EvE – Alliance Tournament IX Finals


I’m writing this in the AM of AT IX Finals Day so it will be interesting to see how it turns out but as it’s the Christmas of EvE once again as the build up; the waiting, the impatience are all finally over and we get to sit back, relax and lose ISK to stupid outside bets. Ahh it’s good to be an EvE player today.

On the subject of betting, if I win the final today I win this ship. So hopefully I win the bet in the final.

The Ashimmu. It looks pretty, and it's pretty good.

Here is how the finals day betting goes. More ISK per bet each match. The person with the most wins gets to pick their team for the final. If their team wins the final, BAM! cruiser to the winner. Simple right? I lost last year, I WILL win this year 🙂



All dressed up for finals day ! and Tournament cat is in the booth 🙂

And allready a HUGE upset to regular tournamet viewers in the form of Pandemic Legion going out in their first match. Shadoo commentating was brilliant, the advert at the end of the match was a case of ‘great timing’ 🙂 Great match to watch and listen to.

Darkside's Amarr team beating Pandemic Legion's Caldari team pretty convincingly.

So it was a bit sad, but also interesting to see them go out. Ah well, next year guys !

So who won the tournament and how did everyone do this year.

Meta gaming or not, Hydra win Alliance Tournament IX on the back of Laedy's solo power!

This appeared in game, if you saw it and were not aware of the tournament, hopefully you caught the end at least 🙂

Obviously congratulations to Hydra Reloaded for winning the Alliance tournament for the first time, Laedy soloing the entire Outbreak team! who would have thought that would happen?!?! 😉

And my betting? Well let’s just say I picked quite incorrectly all day so no pirate cruiser came my way…I did however payout for a Cynabal so THAT was exciting…heh


I called bets for Pandemic Legion. Solar Fleet. Black Legion. We Form Voltron. All WRONG giving my friend 4 extra wins, and he called no team wrong the entire day. Next year I win!! there is always next year.

If you tuned into the tournament and read this blog, thanks very much for being with us over the last 2 weekends 🙂

I only got one shot off while I remembered to do this, so here are the people behind the tournament.


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