being a bit special…oh and pulling it out the bag when needed…I should have used Alex Rogan from the Last Starfighter.

So playing pretend and hamming up your character in your head sets the scene for your entire game really, though I must point out you are infact playing with other human beings in EvE and it is impossible to do so without that interaction. The entire game is run by huge alliances and small corporations of people from around the globe. I say this because if you are right now thinking, “I am Han freaking Solo and my ship is the awesome Starbastard I will fucking crush anybody that tries shit against me I swear to fuck I will”, if you are thinking that and have a voice of a 10 year old Italian castrato singer then perhaps you should base your ingame persona on something a little less macho. Like a pony or a fairy.

Ok I think this is more than enough about possible player stories within EvE, all of the above is pretty much what I imagine every other EvE player has done at some point or it is initially what attracted them to EvE in the first place. Telling their own Ian Banks story, living their Warhammer 40k stories vicariously through EvE, seeing Blade Runner, Alien, Star Wars, Star Trek all through the eyes of their EvE character. All of this is important in actually loving to play EvE. There are of course a number of other reasons and some are concerned with the spaceships in the game.



EvE online, a not so quick intro pt.1

“It is a very open ended game driven by the players who fly spaceships together and talk about math related things, backstabbing, market trading and It’s great but if it was truly great and easier to get into we would have millions of players like WoW, but then it wouldn’t be EvE.”

That is my summary of EvE to a “normal” person.

Straight away and really underwhelming I want to talk briefly about your character in EvE. The character you play is one of the most integral parts of any game. the story revolves around you, the other characters revolve around you and by the power of Greyskull the entire universe revolves around you..well your avatar. JC Denton, Gordon Freeman, Commander Shepard, (I almost spoiled KOTOR right here) and even your bloody WoW druid have their stories revolve around them. Nothing happens unless they let it happen.

EvE doesn’t give a flying shite about you. It’s just a means to an end. Your character is just to give everyone else something to associate you with otherwise skilling up, flying ships, using different weapons and what not are just something everyone can and does use at some point. Your own personal story in game matters little to the grand scheme of things because not everybody is on the same page as your roleplaying ways.  So story, characterisation out the window.

Your avatar is a static portrait from day 1 to the day you stop playing and just like in real life you are stuck with the same face through out your experiences. Here is one of mine.

TooNu, fear his blind pilot chi.

Handsome eh? so I have been stuck with this concept of a blind pilot able to fly using only instinct and strange phenomena he can’t explain. Perhaps he flew into a cloud of radioactive gas? perhaps a sun went supernova the instant he warped off blinding him quickly in the sudden flash? Either way, I can’t change this guys face so he is as blind as if you shined a laser pointer into the retinas of the 3 blindmice. Forever blind yes but forever blind in the future??…doubtfull is an understatment and I feel dumb for thinking of this idea.

A wise player once said to me in City of Heros when I questioned him “why did you roll a female superhero if you are really a guy?”, his reply was, “If I have to stare at the arse of my hero while I play, it better have a nice view”. I have thought about this wisdom EVERYTIME I roll a character like some gender confused teenager who doubts his sexuality and airs it on a morning talk show. However in EvE it doesn’t really matter so much, you don’t see your portrait unless you open the character screen and this is the reason we have an albino Stevie Wonder up there.

I can pay to have it changed which costs 10 euros but I would then have to justify why it is ok to spend real cash on a vanity feature which would open up a flood gate of “companions” (or mini-pets for the rest of humanity) for my girlfriends WoW account. Anyway, companions makes it sound like some wifeswapping “mix your car keys about in this bag” sort of deal.

Not that your avatar look is that important anyway and here is the main reason why. Everybody that tries EvE and leaves says the same thing at some point, “so my character is this spaceship?”, why yes Dave that is correct. Everybody is represented by a spaceship and yes your spaceship is exactly the same as that guys spaceship, and his and his and his and hers…only joking, girls don’t play EvE (omg!).

EvE, spaceships, your character as a spacehip oooh

No elves or goblins or spacemen here, just a big chunk of metal that flies through space where nobody can hear you scream…this being EvE however means that even if somebody could hear you they wouldn’t care and more than likely just fleece you for your ship, assests and dignity.  Mainly dignity.

You are a ship in space and that is the gimmick. There are many types of ships and many variations of the same ship but for example, your Raven battleship is no different at all whatsoever in the slightest different from another Raven Battleship somewhere else. So you have no customisation options at all and you are not some special butterfly who deserves to MSPaint your “own goddamn ships ffs”. Not even corporation (guild/group) markings, kill markings or random letters and numbers can be pasted onto your lovely collection of ships to show everybody that it is yours.

Some people can’t get into EvE straight away because your identity is a flying metal ship in the void of space, it doesn’t exactly scream “personal” now does it? So yea, characters with no character.

To finish off quickly here is the recent trailer for EvE Online. It is a great little video and even if you are not so interested in this post, at least watch the video to see how nice everything you are not playing looks.

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