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EvE – Honorable mentions pt.1 of 2 – Ships I have flown (and deserve some praise)

The end of ‘My most favourite ship(s)’ is just about here and needs a bit of a summary so here I am cramming in some ships I feel just need a little mention before I end it. And this list of ships that I thought would be very long turned out to be fairly short, especially as 1 of these ships is actually the same hull but with a repaint. I didn’t have enough of an opinion to write about each of them in turn so a colaboration post was in order.

1) The Falcon is the bully who holds back the arms of another kid while his bully friend takes the dinner money. Except the bully holding the arms back had a 200km reach.

I have 2 memories of 2 different Force Recon ships and both involve 2 different players from a very good PvP corporation in low sec. Seeing these guys use their recons so effectively made me relise that it was definetly the right track for me as an EvE player. Their ceo would sit at 200km range off a major faction warfare gate and cloak up while his boys would ambush gangs of Gallente ships, uncloak and jam like Lonestar. Beardy, shitty, low brow, low down, crappy, dishonorable. Yes but it was a valid and working tactic you would have to be mad not to use to your advantage. I was instantly hooked to this idea of having a gaurdian angel protecting me with flawless ECM, so I decided if I was going to have this luxury then I should at least train towards flying one myself.

Upon the day I could fly Recons and this ship, it became immediate that it isn’t actually all that great. Jamming people from 150-200kms away when they can warp off and all you did was jam them…big fucking whoopdy-doo-dah. I think I sat in Tama and Old Man Star a bunch of times and just jammed up war targets who were shooting militia members. These militia members never seemed to have a ‘point’ on their ships so the war targets would warp off denying me a kill assist. It was only ever effective as part of a gang so I always had to rely on other people. Sometimes these people are just not around though.

It can’t tank, it can’t jam EVERYONE so if your fleet mates can’t pin everything down, you’re fucked. If the Falcon was a movie character he would be the science team mate, the computer hacker, the tag along archeologist, anything but the fighty type. It has it’s uses but it’s combat effectiveness is not so awesome, especially now it has been “balanced”. Luckily its brother became usefull.

To the Left Lonestar who Jams ships, like on the Right, which is what the Falcon does quite well.

2) The Rook, so all of a sudden this under used combat recon became everybodies favourite tool. It can deal out great DPS, it has a decent tank, it can jam the shit out of you it even has a decent drone bay. What can’t it do??

Even the paint scheme is pretty great.

I bought 12 of these at 80 mil each 2 days before the patch, on patch day I sold 10 of them for 135 mil each (did I hear a CHACHING!!). I kept the last 2 and loaded them up ready to go fighting. My problem at that point was, well, they are expensive and I don’t fancy taking these into militia blob land or even with my corp because…well the 22nd were famed for their cheap frigates and destroyers so the ratios were a bit off. Basically, putting that much good and awesome on the line for a bunch of guys who took the same cheap shit out everytime was a bit silly, so I didn’t do it.

I used the Rook one time to its fullest potential. I helped a corp mate in his Drake from getting ganked in a belt, we turned the tables on the pirate and instead ransomed him. In total I scored 6 kills with the Rook which isn’t all that great, but I never did lose one so I guess as a ship it is pretty awesome.

Effectively I wasted my chances and wasted the time I could have had with such a fine ship. Had I been in gangs with similar ships it might have been more of a staple choice but it didn’t work out that way. I feel a bit like a parent mulling over the time lost with their now grown children /sniff.

Look everybody it's a Rook sitting ontop of a Rook 😀 ...ok so I had no Rook screens.

3) Minmatar this time and the Stiletto. Of all the interceptors I will go down on record and say that the Stiletto does the job better than the others and I don’t care for your facts. With 4 mid slots you can fit it out any number of ways depending on what is needed, hopefully you fit so you can insta’ lock anything that comes through a gate.

I prefer the dual SEBO for insta lock goodness. You are not there to provide DPS or anything, just a REALLY good point and as a tackler you should be REALLY good or you should just fuck off. There is no reasoning here, that is what an Inty should do. The inty will tackle and it will insta-tackle and it will give chase if needed but it won’t be there to provide DPS or tank very long. If said Inty can’t fly fast it should leave until it can, if it can’t insta-lock it should leave until it can. In low sec this is especially usefull because you don’t have easy-mode bubbles to catch everything for you.

The Stiletto has bonuses to tackle range, it is superbly fast and it has 4 mid slots for awesome utility, why not fly the Stiletto? It is a great gang tackler folks, “But but but the Crow and Taranis are better”. Die in a fire.

Hey...errr...guys check it out, a pair of Stilettos has been left ontop of this Stiletto hovercraft...ok so what? I bet you don't have Stiletto screenshots either!!

4) The Buzzard. Incase you haven’t read the mission runners post you won’t know I am a big fan of PvE ships. This baby is a PvE ship..or well it is also a PvP ship but it is mostly a PvE ship. Spying and the art of hiding is something this ship does very well indeed. It is agile, it can warp cloaked, it is small and it even has camoflage paint. So in my opinion it is a tool of PvP. Hell, you could fit it with a point and sneak up to sleepy mining barges or ratters for your mates to then destroy.

The Buzzard is the best exploration vessel going. It can fit an mwd, an expanded probe launcher, a covert cloak, a codebreaker, an analyzer, a salvager, a tank, a tractor beam, a coffee maker, a soft drinks machine, a DvD, an ipod dock, an Xbox…ok it CAN’T fit an Xbox but most houses can’t fit an Xbox. Basically it can fit everything you need for exploration. Have a friend or an alt with you to kill the rats in any sites you find, use the Buzzard to hack the cans, profit wildly. Repeat.

I love my Buzzard. My particular Buzzard was stolen from somebody and I bought it. The rigs, the modules everything on it was stolen. To whom it originally belonged I will never know but the contract specified that it was not theirs and they needed a fast sell, I bought the ship and it’s contents for 15 mil 5 minutes after the contract went up. Lucky bargain! So if you had a Buzzard stolen from you around 2 years ago, I have it in my hangar and you are not getting it back 🙂

Old and new, what is with the camo paint in the first screenshot? To help you hide in the blue lagoon?

5) Orca. What a stunningly usefull ship, I can’t have enough positive things to say about it so here is the only negative I can think of. It’s fucking humungous and about as mobile as a block of apartments. Ok with that out of the way let’s see why the Orca is so fantastically amazing, here is a reccount of what I have used my Orca for. Since the start of 2009 have I owned my Orca and it’s purpose was to help me haul around the Ore I was mining in high sec. Its first few months were spent using it for mining Op’s and then at times putting up towers and POS modules.

It made itself invaluable when I moved my high sec base, when I gathered modules and various shite that I had stored around the universe and piled them all into one station. When I would sell ships and mission loot saved up over weeks, the Orca would haul them down to Jita. While mining in a system with no stations, this ship carried the Ore out to be processed time and time again.

When a friend and I lived in a class 1 wormhole we lived out of this Orca for 2 days while we cleared the sites and used it to refit ships and store our loot. Since then it has been pivotal on the logisitcs front as a few friends and I moved into a class 2 and later on a class 4. Without this ship life would have been much more difficult at times.

The best wormhole logistics ship by far enters unknown space...ooh spooky.

Though not exciting to fly and not nearly as great in PvP it more than makes up for everything by providing your corp/gang with a mobile command base, a reliable high-sec freighter that can’t get insta popped by suicide fuckwits, a mining platform to avoid can flippers, if you don’t use gang links you can fit a probe+cloak+rep for WH op’s. This ship can do it all besides PvP and move fast.

I can’t beleive that I am enthusiastic about such a ship to be honest. Considering I prefer fast paced ships with that sneaky backstabbing shark feel the Orca kinda breaks all the rules my playstyle relies on. Yet I can’t reccomend this ship enough. Buy one, you won’t ever be dissapointed no matter your playstyle.

EvE's own brand of Sexual education. Here we see a POS (egg) with an Orca (sperm) travelling into it to drop off Ore.

So my top 5 ship thatI like in someway, though none of these are a Rupture, Manticore or Rapier they deserved a mention none the less. Part 2 WILL be up tommorow.


EvE – The ship, the one, my favourite…here goes.

Not exactly how you want to end up if you annoy the wrong gods.

There are a few problems that I have to address before I get what I think and feel about this ship. Problems that I think exist but perhaps do not, I think the reasoning though will become clear. Firstly, it is a new ship and so has not had an awful lot of test driving in comparison to all of the other ships in EvE. You can’t rightfully claim that this ship out performs the Rupture or Thorax, when its track record compared to these 2 is not even in the same league.

Secondly, even if you discount the timeline of this ships performance you can’t discount its monetary cost compared to everything else. For a meger cruiser hull you are paying hundreds of times over compared to the other cruisers. Not everybody can afford to fly them, not everybody can afford to risk them even if they do fly them and not everybody can afford to fly, lose and replace them so readily. In EvE terms these are the Ferraris, the Lamborginis, the Bugattis. Super ships for the discerning affluent pilot. This might not include you and for that I am going to try and get across why I love this ship the most without coming across as some elitist fuckface.

Third and lastly, writing about something you really like is not exactly easy, the expressions you might be thinking about don’t come across well. For example when I think about this ship my brain says, “COOL BOOM BOOSH WEEEEAAAOOWWW PEW PEW BIBANG FUN FUN FUN AWESOME COOL RARRRRRRRR!!!!!!”. That doesn’t really make a great blog post and makes me look a little unstable. In my brains defence however, I think what it is saying is that this is a great toy and it feels like being a kid again.


Yes I know, its not like I pidgeon holed myself here. there is no real commitment to a specific ship when you choose a T3 as your favourite. I didn’t toil and trouble myself over the Hurricane’s DPS and tank, the Rapiers specialisation or the Ruptures “steady Eddy” flavour, no, instead I went for something that takes what I like about various ships and sticks them together into a multi purpose tool of awesome. So yes, a T3 ship is perhaps the easy way out of deciding on your favourite ship. It doesn’t do one thing very well, it does many things well and it is interchangeable so you can change the ship when ever you want. Though it might not out perform T2 ships with specialist roles it does a very good job at amalgamating several ships together into one fuck off pwn mobile. Jack of all trades, master of none. That is in essence what the T3 line is all about. At least at the moment.

Since buying this Loki I have finally felt that I have the tool in EvE that I was really needing. I’ve said a few times before that my playstyle is that of a sneaky bastard and unless you haven’t guessed by now, I love to make ISK. The Loki gives me everything I need for my style of play in that tiny pocket of parameters. Be Sneaky, make alot of ISK. First let’s take the ISK making. My high sec base is exactly 1 jump from low sec. My low sec base is slap bang in the middle of a high traffic area which sits right next door to null sec. My Loki let’s me move around this area without being seen, it gives me the tank and the firepower to hold off any would be ambushing pirate and it gives me the utility to explore in dangerous waters. Sometimes I like to do Radar sites or solo class 1-2 sleeper sites. These can rake in heaps of cash from goodies hidden in Radar cans and sleeper tags. Occasionally (one time dude!) I have been known to probe out mission/plex runners and just kill them for the ship loot. Only because I can do this, do I do it. And there is the point, my Loki let’s me do what I want how I want and the only limitations are, in the words of Verone, “how big your balls are with regards to pirating”.

Since owning mine I would esstimate that The Loki has more than paid for itself. Though one is currently fit for null sec travelling and is awaiting a refit for this summers PvPing.

Travel fit 'Bubblebath' for ease and relaxation during your voyage across the stars.

As an ISK printer it doesn’t come close to the Tengu, Caldari ships are generally better at PVE than most other ships but the Tengu really outshines them all. The Loki just doesn’t have the sustainable tank while providing fair volumes of DPS. I have suffered a little from having too little a tank while my DPS is absolutly awesome, or I have a decent tank but my shots go wild and things take a bit longer to destroy. Again though, at least the choice is there. Something like a Drake is relentlessy awesome at tanking but it is slow as artheritic grandpa with his alzheimers. You don’t have a choice with the Drake. Likewise you don’t have the choice with a Vagabond either. It is relentlessly fast but if it gets caught it is toast. The Loki can at least fight back, hold on and have a good chance at a gate jump before it pops.

This is why I really like the T3 line and the Loki in general. The blending of ship ideas to form a singluar ultimate bad ass. Fitting my Loki….by the way I should really start calling it by the name I chose, I mean I REALLY like this ship and saying “the Loki” or “my Loki” doesn’t do it justice. So The Validus has been fit numerous ways to suit how I needed it at the time, sometimes she has this probe launcher and PvE fit to go make my some ISK and other times a PvP fit has been required. I won’t post my PvP fit here for the world to see because I want to retain some level of ownership but if you want the fit, I can eve-mail it to you. Nothing revelatory but I am proud of the fit.

The coolest sounding weapon in the game. Right? I think so anyway.

I love autocannons and no ship brings out the joy of Auto’s quite like the Loki. In short they are just so very sci-fi to me despite how primitive they are but mostly because they have more DAKKA!! tahn any other weapon system. Lasers are far too obvious and even though its a “frikking laser beam” they don’t feel powerfull. Blasters I just don’t understand, are they like rapid firing shotguns firing out well made debris? Missiles don’t have a punch and they are far too child friendly. Autocannons spew out hundreds of rounds, good solid projectile wepaons ripping into armor, flaking off irreplaceable ship equipment and shattering through cockpits into the pod. In my mind they have more of a fear factor. Load noises, lot’s of bullets flying everywhere and you know any one could be the fatal shot. You can’t weave past a barrage of autocannon fire and you can’t help but shout in disbelief as rows of teeth from this flying scrapheap remove your structure bit by bit. Seeing a roughly built monster of a ship that is a Loki must be terrifying enough without having to put up with the hail of gun fire coming your way. Even writing about that makes me emmensly satisified that I went Minmatar in the first place. Autocannons on a Loki…mmmmmmm.

My only negative with using my ship of awesome isn’t really a negative as such, it is more of a hesitation on my part so not really the ships fault at all. It is understandable that if you decide to put this ship in harms way a certain measure of apprehension comes with it. After all the hull and subsystems alone are worth more than any ship of its size or in some cases bigger. A carrier for instance sells for around 600-700 million and a T3 ship is worth that easily but comes with the downsides of not having as many hitpoints, the insurance payout upon destruction of your T3 isn’t even worth getting back and you lose skill points to boot. You can see why that it makes no sense to have these ships and put them in obviously dangerous situations. Yet people like me do it all the time. I would much rather be in a Loki in a PvP fight than say any of my T2 ships. It outperforms them all in my opinion. Greater tank, greater DPS, greater options for picking your fights in the first place.

The one that got away. A Curse while tackled can get away every time unless your boys are faster...

Of course there is the risk of being primaried. Who wouldn’t want to shoot the big expensive ship first? A low sec gang might roam for a few hours with not much luck or very little action only to come across a similar sized gang but a T3 ship in amongst them. Of course they primary the T3. If everybody dies at least they killed the money ship and thus the ISK lost ratios are going to be similar. If you win the fight your gang comes out even more on top AND the chance for faction loot from a T3 pilot is significantly higher. Shiny syndrome, the bane of every EvE pilot.

I remember an ingame friend and some random pilot destroyed a Loki in their Rupture and Caracal netting a few hundred in dropped faction loot but also and perhaps more importantly to stat whores, their ISK Killed/lost ratio rocketted. A rupture is perhaps worth 100 times less than a Loki for a rough guess and he more than made his ships value in that one kill alone. These are the sort of chances you take if you want to fly them. The jobs that the T3 ships do are awesome but you can never forget that just because they cost a fortune and do exceptional things, that they are above being destroyed in any number of ways if you are careless or plain unlucky.

Despite all of the obvious advantages and negatives of this ship, lot’s on both sides, the simple fact that I just enjoy flying it over rides everything else. What I think more than anything is something like this. While cloaked travelling from system to system looking for a target I get a feeling of being a shark or a wolf. Nobody knows you are there until it is too late, you have them cornered, wounded and with no chance of survival. Even if I am not going to fight anybody I still think like this, the predatory nature of The Validus takes over and I have no choice but to give way for its spirit. I see it as a valuable character in a book or role playing game, if any harm or misfortune comes its way I would be noteably affected by it. I don’t want that to happen, ever. the Validus is my most trusted ship, my most used ship, the go to boat and a ship I don’t think I could do without above all others.

The Validus as it is now.


EvE – Rapier, the almost but not quite favourite.

I fly the Rapier and I love it.

There, that wasn’t so hard to say. At first I thought it would be weird but actually it’s like a weight has been removed from my shoulders and now I can relax a little. What’s that you say? Oh but I thought the Rapier was one of those ships people laughed about at dinner parties. No? oh then I guess this shouldn’t be such a tough post to write.

Rapier, classic Minmatar looks, now with added bits of wood!

Recons in general are awesome. Combat recons and force recons have their place in EvE with pirates and PvP centric corp’s who specialize in the clean professional kill. Recons are good at 1 thing but do that 1 thing really well and this places a high value on not just the ship but also on the training. Unlike other ships where perhaps you just need to kinda sort of train up a weapon type, and half arse couldn’t really be bothered train up your tank only to then go out and find something to fight. A recon demands that you take your skills to the next level. They demand that you pay attention and stay focussed so this special tool becomes more refined and thus more deadly.

The problem is, they break pretty fucking easily and cost a small fortune. So I guess they are almost like specialist doctor tools or some sort of fine…sushi knife…?…in that if you don’t know wtf you are doing, you are likely to cause more harm to your tool than to anything else. And that wasn’t a reference to your genitals. Ok it was.

After training up Caldari cruisers V and being a bit..disapointed by my decision I trained up minmatar cruiser V shortly after. The idea being I could fly the Vagabond which at the time everyone and their alt were flying but the main reason was that the Rapier would also be in my grasp. The idea of flying and infact training for the Rapier was formed by many people inspiring my playstyle just like most of my choices in game to be honest.

The first time I ever saw a Rapier was as it decloaked 70 km’s from me burning towards my Manticore. Pretty stupid to decloak at such a distance, you could have caught me at 30 but that is the price you pay for being stupid/impatient. It was probably the most scared I have been PvP wise in game. Not that fear exists ingame other than the fear of losing your ship or the fear of finding your account hacked, but fear in the Jaws way. Hidden danger lurking out there somewhere. Ready to catch and eat you if you dare go into the water. That is how I saw the Rapier at that moment.

Other times I saw this ship was on allied gate camps. Major faction warfare gates with heavy traffic were often camped by a corporation who flew specialist ships such as recons and one guy flew a Rapier in particular. I never saw him in anything other than this death machine so i figured it had to be a ship worthwhile training for. So I researched ship-fits and I spoke to people who flew them at some point and I read stories of peoples kill claims. Probably wildy exagerated but the essence of the ship was in these stories.

Stopping Interceptors and smaller ships from moving very fast so your drones and artillery can tear them apart. Large battleships unable to do anything but crawl back to the gate at 21 m/s. It just sounded like a much more hands on ship than the Falcon. Plus, it can warp cloaked so it fitted my ninja combat style perfectly. I decided that my style is very much ninja because you can’t see me and I only attack when an opportunity presents itself and then only if I am 100% sure. You can say it is cowardly if you like, I don’t mind. I can say your mother has sex with hobos and infact married one, you don’t have to mind that either.

The 3 phases of the wildly known S.H.L.A.N technique (Special Hide Like A Ninja).

Something about the Rapier and the way people fit it amused me greatly over the last year or so. Now if this comes across as a fitting-nazi point of view then oops >_< but the 2 greatest debates I see are for Arty or Auto fittings and I want to put my stamp on this topic.  Personally I prefer Arty. Fleets profit greatly from having a Rapier to hand. It can hold a target at a gate while the DPS comes in, or it can scout safely, it gets bonuses for Target painters aswell and it is incredibly fast for a cruiser. What it can’t do no matter how you fit it, is put out huge volumes of damage. And your fleet doesn’t rely on your DPS, if they are’s a shit fleet, leave it.

Auto cannons fire faster and put out more DPS than arty’s but with only 3 turret slots the reasoning for this choice is minimal. I guess it really depends how you like to fly. However, considering your Rapier is the master of dictating range with its speed and web bonuses you should be thinking about how you can maximise these advantages. Arty’s have far superior range to the Autos.Rather than change the ship entirely, why not play to its strengths? It seems fairly obvious to me that the ship with which to dictate range while using autocannons is the Vagabond,  it does a much better job in this role than the Rapier. Shit, fly a Hurricane or a Rupture if you want to get up close and in the face of somebody, they REALLY tear things apart.

Remember what I said about using the correct tool for the correct job AND looking after said tool? Well to me an auto-Rapier is like using a bandsaw to slice your bread, or having a doctor come out to build your garden patio. Yes a bandsaw can easily cut through bread and a Doctor could build your garden patio but they are not the right tools for the job when something else is better suited to it.

An actual Rapier sword was designed for long reaching attacks, thrusting attacks mainly. Again that is not a reference to your genitals. Merely highlighting the potential reason for being named Rapier.

The day my training was completed I bought 2 of these ships and only ever flown one of them. I scored 52 kills in it before it popped to a much much more awesome gang than ours. The loss was a bit traumatic but my therapist says that time heals while you are grieving. One day at a time… /sniff.

It never occured to me before but those dragster style jets of flame from the engines are cool.

My time flying it was spent doing a few different roles, I enjoyed it greatly no matter what I was doing because it was my Rapier, my invincible (obviously not if it popped) scout, the swift bringer of speed denial. Jaws theme tune in my head as I prowled towards ships ratting. The “SUPRISE!!” shout I would yell out with glee as an assault frigate wandered to the wrong plex-gate. Oh the good times that were had. Even the most mundane utterly boring task you can be doing in EvE, no not POS warfare and no not ice mining, bunker busting in Faction Warfare. Even this became enjoyable. For those that don’t know, it is just a bunch of sad fucks shooting a small structure for 30-45 minutes until the system occupancy changes to your faction. There is NO reward for doing this. I would fit 2 target painters on to boost the fleets missile damage output by god knows how much. By fitting these modules I was effectively saving time compared to if I was shooting the bunker with a Raven. Well that is what I tell myself and who better to tell me that I am right? 😀

The point is, I had fun while flying the Rapier and would still be having fun flying the Rapier today no doubt. I prefer it over the other cloaky Recons. The idea of flying the Arazu has toyed with my brain a few times but I don’t even have Gallente Frigate injected so that isn’t happening anytime soon. The Pilgrim could drain your cap and stop you from shooting back while it’s drones screw you up. The Falcon can jam you really well. The Rapier just runs around you whooping showing you exactly what you can’t do right now. The combat recons for each race do all of this on a much more intense level and are far better suited for scrapping, but they can’t warp cloaked, and a ninja can not be seen.

Now seeing this image makes me wonder what the fuck were those classic graphic removal whiners on about in the first place??


EvE – Jaguar, the Brian Johnson of EvE.

I love that metaphor, it’s now on my go to list for metaphors even if it makes no sense. Brian Johnson is the singer for AC/DC, he joined them in March 1980 which is exactly 1 year before I was born yet despite how much I really REALLY like AC/DC like all self respecting rock/metal music lovers, if you were to ask me before today “what do you think of Brian Johnsons singing style?”, the first honest reaction from me would have been “who the shite is Brian Johnson?”.


I don’t mean any disrespect to him but I have been listening to AC/DC since I was 12 or something, I have seen them live once and in all these years I never once thought to find out his name and memorize it. I know Angus and Malcolm are the guitarists. I know evey band members name for Aerosmith and Iron Maiden, I can tell you the name of Metallicas first Bass player, The drummer for Pearl Jam is Matt Cameron and even fucking Bon Jovis keyboard player is David Bryan BUT I couldn’t tell you the name of AC/DCs singer despite the fact how utterly awesome and awesomely successfull they are.

Why is this relevant to EvE? well the Jaguar is an assault ship that suffers from a similar condition. It is known as a good ship but it at least to my knowledge it doesn’t get the realized as a truly awesome ship. It seems to stay out of the limelight much like Brian. It is a ship kept in the garage until shit goes down and it is needed out to do the job correctly. Everybody knows about the Hawk for example, but for all the wrong reasons. Mainly because it sucks so much of bile and cat piss. The Harpy gets great reviews as a solo wtfpwn mobile and the Ishkur even more so. I get the feeling that the Jaguar doesn’t stand out in anyway and so gets over looked. This is what a Jaguar looks like by the way.

Look guys, it's a Jaguar.

It badly needs a scandal or something to get peoples attention so they at least talk more about it. An example here to help illustrate my point, from Battleclinic.

A bit small but this is the first 3 pages of assault ships from Battleclinic. A bigger version is in the link below.

Count this for yourself (if you can read from that screenshot) and see the total numbers of discussion per ship on the first 3 pages of Battleclinic for assault frigates. Here are the totals for number of posts per ship from the most popular to the least popular. for those that prefer not to do math while reading some guys blog. Ishkur – 214. Wolf – 202. Enyo – 114. Harpy- 99. Vengeance – 53. Jaguar – 50. Hawk – 39. Retribution – 38.

How the fuck is it 6th most popular?? It beats the Hawk and Retribution sure but they are mince!!! everybody hates the fucking Hawk, it’s shite but NOBODY is interested in the Jag?? ok so 50 people are interested enough to give it some coverage. If you check the number of fittings posted on these 3 first pages you can see that the Ishkur has 6, the Wolf has 5, the Enyo has 5, the Harpy has 4, the Vengeance has 3, the Jaguar has 3, the Retribution has 2, the Hawk has 2.

Jaguar, not just an classic of British motoring.

I think it is seen as middle of the road, average, nothing special, not exciting, not too great but too bad. It is the Volvo of EvE. You can rely on a Volvo and you can assume the Volvo is going to do its job well enough to earn its place as a valuable assest. The thing about Volvos though, they don’t exactly WOW! anybody. Why doesn’t the Jaguar WOW! anybody?

You can fit it exactly like a Rifter but as a SUPER rifter, it even has an extra mid-slot over the Rifter, it has more PG and CPU allowing you even more freedom with your fittings. Yes a Jaguar hull costs 80 times more than a Rifter but you get so much more out of it. If you can afford to fly T2 ships and feel the need for an upgrade and yet you still love the rifter, why not go to the Jaguar? it seems like a natural progression to me.

You don’t have to fit it like a Rifter, you can do the super hard as nails passive shield tank Jaguar and sit safely never dieing. You can take on multiple frigates/cruisers at once and not have to worry about ship destruction. Obviously there are exceptions BUT the point is the possibility is there. Here are 3 fittings for the Jaguar that I have used and enjoyed using. The passive shield tank and the super rifter shield/armor tank. Adjust to your own will.

3 fittings for a great ship.

I prefer the passive shield recharge fitting over the super rifter variants as it really is hard as nails and quite suprising for a small frigate hull. Almost like a Drake but faster, smaller and definetly not jaded by PvE. My own defining moment in this ship was taking on a Rifter, Vexor and a Moa at the same time and coming out alive but only because the passive recharge is so awesome. At that moment I knew it was a ship I could not do without.

So Steven Tyler might be the Ishtar, Bruce Dickenson might be the Harpy and Eddie Vedder might be the Wolf but Brian Johnson is the Jaguar and Brian Johnson is the most successful.

Poor Jaguar, kept hidden away in the garage. Nobody wants to fly it, not now, not ever. Sad 😦


EvE – Mission runners

Perhaps you only did it a few times, perhaps you do it as your main activity within EvE, perhaps you skip CTA’s in 0.0 because of it. Everyone has done it at some stage and if you say you haven’t then you are a liar or very forgetfull. Missions and missioning is the glue that binds us all and keeps EvE running. The server hamsters feed on completed missions and everyone knows 97% of all the available minerals come from reprocessed loot, right?

Ok so for the sake of arguement perhaps your EvE game didn’t start out quite like mine but I missioned my arse off for months. After some forum searching for any info on making ISK the most obvious option to me was mission running. I gathered up what resources I could and proceeded to fit a Merlin up to run lvl1 combat missions for the Space Lane Patrol. Actually some help with this must be owed to the State War Academy NPC corp chat because despite how much of a troll den it is, some helpfull people emerge every now and again. And these people helped to guide me from courier missions to combat missions.

And thus the Merlin was my choice for ISK printing. The goal at the time was to progress as fast as I could through lvl1’s to level 2 agents which I used a Caracal for and then to my ultimate dream ship. The Drake. Say what you will and mock all you like but when these people spoke about how much damage it could tank and how much ISK they would make in a day I salivated like a cocker Spaniel in a pet store staring at the biscuits. When I had 2 months or so of playtime in the bag I bought and started to use the Drake, meta 1 and 2 fitted with no rigs. Poorly used I might add but it was what I wanted to do and I didn’t lose it so it did its job very well by protected my noob pilot.

My First Drake, from Fisher Price toys.

After flying the Drake for about a month getting all skills needed to III or IV in some cases I was getting pretty arrogant. The level 3 missions were becoming easier and easier with no real stress at all. Some of us got together from the SWA chat and did some of the harder 3’s where battleships were involved. The endless debates of active tanking over passive tanking would fuel more and more competition between Drake pilots and their bragging rights. I used to say to newer pilots (like I was a veteran…idiot) ,”If in doubt, buy a Drake”. It was such a dependable ship and fun to fly, this brick just sat there spewing out missiles with no care at all. It didn’t matter how you flew it or fit it, somehow it just didn’t ever die.

When I wised up to the ways of EvE and fitting choices I did find that my active tanked Drake, while good, was inferior to a passive Drake that could just sit there and take the punishment. (<–I had a Jesus reference there for comedic effect but I worried for my soul).

The Drake scans the communications array and wonders, "One day if I run enough level 3's I to can afford the ULTRA SATELLITE TV package".

Another inaccurate generalisation here but it happens so often I might be spot on. Within the first 5 months of playng EvE I was sat in my next ship for the next stage of my get rich plan. Here is a verse from a very famous poem.

“Prophet!” said I, “thing of evil – prophet still, if bird or devil!
By that Heaven that bends above us – by that God we both adore –
Tell this soul with sorrow laden if, within the distant Aidenn,
It shall clasp a sainted maiden whom the angels name Lenore –
Clasp a rare and radiant maiden whom the angels name Lenore.”
Quoth the Raven, “Nevermore.”

Have we all done it? If you have then you can share my pain and go about being all self righteous to others who are thinking about doing the same thing. This being said, the self righteousness has a place because it is incredibly stupid to skill up, and purchase a Raven to do level 4 missions when you more or less just started playing.

Here is my Raven that is sat in high sec this very moment waiting for my return when I might fly her again and destroy some pirates.

Beutifull ship and so usefull, ladies and gentlemen, the Raven.

Nevermore is her name and I have owned her for the better part of 2 years. She is my second Raven because the first one got warp scrambled by drones in a mission and utterly fucking ruined in a failcascade covered in failsauce. At the time I think I was probably the most upset I could have been because I had to go back to the Drake for some lvl3 missions to get all that ISK back. Right now I can laugh about it because it is funny. It taught me a valuable lesson though, don’t fly something until your skills are acceptable. The first Raven was fitted really…just look at this.

See what i mean? WTF passive recharge buffer Raven?

It is such a great ship that it deserves our utmost respect and should NOT be treated like I treated mine. These ships  might not be the greatest PvP tool around but they really help everyone of us learn how to do the fundamental things that EvE needs you to understand. Tanking being the most important. How to fit a ship correctly for the dangers that it will be facing. The correct tool for the correct job and like all tools they should be treated properly so you get the best use out of them for a very long time.

Just last winter a friend got back into playing after 5 years of not playing, he needed to grind up ISK and learn how to play and what not before getting straight into low sec piracy, 0.0 warfare and a bit of Red Vs Blue in high sec. All of that was done in relativley short order but he still needed to mission run/whore for the first 2 months or so to build up the funds. His goal was something I joined in and would make his life easier as there would be 2 of us instead of just him. His ultimate dream ship is the coolest looking ship the Caldari have. It looks a little like the Sulaco from Aliens so here is my Sulaco homage.

I WANNA ROKH! der ner ner da nah ner I WANT TO ROKH!!

The pair of us flying these side by side in missions is great fun. We would make tactics and fittings up based on who would shoot frigates and cruisers, who would be the sniper and who would be the anti-matter destructor! It was great fun and a break from tme monotonous cruise missile firing. Also the Rokh looks great.

There is no real difference in how you mission run, just aslong as the ship you are flying does it well. Perhaps it is best that you over compensate in your tank. Or perhaps you run missions as part of a group and so more damage modules are beneficial in the long run. The Rokh is not the most efficient ship to run level 4 missions just like the Drake is not the most effcient to run level 4’s. The Raven might not be the most exciting but it gets the job done. All of these ships have a place and a purpose and the only real purpose anyway is to make ISK so you can make your upgrades and carry out tasks you want to do with your EvE game.

After utterly destroying the planet in the previous screenshot, Rokh, Paper, Shotgun heads home for tea.

A toy I picked up and rigged, invested some ISK into is a frigate that I had no purpose for what-so-ever. I purchased the ship from the Caldari Navy loyalty store and went about making it as bad ass as I could. One day in the future from that day I would infact use it to run level 1 missions for the Sisters of EvE. Rather than use a run of the mill Merlin or Kestrel i decided that this ship was 1) way better at tanking and putting out damage and more importantly 2) Looking great.

Very awesome looking ship, what say you?

I don’t have anything to say about it really, I just wanted to put this screenshot up because it really does look awesome. Statistics wise, it is not a bad ship. Probably the best level 1 mission boat you could get, huge tank and massive damage bonuses, what’s not to like?

To wrap up though, mission ships are great and most of us wouldn’t be where we are today in game if it wasn’t for these work horses. Your current wealth was probably started by doing missions and ships like the ones above helped to start the ball rolling, your ISK momentum is because of your unused Raven or Drake left somewhere in high sec. Mission running is a bit grindy though, so forgetting you did it is probably for the best. Just try not to forget the ships you once relied on.


EvE – Ass Bleed ‘Rupture’

Ingame friends influenced my ship choices from a fairly early stage. However I think that one forum post written about god knows what and whoever wrote it I thankyou but the message I recieved from it was that Caldari ships are crap in PvP and Minmatar are truly awesome. Now, none of anypart of that message is true. Yes it may feel that certain races far outweigh others in PvP superiority but all in all it’s a bit of a stupid arguement because everybody can train for everything. What matters is what you enjoy to fly and what you are good at flying.

Mixing your skillpoints about a bit in each races direction gives you more options but less specialisation. That much is obvious. Saying that so and so’s races ships are far better is a bit redundant. At the time however I beleived things like that so being a bit of a sheep, I followed blindly with this person words. Thankfully his propagandic bullshit turned out perfectly because I found that Minmatar ships ARE awesome and I really enjoy flying their ships. One perfect example of a great Minmatar “go to” ship is the Rupture. A cruiser of obvious destructive power with no fancy bits at all. Simple and direct applied viscious spaceship anhiliation.

Of all the EvE ships I think i have the most respect for this one.

The triangle of death, fear it.

By definition a Rupture is this:

Rupture, noun.

a. The process or instance of breaking open or bursting.
b. The state of being broken open.
Rupture, verb.
1. to break or burst or cause to break or burst

What an aptly named ship. To be broken open, to be burst apart, to be the cause of breakage and bursting. The Rupture, rightly named indeed. It even looks like its name suggest, it is some edged axe head all fucked up and with pointy bits sticking out. It wants to cause destruction and untold casualties, it wants to “violence your boat”. CCP have crafted this ship into a single purpose, to be the frontline deathmachine.

Ruptures are not fancy ships, they don’t fly gracefully and with precision, they don’t have a large play book of tactics and tricks. Infact the Rupture has but one. Get to the target and just stay on it until it dies. Ruptures are like cancer or Ebola. Once you have it, it won’t let go unless pried off or the thing is dead. With whatever tools you have fitted to its hull, it will fly towards the target and proceed to ruin its shit. At times pilots have reported that when you undock in this ship, it does what it wants until destroyed. Autopiloted mayhem and carnage.

I think if ramming another ship caused actual damage, the rupture would be the one with the bonuses. It doesn’t care how utterly barbaric it is being, it will just ram and shoot, ram and shoot like some wild eyed viking on a 6 pack of redbull.


There were 2 pilots in our usual gang that consistently flew the Rupture before I even considered flying it. I would take a Rifter usually and speed tank combat plexs for the Faction Warfare campaign we were running and they would be the heavier boats ready to cream anything that entered the plex after us. Just watching how really quickly these ships could tear through a Thorax or Arbitrator or something like that was inspiring. It was no problem for these 2 guys to sit and stand gaurd while the rest of us dealt with the plexs in the system.

When I eventually joined in with my own Rupture I understood immediately why they had chosen this particular ship  in the first place. The fits they were using had the 4 220’s and 2 heavy missile launchers fitted with a significant armor tank that included a small repper’.  After flying the Rifter about and having being influenced further from a pirate friend I decided that I would try and make my own fit with my existing skills that also matched my play style. So I came up with this fit and unsuprisingly I was not the first to do so. It is a popular fit and you only need to use it to find out why.

Ass Bleed, the top is what I used to fit, the bottom is what I will fit as soon as I get Hull Upgrades V. All in all, a couple thousand Effective Hit Points difference.

And this is what it costs currently.

Choppy and hacked together, I even forgot the Warp Scrambler II doh! >_< (which costs 850-900k)

Current cost would be approx 30 mil for the ship that you can insure and get a substantial number of ISK back when it pops. Worth the ISK? yes I think so and at any rate the kill factor and fun factor far outweight the negatives of ISK loss which you shouldn’t be thinking about while stuck to the side of your poor victim blowing holes into their ship.

What I love about it is that the Rupture is a no brainer. It can be fit in numerous ways but it is still going to get used the same way time and time again. Lot’s of other ships have lot’s of ways to use them, usually 1 or 2 very obvious ways if you are so learned but the Rupture only ever seems to do the brutal, unyielding, wrecking machine role. I think that is what CCP intended it for.

I want to mention the other Minmatar PvP cruiser just to help my biast points along.

IMO the Stabber makes a poor skirmish ship, it has 2 less low slots than the Rupture, less shields and armor. It has 5m3 of drone space to the Ruptures 30m3. Yes it goes faster, yes it makes a fairly decent cruiser tackle boat and finally yes it does make a good Vagabond training tool. Overall though, it’s combat potential in a knife fight is SHITE and thus we are left with the brick that is the Rupture. And why would you go looking anywhere else?

It’s always been the ‘go to ship’ of my cruiser ship choices. If I am recommending anything for newer FW Pilots/newer EvE pilots in general then I say the Rupture is a good stable, dependable ship that won’t let you or your fleet down. Of course I say the caracal is also good but for a different style of play and I beleive that everyone will enjoy flying the Rupture, it’s almost a guarantee, and I can’t honestly say that about the Caracal.


EvE – Cruise missile Manticore

For some 16 years growing up I never liked the smell of melted cheese. It didn’t matter what type of cheese it was, it never mattered to me what the cheese was then going to be used for because the smell was just off putting. An advert on television had some breadcrumbed chicken and inside it had some garlic cheese that just oozed out of them as they were sliced open. The sight of this made me want to eat them, but I knew I couldn’t because the smell of melted cheese would just be wrong. My family tried this chicken and enjoyed it while I ate some form of proccessed fish. Adverts for pizza hut made eating out look rock and roll, fun and exciting somehow with colourfull pizzas everyone at the table would enjoy. Friends and family who ate pizza together had a bond that I could never share, I would be left to eat proccessed fish.

I would hang out with some friends at a house one Saturday where some of us gathered before a party that evening. We watched movies and South Park, talked pc games, music and mountain bikes. Around 5pm it was announced that this friends mom cooked us pizza. I had never been to this friends house before, I couldn’t very well say “fuck your pizza”, because it wouldn’t have been polite. The friend started to say something about how I hated pizza but before he could, I cut him off and said it was fine. I sat down, and ate the pizza. From then on pizza and melted cheese has been something I can enjoy. No more proccessed fish.

This ship is something I did enjoy but can no longer. Change like the above example is good, change like having your favourite ship altered entirely is not good. That is how I see the Manticore now.

"Yes I'll have the Farmhouse with olives, but with no Manticore please".

I never will get over that change and yes I will just go cry moar and yes you can drink my tears because they feed you just like your mom breastfeeds all your school mates when your dads not home.

The first ships I trained towards were Stealth Bombers. The Manticore being the easiest to obtain due to my average missile skills and having Caldari Frigate IV helped to. The idea of sneaking around watching people come and go knowing that I could try shoot at them if I wanted seemed pretty cool. Voyeuristic but with spaceship death at the end rather than the police knocking on your door wanting a word.

Having joined Faction war on the Caldari side some 4 months prior to sitting in my new Manticore I was used to running through low sec in a rifter made of cardboard. That is running away from everything red and only chipping in some firepower when the odds were hugely in the Caldari favor. Taking the Manticore out for a spin felt a bit like retreading over old ground, but with a cloaking system to help me hide better. It didn’t feel so scary despite how much ISK I was flying at the time.

It took me about 1 week to get anything realistic to shoot at as at that time everybody flew in gangs of 4 million and picking off one target would mean almost certain destruction. Plus I was a bit of a chicken and when I say “a bit”, I mean KFC came to me for produce. My wallet had something like 100mil and here i was in a ship that cost 50 million, had I just lost it I would have been a bit upset.

Still, even though my stalking got a bit monotonous and my directional scanning was becoming better and better there was hope for me yet. I found a lone target. A Tristan that was just sat at a planet not moving, not doing anything. Now imagine before you first had sex and all you did was think about it and think about it and think about it so you are convinced you know wtf you are doing but then the actual time comes and you turn into a fucking spastic all Gecko eyed and octopus armed hemoraging body fluids like your spacesuit just ripped whilst repairing the Hubble telescope. So I uncloaked 70 kms away (yea yea i know), fired up all 3 sensor boosters, had the cruise launchers fired up ready to go, locked on, missiles away…BOOM!!!!! My hands were shaking, my fucking heart increased my rip cage by 4 inches by beating too hard and my pants were full of poopies.

It was instant addiction.

The Manticore. FACT: Each one of mine were named after a character in Aliens, bet you didn't know that eh smartarse?

Some time passed and I fired some missiles off at random war targets but nothing hit but it didn’t matter. The hunt was what mattered. I used to sit in Tama and just weave inbetween war targets outside the station, knowing that 5 km too much either way and I would be uncloaked. I was Captain Ramius and this was my Hunt for red October. Endless practice going through the trenchs of the ocean, knowing that by finely tuning my navigators, so that in moments where it would count they could get me home safely. These war targets had no idea I was doing this, I never once uncloaked on purpose or by accident.

I made tonnes of bookmarks in all of the best places for sniping and observation. Even if I was not shooting, i would report the intel on gates directly into the militia to help out anybody that might get ganked. My reputation for doing so got me some friends in the right places and I would scout for fleets. Me; a noob, scouting for war targets and getting intel to the people who knew how to use it. Fun was had every single day thanks to this ship.

When I did shoot and got lucky it was generally at long range. My method was to use a passive targetter and velocity rigs and shoot at destroyers and frigates or stationary cruisers. So the targetter would allow me 2-3 seconds of “OH WTF I’M BEING SHOT AT!!” from the WT before they could react, and my missiles would fly much faster so I had bought maybe 5 seconds of suprise time total. Sometimes that 5 seconds was all that is needed.

I helped destroy a Myrmidon one afternoon and I couldn’t beleive that I helped destroy such a large and expensive ship. Some days later I fired at a Tristan in Old Man Star on the Heydelies gate while I had a Thrasher 40km away burning straight at me that I had not really noticed (adrenaline and all). The Thrasher popped just as the first volley to the Tristan went off. Two kills in the same couple of seconds and I didn’t even get a screenshot.

It would be a safe bet to say that I loved flying the stealthbomber. Wether sniping at 150km or shooting right up at 50km it didn’t matter. I lost more Manticores from stupid mistakes and kill greed than actual WT ability and I would just mission up for a couple of days to afford more. I even went so far as to train into bomb launchers (because I thought you could use them in low sec..stupid) and T2 cruise missiles. It made more sense to buy the T2 launchers which were cheaper than the Arbelest launchers at the time so I would save ISK. Also the idea of precision missiles just blew my mind, “extra damage on smaller ships!!!” thought I, “I can’t wait to test this out!!” I would get all excited and cry. Investing at an early stage in my EvE game into the Stealthbomber is an understatement.

Eventually though my training increased and I spread out to recon ships and improved my overall gunnery and missile skills. I went back to flying Rifters and Thrashers, progressed into more and more things and eventually noticing that the stealthbombers I owned hadn’t been flown in a few months. Just gathering dust in their hangars. A thought about getting together a wolfpack of stealthbombers to go ambushing war targets crossed my mind and then, CCP switched things about.

The line it is drawn The curse it is cast The slow one now Will later be fast As the present now Will later be past The order is Rapidly fadin'. And the first one now Will later be last For the times they are a-changin' - Bob Dylan.


I hadn’t even trained Torpedos past lvl I and it went against my religion of steath bomber mechanics. Fire from FAR away and use range as your tank. This was the complete opposite and it would never sit quite right in my mind. So The bombers I did have I converted into other things. One became a covert op’s hauler for drugs. One became a stealth Faction Warfare plexing boat, another I just sold to a corp mate. There was no attempt to reconcile myself with something I had no intention of trying to learn to fly again. I just moved on to other things and have left the stealthbomber behind.

Good memories are what I have of the Manticore (and Hound) so by not moving to the world of close combat knife fighting ALA Torpedos I kept the memories intact without tarnishing them with failed attempts and frustration. So goodbye Manticore, we had a nice run so let’s just keep it that way and I will enjoy my pizza.

Never more Manticore.

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