EvE – Alliance Tournament Group Matches Day 3

Tournament Cat psych's out the glass of water.

Tournament cat, always entertaining to spot but also…

Kil2, the only expert you need when the only option left...is the Batphone.

Kil2 being green screened was quite funny too 🙂

Pandemic Legion lost today, but it’s ok! I lost the bets today, but it’s ok! What is not ok is the number of teams today that caused all the damn delays. Can’t do math, trying to cheat, doing anything that causes massive delays just made the gaps between matches drag on…momentum guys, was ruined.

So who won and who lost today?

7 wins on the left, 9 on the right. And from this we can predict EVERYTHING!

More postcards from Kil2 on his travels.

Here he is in front of a Chinese dragon, then he went to see a dance troupe, followed by a visit to the local aquarium. Kil2, well travelled.

I lost my bets today because Godfathers didn’t really do very well in their match, I should have gone with my gut’s and chosen W.I. but CCP Lacoste gave me a last second change of mind, /shakes fist to the sky. Oh and PL losing, well, it’s generally a good idea to bet on PL to win, though I guess this proves that even PL can lose. Alliance Tournament, nobody knows what can happen. That was quite cliche of me.

Oh and Outbreak throwing the match for 100k? thanks boys. Another loss for me 😦

BOOO! 10 - 6 to my friend. BOOOO! damn him and his lucky wallet !

The last match Conga-line was at least different 🙂

Weeee! how to throw a match in style

And so we move to the finals day tomorrow! I hope you will be there, I know I will be there, and I hope you make some ISK if you place some bets!


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