EvE – Mission boats for new guys, levels 1 and 2. 1/3


Disclaimer: The following post contains references to Player Versus Enviroment elements within the Massive Multiplayer Online game EvE online. If you are offended by topics ranging from “mission grinding”, “helpful suggestions”, “friendly advice” and “reassurance” then please feel free to leave by the nearest convenient exit.

Reasons why I am doing this now.

1) Last weekend I started a new account with this trial thing CCP are running and this got me thinking about starting fresh, being new to the game and how seemingly too big EvE really is.

2) As I’ve wanted to be a bit more specific about mission ships for awhile I figured now is a good time to do that. Instead of just talking about them in a loving memory kind of way, I’d quite like to get specific about them. Specifics regarding mission ships have not really been made here and I want to correct that now with a post or 3 about them. And while I understand MANY “people” have written many fine words about missioning and stuff, that isn’t going to stop me from doing one. So go fuck yourself or read on and hopefully one or two of you suddenly “get it” and have an easier time with your missions.

3) My blog stats show me that people are directed here for mission ship advice and while being a space bastard is good fun, it REALLY is, every now and again I have to restore the karma levels back to at least neutral.

These posts will be very Caldari based and that is because Caldari ships are the best at missioning, hands down, no bullshit, no messing, no worries. They are the easiest ships to manage for the job of tanking and spanking NPC pirates for profit. If you disagree then HAH! wtf have you been doing with your game? but mostly I feel a bit of sympathy for how difficult you made your life in that drone boat you keep taking out because your pride demands it.

New player joins the game! yey! let’s make some assumptions about you!

So you’ve managed to do the tutorial and you have decided to stick around for a bit. To improve your position within EvE you require the currency that makes it move, and that currency is called ISK. ISK can be collected like raking leaves in the garden or herpes in a cheap brothel depending on what you prefer more..leaves or herpes. If you like leaves more than herpes you might consider other games but if you like herpes then you want to start missioning right away and start gathering that ISK into big piles.

ISK is not like a fertilized egg as it will not just multpily by itself; it is instead, like the woman that incubates it. A woman needs love and attention and it needs you to stroke it a little. It also needs to run your life and make everything you do revolve around it, it wants you to obsess over it and it wants you to consider it the prime factor in your own life. That is how ISK is within EvE online for your first while playing. Because without ISK, you are not going to get very far unless…you are VERY charismatic and cunning.

Let us now make a list of assumptions about you:-

– You are neither very charismatic nor cunning so you need to mission to bring home the ISK. Or you just want to mission.

– You have learned how to navigate around the agent screen and how to find a suitable agent for you location wise.

– You are aware what NPC pirates do what type of damage, and are also aware that you have your own responsibility when fitting NPC race specific modules to aid in your tanking.

– You understand that being webified means your speed is reduced significantly, and that being warp scambled means you can not leave the mission (warp out) until the NPC’s performing these actions are destroyed.

– You have actually completed the tutorial and many of the starter agent ‘event’ mission sets and at least some of this game has sunk in.

The symbols to look out for on your overview look like these. Meaning you are "webbed" and "scrammed".

– You are a new player or you are looking for fitting help on your existing mission ships and you are here about mission ships and general advice. With these all in mind we shall begin.

———————-unnecessary line of apartheid to signal that WE BEGIN HERE!——————————-

Level 1 missions are great because they are fast, but right now you are probably thinking they are quite tricky because your skills are quite low and you’re not fully used to the way we play EvE online. All of those things will come in time but for now let’s look at the ship you are now using instead of whatever it is you had been using.

Here is the ship you will be using, and it is called the Kestrel. And here is a pretty easy straight forward fit.

Fairly straight forward fit for a fairly straight forward ship.

Fitting explained.

– If you can fit and afford better modules then do so because every extra shield recharge, capacitor energy, rate of fire and DPS will help you perform your missions faster, and speed is the key. Though don’t go spending millions and millions on this thing, it’s meant to be cheap.

– It is a pretty straight forward fit for a straight forward plan. You will warp into the mission, you will kill whatever you need to and you will GTFO. Like a mobile missile launching platform of sorts. You won’t need an afterburner, though they can help with tanking and they help speed up your slowboat but it’s not vital. Being a strong shield tank is.

– You won’t be needing to perma’ run your shield booster so don’t worry if your capacitor can’t keep up with it, just rep your shields back up, and turn it off, keep doing it this way and your missile launchers will deal with the NPC’s ability to fire at you because they will be dying.

– Group your launchers into 2 sets of 2 so you can shoot and kill 2 NPC pirates/drones at a time. Use Bloodclaw light missile’s because your ship has bonuses to that damage type which is Kinetic at 10% per level of Caldari Frigate, though you do get 5% to the other damage types. I always found it easiest for level 1 missions to not worry about what damage type the enemy is tanking, and just spam Bloodclaws. Level 1 NPCs are not very tough so you can break them pretty damn quickly despite the ammo choice.

– A word on rigs. Don’t waste your skill points and ISK on rigs for a T1 frigate for level 1 missions. The only rigs that would make sense are Small Core Defence Field Extender I’s and you don’t need them. If you must though, those are the rig I would choose.

Level 2 missions.

So you have got your standings with your chosen corporation up to a fairly significant level and some level 2 agents are starting to appear for you. You have found a good one and have packed up all of your stuff into your new ship and moved out to the system. Be carefull that it is not a system with Low sec systems within 2 jumps incase your agent sends you into low sec to die by pirate fire. Not the NPC pirate kind either. Your new ship is this one and it is called the Caracal.

We like the Caracal because it is the obvious step up from the Kestrel. The principles of how you perform these missions remain the same but your options are a little better now you have more slots to play with. And you have a drone bay, small? yes, but it’s better than a poke in the eye. Here is a fit you should be able to use.

Lot's more slots, lot's more firepower, lot's more tank!

Fitting explained:

– Yes it is all t1 junk but you can and should replace them with better Meta level versions that you can either buy or find on NPC pirate wrecks. The Photon hardener is important to plug the EM gap but, if for example you are fighting Guristas pirates who don’t shoot EM damage, you could replace it with the Kinetic version (Ballistic Deflection Field) or the Thermal version (Heat dissipation field). Upgrading from the standard T1 gear is advisable if you can afford and fit it. Don’t overspend on a single module and leave the rest lagging behind in quality. Having great missile launchers is great, but not if it means at the expense of your tank.

– If you are having fiting issues, you should aquire the necessary skills first. The last thing you want to do is join the “I thought I could do it” club and then lose your Caracal. Replacing a Ballistic Control Unit for a Power Diagnostic Unit for more Power Grid or a Ballistic Control Unit for a CPU upgrade would be ok in my opinion if it meant you could fit the required tanking modules. More tank is generally a good idea, but this fit doesn’t NEED all the tank in the world. Remember that skills always play a part as well as your gear. Also remember that the faster things die, the easier your tanking becomes as their DPS lowers whilst simultainiously your wallet balance increases so think about keeping the BCU’s because your damage and Rate of Fire will increase. (say that last sentence in one breath)

– Drones. Use whatever comabt drones you can but use 2 light drones. They can help kill a frigate, while you concentrate on other targets. Warriors are faster and so I have a preference to them but It depends what you want in a drone. Also to use them you only require scout drone operation I and Drones II so that’s a very fast diversion from your training plan and not something you should stress about.

– The afterburner will help you move around the missions and it will help you tank a little better as your speed increases. You don’t have to keep it on if your capacitor can’t keep up but if it can, leave it on and give yourself an easier time during your mission. This fit has no shield booster so you have to be carefull about your tank and worry less about your cap’ but all the same, know your ships limits when concerning cap’.

– Rigs! yes use them. Your Caracal represents your first investment into your character so why not protect that investment? Buy some extender rigs to increase your shield capacity and give your ship some breathing room.

– Group your launchers into 2+2+1. Fire one dual group at a frigate, the other dual group at a frigate and use the single group as an overkill button to take one frigate down faster. Or fire a dual at a frigate, while firing the other 3 at a cruiser. OR dual – frig, dual – frig, single+Drones – frig. The point being you should try to kill 2-3 ships at one time and the Caracal is very good at this.

With the Caracal you can really start making some ISK. You will have some loyalty points saved up by now and be thinking about spending them on the big shiny stuff or just using them on skill books and implants. Implants is a good idea. Missile implants, shield implants, even fitting implants for CPU and PG if needed. These will help your mission grinding and make making ISK that much easier. Though save your ISK, or at least save some of it from each mission because you will be going through your missions farily quickly, building up your standing and then of course, onto level 3 missions.

A general note on ammunition.

While using both the Kestrel and Caracal you should be aware that you are shooting light missiles at frigates, which is ideal and the perfect choice. Though during level 2 missions you might be shooting at cruisers where the light ammo is not the best choice but even still, 5 launchers vs 1 cruiser is going to destroy the cruiser fairly quickly. You will not need heavy launchers on a level 2 mission caracal. Also, faction ammo is expensive so you don’t need to concern yourself with it while missioning. You want to increase your ISK, not reduce it by a percentage becuase you are pissing it out of your launchers. T1 ammo will suffice and you will appreciate the extra ISK in the end.

You should apply this rule across the board of all mission levels. T2 ammo is a good idea, it’s expensive compared to T1 but by all means use it. The first type of T2 ammunition is designed to shoot at smaller ships, while the second is designed for high damage against larger versions. So you get the best of both worlds.

——————————-The indiscriminate line of pause——————————–


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