EvE – Mission ships if you have some ISK. 3/3


Now that the basics of fitting mission ships are done with, I want to make a last post about ships and fittings you could use when able to afford/fly them. If your wallet is becoming fat and you don’t mind investing in your ships then perhaps these fittings will appeal to you a bit more than the previous suggestions. I want to concentrate on level 4 missions because, well, that’s the eventual goal for your ISK making really. And I will throw in a fun level 1 fit and explain why I’ve done that, but I’ll save that to last.

The Raven is a good enough level 4 mission boat and so I want to stick with that becuase you could upgrade to a better mission ship such as a Navy Raven or one of the faction battleships such as Nightmare or Rattlesnake but at the same time I don’t want to draw attention to your ship on peoples scanners. Mission hunters will try to probe you down and they will suicide your ship if they think it’s worth anything. Occasionally somebody will scan a Raven down but I think the general consensus is that Ravens are cheap fitted, or fitted incorrectly so it’s a waste to suicide against them. They are not however, terrible mission ships, quite the opposite infact. Here is a new fit you might first think a little strange.

Skill intesive in that we are now using T2 cruise launchers.

Fitting explained:

– Let’s start with the obvious. 2 small boosters might sound odd, but these complex boosters offer high shield boosting for very VERY low capacitor consumption. A Battleship can comfortably run 2 of these permanently, which means you undock, and engage them straight away with no worry about losing your capacitor. They more than give enough tank per second to fend off the damage you will recieve.

– The rigs are no longer 3 x CCC rigs becuase you are no longer cap dependant. Instead we have rigs that help your DPS output. The bay loader increases your ROF which is a great thing because sometimes NPC battleships especially the Drone dominix, can be tricky to break. Also Guristas use ECM and inbetween being jammed out and unable to fire, their shields are recharging so you need to get back to breaking their tanks as fast as possible. The other 2 missile rigs are to replace your target painter which you have no longer. They decrease the radius of the missile explosion, which is like saying the explosion is confined to a smaller area thus doing more damage to smaller craft.

– Drone aug’s because as you are clearing missions faster and safer with this ship, you can afford to extend the drones reach and by now you have a good salvaging craft like a Noctis for example and so you no longer require the tractor beams.

– Low slots. The flux coils are to give you that extra recharge and push you into an entirely cap stable ship, or a ship with a capacitor life of like…35 minutes or more which is more than sufficient. Any more than 3 BCU’s and you are really doing your ship an injustice because of stacking penalties but also you now have assistance from your rig slots.


Now then if you have been missioning for awhile, or you have ISK and are going to start missioning for fun or whatever reason and you don’t really want to use a Raven you could use what I consider the best ship for PVE. And that is the Tengu. If it wasn’t obvious before, then I shall try to rectify that now. The Tengu is VERY expensive compared to these other ships. Also the Tengu is going to require more training in the form of the subsystem skills and this might deviate away from your current skill plan. Though Tengu’s are a great idea for both PVE and PVP so consider training for it anyway.

The Tengu has great options for fitting, and many of them are incredible but my favourite would be something like this, or as close to this fit as you can make it.

A great ship for missions, with some ISK spent on it so you can make more ISK in a never ending cycle!

– Of course some of those modules are a bit over the top but consider that the faction BCU’s are easier to fit and you get more volley damage and DPS out of them.

– You could use Heavy Assault Launchers if you wanted but consider that they are harder to fit, you need great fitting skills for that or fitting implants. Their range is far less than the regular heavies however they more than make up for that with damage. Destroying NPC battleships couldn’t get much easier with HAM’s to be honest. I have always prefered standard heavies though.

– This fit is cap stable and offers a higher defensive value than that of the Raven. It’s got great resists and you can perma’ run the boosters and all the other modules at the same time.

– This ship moves much faster than the Raven so that is something to consider if slowboating through level 4’s was getting annoying.

– The hardener can be switched around for mission specific tanking. You could also replace the invul with a second specific hardener, but that choice is entirely your own.

Now here is a fit with more ISK…way more ISK involved but it’s just very over the top and I wouldn’t consider using this for level 4 missions unless you are very wealthy and enjoy this sort of thing.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, the over the top tank.

This is cap stable, it has a ridiculous tank and you will never ever have to worry about being destroyed by NPC pirates. It’s damage is lower than the first fit above but it more than makes up for that with tanking ability. Pull the entire of a room and sit there laughing as you tank it all forever. Though if it pops…you’re going to have a nervous breakdown.

Now for a final fit, something that I like to have in my hangar for rainy days with nothing to do, nobody trying to shoot me, or simply becuase I would like to start grinding standing for a new corporation. Here we have the pimp Hookbill and it’s might mighty shield tank.

Lot's of spare ISK? want an expensive toy? This is the ship for you!

Now that is a lovely ship.

– Medium extenders and you’ve got 2 of them! on a frigate!

– Shield extender rigs because lot’s of shields are awesome and you love to soak up damage from NPC frigate pirates while laughing.

– A webifier to help catch em all as you bounce around the mission destroying everything.

– A complex afterburner because you want more speed, and you want to reduce your fitting worries concerning power grid.

– Rockets because rockets are cool now and you can fire them out almost constantly.

– It’s a fun and it’s fast. A little ship that looks really great and at some point you should really own one, if only to look and admire.

—————–The line that says this is definetly the end of this segment——————

Hopefully all of this wasn’t too bad and where I’ve made mistakes I hope will be pointed out so I can rectify them as soon as possible. Not everyone likes PVE, some people really hate it and play EvE only to PvP which is understandable as the challenge is somewhat greater but PVE can also become a challenge. I won’t bang on about it but I’ve missioned in groups of people and it’s been great fun. It can get pretty boring if you are doing it solo, and it will feel like a grind…a means to an end that you end up despising if you do it too much. Though most MMO’s are like that and EvE is no exception. Everything in EvE is grindy which includes PvP. Though the interaction you have with your fellow fleet mates, just knowing a human controls that spaceship makes it easier to bare compared to endless NPC ships.

Though if you are in a group of people and you do this regularly as a team it can be great fun. Experiment with fits, perhaps use modules to repair each other and this sort of thing. Try other ship types, drone boats or turret boats for example to give your game a bit of a different feel. It doesn’t HAVE to be boring and it doesn’t HAVE to feel like a grind like many people will tell you it is.

Aww, bedtime bear says it's time to sleep.


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