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Blood Bowl – “I live…..again!!”

Always give somebody a second chance is what I always say, ok well perhaps it is not but it seems that in Blood Bowl entire teams and various players are given a new chance at life and glory on the Blood Bowl fields across the old world. One of the teams available in the Legendary edition that I was most looking forward to playing was the straight forward undead team. No werewolves, no plagues, no themed zombies and the like. just undead, like back in the day.

The Champions of Death team from the original board game was the first team that I made myself with a box of plastic skeletons. They were completly shit and lost all of the time but they were fun because I made them myself and the team name was just great even if it wasn’t my own creation. I figured that perhaps they should be the first of the new teams that I should try out even though I am itching to try out the Elven team…that Blitzer just looks awesome.

Creating a new campaign is always a routine for me because I pick the same things over and over again. I don’t try to up my game or challenge myself so much with games like these because I don’t care about anything other than how much fun it is. Keeping the campaign as a turn based game with a medium difficulty on Blitz mode gives me more satisfaction than a realtime game, on hard with classic rules. And who honestly plays BB on anything but turn based? While Hard is easier than Medium (aparently), while Blitz gives more customisation options with the same gameplay as classic. At least, these are my justifications.

Classic mode does not have contracts, ageing, sponsors and a few other things.

Instead of rushing in and playing a game, which I still haven’t done, I got right into writing a background story which is something I haven’t done before. the team logo instantly gave me the idea which is funny as a small thing can really inspire a big idea, seeing the logo and just letting the idea takeoff was quite cool. I wanted my team to be a human team that got caught out in a storm or Blizzard and had to take shelter in a tavern along a road that led to their next game against a Norse team. Then the events unfold and an inept Necromancer gets involved and well…things get a bit wrong and so we have our undead team.

Terrible joke is a great joke.

Of course we are back at our favourite and most played Blood Bowl tournament, the Clean Cup. Here is a screenshot that has more information about this great tournament.

True story. I took the screenshot and the background to the tournament was just there, I had never seen it before.

The next awesome part of this campaign that has still no games played was coming up with the team players names. Having consulted some guides to creating an Undead team along with the usual do’s and don’ts that a guide is packing. The guides were farily useless, at least to me and perhaps to you if you just stop and think about your game. If you play quite alot and you have your own way of playing you just have to change your style for the type of team you have chosen. If your tactics are allready solid then you can mould your team around your tactics if you just look at each type of players statistics.

Undead are slow but are equipped with the regeneration skill. So allready you know they are not going to be playing a fast game and you don’t have to worry so much about injury or losing players. One player type, the Goul, is fast so if you are going to score a TD it is most likely going to be with that guy. And you can have up to 4 in a team. Mummies and Wights, you are allowed 2 of each and they will be your primary source of hurt. Skeletons and zombies are terrible but are there to soak up the opposition with as much shambling as possible. Allready I knew I was going to buy 2 Wights, 2 Mummies at least 1 Goul and a heap of Zombies and Skeletons of which I ended up with 4 of each. Plus some Rerolls and a cheerleader for the hell of it. Leaving me with 5,000 gold to spend on ale and whores. Naming them was great fun and took some time, oh also you can’t see Old Greg at the bottom who is the 4th Skeleton.

"Classic" undead naming convention with a blending of deceased bad comedian.

I favor the running game, I have no idea how the hell I am going to pull that off to score some touchdowns. I think I might not do too badly and guess at a 100% winning rate for the season…what? oh arrogant? yes of course I am.

The greed of having a bit more money was just too great and without it I would be down a player.

And so we have our team of poorly combined Blood Bowl corpses and terrible funny men spirits ready to go. Here is the final setup, ZERO Fan factor and the Necromancer was free!

Lucky number 13? I hope so.

I disabled Ageing and Contracts for this campaign because I get attached to my players and I don’t really play a team for that long before trying a different team or a different game entirely so they don’t make much difference to me anyway. I fyou would like to disable ageing and contracts you need to read this forum thread and follow the easy instructions, it will take you 5 minutes to do this if you so desire.

And with this written up I should really go and start the first match…and perhaps make an Elven team anyway 🙂 that Blitzer looks too awesome. OH last thought, Amazon boobs. That is all.


Blood Bowl – it is a time of legend.

Oh goody goody gumdrops Blood Bowl Legendary Edition is out and I have downloaded and installed the thing. So yes…it’s pretty awesome 🙂

Bob and Jim, your commentators and giver of star player awards.

I’ve been playing a new campaign away from the Chaos uber-force that are the Skull Takers because after the Orc-Toof Cup was won I felt like a bit of a change was needed. I favoured a team with more than 2 options of player and so went straight for an Orc team because they can still kick arse but have more options available to them as I found out to my pleasure. So far it has been amazing fun with some incredible moments where I punched the air like a homosexual aircraft crewman on the set of Topgun the movie. As a result of the awesomeness that is my Orc team I’ve been wishing that I had started playing with them weeks ago but ah well. I’ve take about 600 screenshots with this Orc Team by the way so hopefully you can imagine the truly monumentous photoshopping task ahead should I choose to go down that dark road of staying indoors on my days off. And now that BB:LE is out well, I HAVE to start a new campaign don’t I? It’s like a never ending storyyyyyy ahhh ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh ah, Never ending storryyyyyyy.

Just a quick point. I haven’t dumped any of my teams like some 16 year old stereotyped American romance teenflick prom girl, I’ve merely saved them for a time when I feel like playing as Orc’s, Goblins or Chaos down the road. Better to have awesome teams in reserve than to start all over again. Like some girls wish they took the ‘safe guy’ instead of taking the ‘hot guy’ and now that he has dumped them they cry rivers of tears until the tears turn into dreams, and dreams…can come true.

(ok what the fuck is with this post? dreams coming true? never ending fucking story music? dude…get a fucking grip)

To Summerise. I’ve moved away from the Skull takers for the time being, I started an Orc campaign that took me to the Purity trophy, which is the 6th tournament fyi. Though as BB:LE is out, I will begin again…it’s a never ending cycle of renewal.

I’ve learned a few tricks for a campaign and done some tweaking of the game so it is more fun the way I see it. I shall explain all shortly but for now I am taking screenshots of my new team and spent the last hour and a half thinking up a backstory for them and naming them, doing some research on the tactics I should employ. Quite good fun and definetly worth the effort. So yes expect a post about the new campaign, the tweaking and overall team creation. Oh and 20 teams!! in the Legendary edition. Soooooo many to choose from. And I want to write about it, but I can’t do both at the same time…games…blog…games…blog…and photoshopping …I WANT 2 HEADS 2 ARMS..NO 4 ARMS AND A SECOND PC NOW!!

now we have 20 teams, would I say we are spoiled? No! because WHERE ARE THE CHAOS DWARVES EH??

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