EvE – Mission boats for new guys, levels 3 and 4. 2/3


So the last post was about level 1 and 2 missions and here I will continue with level 3 and 4 missions, there will not be a level 5 mission post.

For those that are not interested in this then you can come back in a couple of days, I hope. In the mean time continue about your usual lives, doing what you do best which is sexually dissapointing your partner leaving them with thoughts of seperation or/and developing a drug habit because any kind of happiness is better than the one you are NOT providing.

Ask your partner if this image looks familiar to them, see if the answer is "yes, yes it does" or any variant of that answer. You should probably get yourself sorted out eh? Oh and for those that don't understand this image. See if you left your fucking PC every now and again to go outside and meet people, that lucky sleeping twat might be you one day. - TooNu, saving relationships one shop at a time.

Level 3 missions are cool.

The best ship for missions is the Drake. There is no substitute. Even a fairly low skilled player can fly a Drake so that makes it one of the most accessible ships in the game. Now, for missions you can always choose 1 of 2 ways to fit a ship and they are called Passive and Active tanks. The Kestrel was an active tank because it was using it’s modules to tank while they were active, and the Caracal was also active because you were using shield hardeners which need to be active in order to work. So the principles of active tanking are not lost with you and you understand about capacitor management. With this Drake however you can make it entirely passive and it performs great! Here is a passive fit.

The standard passive fit Drake. Replace the modules you see here for better versions, this is important.

Fit explained:

– I realise that by now you are probably learning skills to help with shields and missiles. This is what I hope you are doing, if you are not, then do not fly the Drake because I fear you may lose it. The modules on this T1 fit should all ideally be T2, with exception to the launchers and the rigs. With T2 shield modules your tank goes from around 200 dps tank to a close 300 dps tank. That’s a significant improvement and one you should be aiming for straight away.

– The afterburner is to get the very slow ship moving at a decent rate, to catch up to bigger craft that might be flying away, or simply to move from one gate to the next. You cut your time spent moving through a mission down and overall an AB just helps. Though if you do not want the AB on, I suggest you change it for a Shield Recharger which REALLY increases your tank. This might be the better move if your skills are still quite low.

– Drones. This time you have space for 5 light drones which is great though you have to watch that they don’t draw aggro and start taking damage, if they do, recall them into your drone bay and wait for the aggro to be drawn back to you.

– The shield resistance amplifiers can be switched about depending on what NPC’s you are fighting. No sense fitting EM resistance against Guristas. Plug the gaps!

UPGRADE! I can not stress this enough so I will repeat the point. Get training for the T2 shield mod’s as soon as you can, they will only help you. You don’t need t2 rigs and you can’t afford them anyway so ignore them for now. Buy better launchers when you are able or train for the T2 versions though that can be quite a long train and I wouldn’t advise doing that before your shield skills.

The Drake can make lot’s of ISK realtivly risk free if you are carefull and train the shield skills. It is a great ship and one of the best PvP ships to. It’s currently quite popular in 0.0 and in low sec militias it has a following with pilots who recognise it’s tough tank. Though it has a clear lack of maneuverability, and while it’s damage output are missiles, it is reliable and solid and overall a great ship. though we are more interested in missions and making ISK right now and pretty soon your wallet will have more ISK than it’s ever had and then you will be thinking about doing level 4 missions, perhaps in a battleship? Well..let’s think about this for a few minutes before we make that decision.

Level 4’s and the REAL Mission ISK.

Level 4 missions are great for ISK. They offer great rewards/bounties and take an hour or 2 to complete depending on the mission so you can get through a few of them in an afternoon and feel that you have made some ISK today. You can also salvage level 4’s and make some good ISK that way to, but for the time being let’s forget about salvage and concentrate on your choice of ship.

Your skills have improved and you can use the T2 shield modules, and you have been training some capacitor skills and concentrating on any skill that keeps your insurance provider from contacting you about your recent loss. You may be tempted to spend that saved up ISK on a battleship and while that sounds like a great idea, you might not need to. A Drake can do level 4 missions by itself with no real problems so I will give a fit for that and then we shall discuss the next ship choice. So the level 4 Drake.

Essentially a T2 fit that you should aim for. Tank first THEN launchers.

Fitting explained:

– 1 Invulnerability field and 2 mission specific hardeners, in this case Guristas. Hardeners offer more tank than the resistance amp’s and your cap’ is there to be used so we shall use it with these glorious modules. The invul’s use more cap than the specific hardeners but they give a boost to all 4 resistances. So you could fit 2 invuls and 1 hardener, but your cap would drain a bit faster. It’s up to you and how you feel about your tank.

– I wouldn’t suggest removing the afterburner. Some of these level 4’s are very large and require some travelling between gates. If you are crawling between these gates, then your ISK/hour ratio is dropping fast. Keep the speed up and your ISK will increase faster. You could remove it in favour of more tank, that’s no problem but of course you might get sick of crawling.

If you can not tank a level 4 with this Drake, then I would not advise jumping into a Battleship just yet. They might have more hitpoints and bigger weapons but they die faster because the battleship NP pirates do full damage to a battleship, while the lower signature of a battlecruiser takes less damage. The only difference is that the battleship puts out more hurt to these same NPC battleships than a battlecruiser does. However, for the sake of arguement let’s assume you can tank a lvl 4 with your Drake and you just want to use a battleship because 1) they are pimp 2) they are cool and 3) you want to do these level 4 missions a bit faster.

And so, we have the Raven.

This ship is great if you can use it with minimal capacitor stress and you will be pulling in more ISK faster than ever before. You will find that you can make more ISK in a couple of days than what you have been making in the past few weeks with your other ships.  The only down side is the initial cost, and if you lose it, you are back to grinding out missions in your Drake. Here we are going to run through a GOOD setup for a level 4 mission Raven.

Cookie cutter fit. Fairly standard but fun!

Fitting explained:

– This fit is a good, general fit that doesn’t cost so much and is skill dependant though not game breakingly so out of reach that only high skilled players can use. There are many other ways to fit a Raven, but they cost quite a bit of ISK and are great investments but at the moment you don’t have this available ISK. So this is the fit you want to begin with. It’s also a classic fit. Like Converse “sneakers” or 501’s.

– The Raven is first and foremost a capacitor dependable ship and so you need modules to help you with that. Which is why you have 3 x Capacitor Control Circuit rigs and 2 Capacitor Flux Coil’s in the lows. If you want more cap because you find you are running your booster almost all of the time then you should drop a BCU or 2, try to avoid this as your missions will take longer but it’s a better alternative to losing the ship.

– Again, knowing to swap the hardeners around for other resistance types is essential if you want to keep your ship alive. So do so.

– The target painter is pretty essential. The smaller craft have low a signature radius that you need to increase in order for your Cruise missiles to do more damage.You can remove this if you like and I would suggest a second shield amplifier is a good replacement module for more tanking. I used to use a target painter because I felt that the smaller craft sometimes took much longer than the larger craft to take down, for less reward. The target painter removes that concern.

– Drones. A flight of lights and a flight of mediums. The lights are for dealing with the frigates and destroyers whilst you pound the battleships and battlecruisers. The mediums you should use on the cruiser class’es and then use them to aid your DPS on the larger ships. The medium drones are slower than the lights so having them return to your dronebay when attacked takes a little longer and puts them at increased risk. Avoid this by holding the aggro BEFORE you release them or keeping them close by to your ship.

– A second note on drones. You WILL get warp scrambled by frigates in some (not all) missions. Light drones are vital for your survival because you want to destroy these frigates fast just incase you need to leave the mission for whatever reason only to find that you can’t. I lost my first Raven this way, it still hurts 😦

– The tractor beams are not essential, instead you could fit drone links to increase your drone range but I prefer to help my salvaging later on by keeping wrecks closer together.

– Why cruise instead of torps? Cruise have a longer range and so you can constantly shoot everything and as your Raven is slow regardless of propulsion mod, getting into range for torps is a pain in the ass. Though they are great for shooting at the bigger ships when in range, or even any buildings you might want to destroy.

– Why no prop mod? Well the tank on a Raven is quite delicate, and you need to keep your shield booster running or at least be able to pulse it effectively. This means saving your cap’ for that reason, and an afterburner is going to consume this cap’. There are other ways to fit a Raven WITH an AB but they involve ISK, and at the moment you do not have ISK for such fancy things.

– Implants that help would be these 2, and they go to slot 6 which is the ‘Squire’ CR4 (capacitor recharge reduction -3%) and to slot 8 which is the ‘Squire’ CC4 (capacitor modifier +3%). They are very usefull implants and as such I think you should buy and install them. Though rather than buy them from the market, get them from your loyalty point store. Hopefully you have allready explored your loyalty point store and seen the many implants available, these will be amongst them and will be cheaper than if you bought them from another player.

——————–The line of we are nearing the end————————–


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