EvE – Welcome…..to the Legion

Hello and we return to our regular scheduled programming with a nice post about a group of nice people who share their feelings and talk openly about their real life troubles without threat of shame, mockery or humiliation. A group who whilst being very good at playing internet spaceships are also a collective of kindred souls that look out for each other, protect and comfort each other. At times coming forward to a brother in need and saying, “No! it is not right that you judge my fellow space baron here, can’t you see the distress that your choice of words and the tone of your voice have on him?.”

To put it another way, I shall let the great Noel Galagher explain what I mean a little better.

Because we need each other
We believe in one another
And I know we’re going to uncover
What’s sleepin’ in our soul
Because we need each other
We believe in one another
I know we’re going to uncover
What’s sleepin’ in our soul
What’s sleepin’ in our soul

Some call them “A space blight!” others call them “A disease worse than Obesity” *, whilst others call them “Helpful, just like Oprah“, “Friendly and caring“, and “A group of mild mannered Ladies and Gentlemen“. Whatever you call them makes no difference, you have heard of Pandemic Legion and you know of their reputation.

New corp and a new alliance. Shit just got real.

My friend the German had been nagging me about joining his new corp BDCI for some time. Well, he asked me to at least apply and see how it goes anyway. And rather than get into exactly why and how that came about, it’s easier to say that through him and another old friend the decision was made to try and change my game from a P.I. + trading slog to a game where fighting and PvP are pushed to 11. And so I am currently a TRIAL member of Body Count.Inc until they kick me out.

That intro was a little bit like The Little House on the Prarie wasn’t it? I just tried to make PL’s image as one of caring, sharing, and friendship but instead I think I need to step away from that fantasy before I start believing it. CUNTCUNTHORSECOCKSHITFUCKITYFUCKFUCK ok that’s a bit more on track and I have purged my soul of the “nice” feelings.

Honestly, the PL guys have nothing but good things to say and are generally nice people you would want to have at your wedding/birth of your first child/every family christmas/funeral of your favourite relative/watching you on a webcam while you masterbate to anime.

I was told that the voice comms ticker for members of BDCI when they joined PL was (PLZ LEAVE) or something like that, (GTFO) (FUKOFF) that sort of thing. Then, I’ve also been told that’s a warm welcome. It’s since been changed to (BDCI). Either way, PL dislike BDCI and they like BDCI. Only through fighting and X’ing up and being awesome can we win over their affections. Or perhaps take them out for a movie followed by dinner and perhaps some drinks afterwards…then…who knows what will happen. At some point BDCI we’re offered some friendly advice.

Re-warn your guys.

About half the people in PL are going to absolutely HATE them until they prove their worth. It’s not going to be easy.

And so proving their worth was what the members of BDCI started to do. By fleeting up and helping out, all of the time. Except me, I joined late in to this party and when I did, I had about a weeks worth of waiting around ship spinning.

Avatar, not just a really shit movie about hippies defeating superior technology and machinery with bows and arrows.

After that week of waiting around being sniffed, prodded, stared at for hours on end to see if I am real or a ghost in the fog, I was finally able to join op’s and talk to my fellow space barons on their voice communication software choice and write on their internet forums. It took a week because I was told the guy who was to organise that was being drunk for a few days so just to be patient. Though after all of this waiting my first op’ was a gooooood one. And it looked cool. But I won’t talk about it in any specific terms so here’s an explanation I can manage. BOOM! PEW PEW PEW PEW BOOOOSH! BANG!! BOOM! PEW PEW PEW PEW!! BOOOOSH!! KILLMAILKILLMAILKILLMAIL etc etc etc.

Like a briiiidge over troubled water..

The way around 0.0 I’ve noticed is to stick your hand up in the air and let a Titan jump you where ever you need to go. It’s much like hailing a cab in a major city though less risk of being ripped off but MORE risk of abuse. I’ve taken many screenshots of this public transport approach to EvE and considered making an entire thread about it, I might still do that…no I probably won’t be doing that.

PL titans don't just turn up and ruin your shit, they make sure to form crucifixes so you can't come back from the dead and suck some more. OMFG SUCK SOME MORE! Did you get it? HAR HAR HAR

To be fair to that screeny though, those are not PL titans. They are somebody elses, I forget who owns those titans and I don’t really mind/care who owns those titans. All I know is that this was the first time more than 2 titans were in one place and I was present. That means I have seen more titans in one single place than I have seen black ops in one place. Which is indeed ridiculous and should be fixed straight away, CCP get on it, and fix lag, and where’s those turrent models eh? and how’s about you fix lag?

The PL mom's always have our backs. Cheering us on at football practice, telling us that we were the best one in the play, and doing amateur porn for the extra cash to pay for your prom-dress.

Scenes that look like this one are not uncommon for 0.0 warfare these days so I am told. So many supercapital ships in one place, and to know that a big blob can destroy these things in very quick order is quite scary. A battleship fleet of 100 can melt them down at a fraction of the cost. Maybe that’s not entire accurate but the point is, billions and billions on one ship that dies to things that are in total 1/10th of the cost. It’s a bit weird to proccess that but I am sure I will get used to it. Again, I have seen supercapitals than I have seen Black Op’s. Is it because Black Op’s are always so covert you just don’t know they are out there? Is the Black Op’s a myth?

Space, the final frontier, these are the voyages of the starship Trololol, and it's continuing mission, to seek out new innapropriate remarks and combine them to form insults never thought possible.

This blob of logistics is some other guys, I don’t know who they are but their logistics chain was quite nice, it made the night sky look pretty. And then the Federation symbol came out and right then I just knew, that somehow Picard is watching out for us all.

All of this is pretty cool and new and exciting for my EvE game. Big shiny ships, actual organised op’s, other cool shit and actually being back with some old friends for however long that may be right now, is awesome and definetly worth my subscription. If everybody had interesting things to do and friends around them then more people would be doing more cool things and enjoying themselves, is what I think anyway. Also what is more interesting is that since joining BDCI as a trial member, the amount of swearing I do has increased by 12% which places me with border line tourettes syndrome.


*PFFFF Obesity is a “disease” HAHAHA NO! you are fat, you eat too much and are lazy. Your input is WAY larger than your output, for a few months maybe reverse that and start welcoming your eyes back to the sight of your penis/knees long since hidden by your enormous belly. Stop making excuses, eat properly, excercise, problem solved.


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