EvE – e-honour.

(A non-revolutionary post but quite fun so relax 🙂 )

This is a bit of an odd one that came to me while reading a book where one character was pissed off at another character because he GTFO’d and saved his men in the process. The pissed off guy was swearing blind at the lack of honour and his disbelief that the other guy would choose to run away. And of course EvE online crept into my head and I realised that that sort of thing happens all the god damn time. E-honour I think is something that people use as a defence as no other recourse exists when you’ve been wtfbbqd by superior numbers or just plain old dishonourable playing.

Is it really dishonourable though? Whatever happend in this made up fantasy situation, was it against some unwritten code of conduct between players or is it just whining and crying? I think that in every given situation in EvE you always have a loser and a winner, 100% of the time. Unless you are docked, in which case you are not part of this hand and are sitting out while the game unfolds. Actually being docked is the only time in EvE you can consider yourself not part of anything except your corp/alliance. Unless your docking is a bluff, a lure for attracting station campers into a false sense of security while your boys jump in and finger them up the bum*.

Here’s a few examples of E-honour gone wrong.

– 0.1 ISKing on the market isn’t exactly honourable as you are just being a bitchy little twat with your cheap undercutting. Unless you are seriously trading and love to micro-manage this sort of thing, the 0.1 ISK’s only add up after a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG fucking time.

– Agreeing to a 1v1 PVP fight at a planet or something, and then having your friends jump in and ruin his shit is also dishonourable and is likely to have you OMFG blacklisted on some dueling circuit.

– Stealing from corp hangars because you can is dishonourable. Let’s just put stealing corp/alliance assests in here to.

– Using neutral remote reppers is the classic case of dishonourability.

– Scamming people out of their ISK is dishonourable.

– Fighting some group and having friends jump in to bail you out, or having an outside wing on a standby jump bridge incase things go wrong is also dishonourable.

Though there are many such evil dispicable, dishonourable things, all of them are only deemed dishonourable to the people being affected by it. Otherwise they are good tactics to getting ahead in a game as cut throat and hostile as this. It’s like, the universe is so fucking huge and complex, that policing it would just be a disaster, and so catching villians and people of disrepute is just a task that can not be done. So to protect ourselves we rely on word of mouth, references from previous corp members, forum threads of tears and of course the rumour mill. It would be unwise of you to trust such people with similar responsibilities if you knew they had previous convictions for corp theft for example. And you don’t 1v1 a pilot you know that has gone back on his word in previous engagements. It’s common sense to protect ourselves against this sort of shit by being overly suspicious of everything, accusing everyone of spying and doing all the work yourself because then nobody can steal shit. And then we have no trust in game.

So why do these things and why be concerned about these things?

Nothing says embarrassing quite like the inept thief.

The easiest part of this conversation is the ‘why do these things?’ part because people do them for profit, to increase their personal wealth, to increase their killboard statistics, to increase anything positive about their character and to grow it as fast and as easy as possible. Oh and some do it purely for the lol’s, we call these people drooling slope headed mutant twats, or simply, trolls.

‘Why be so concerned with e-honour?’ Is the tricky part. I believe that most people try to be good and to be constructive and positive so that good things happen for the greater good. The people mining during their game time so that their corp can build toys for its members to use are being constructive and helpfull. The guys hauling for their corp so that his corp mates have an easier time moving home systems do it because it makes everyones life easier in the long run. So when these good people suffer at the hands of people intent on having their fun at the good peoples expense, they see only the terrible things done to them. And how it all seems unfair. And then it feels as if that breach in the unwritten rule has appeared again.

When a corp war decs you and you decide that you will fight them, all your members are organised and kept aware of intel and who the war targets are. And then the smack talk starts in local chat. 1 or 2 of them have very big mouths, their insults are not even clever and their English is very bad, but they insist on just being childish pricks. At some point during this you and your people undock and trap 1 of them at a gate and start shooting the shite out of him. Then his remote rep friend from another corp turns up and then so do his corp mates who were not even online a minute ago and your guys start to drop off, and you are making no progress on killing even one of them and so you run off and then the smack talk starts back up. They are pissed that you ran away!

That’s possibly the most annoying case of e-honour. Where you are the victims of an ambush and a dirty tactic, so you run away to preserve the remainder of your ships and they get pissed because you ran off. Then they smack talk about you in local! they feel pissed because aparently their unavoidable (or rather eventual) tactic should have killed more of you while preserving their ships like it did. How dare you run off!? E-Honour just causes ulcers on both sides in that case. If the ones that do care about e-honour would just stop caring, things would be much simpler. It would just be your strategy and tactics vs theirs.

I’d say doing whatever you can to increase your charactes position in the game is generally a good thing, but perhaps you don’t need to cheat or lie your way there and you can still have fun.

Though with that said, being a double-crossing bastard and somebody of illrepute is a viable profession in EvE online and I imagine that some people find it fun to do. Personally I think it’s more fun to think you are a mean spirited badass while not actual being one, this doesn’t mean lying to youself and then crying about your inadequacies as you lie in bed. Let’s use Star Wars as an example of what I mean. Han Solo likes to think of himself as a rogue, but he comes back to save Luke doesn’t he? he sticks around to help Leia to get of Hoth instead of paying Jabba the money he owes to save his own skin aswell. Slimy little Greedo tries to be a selfish prick, and look what that got him. Same with Boba Fett, even though he was more professional than Greedo and way cooler. He still gets owned though, you’ve seen Jedi right? ok let’s not talk about it anymore.

So e-honour. As long as you do things correctly and think things through, you won’t need the E-honour excuse to defend your inability to get something done, or as a defence against people doing said things to you. E-Honour would just be something that gets in the way of the actual goal, which is to not die or lose your assests. essentially every player in EvE has that one single unifying factor. nobody wants to lose their shit to other people, especially smack talking epeeners. Also avoid looking like a bungling fool, making EvE-o threads about your 40 million ISK heist or that one time you were giving intel away for free and helped cause some dude to lose a ship nobody gives 2 shits about. Be cool and calculated, professional and ego-less and infamy will soon come.

I doubt this model is really worrying about this guy having his directors rolls removed. She looks like she is wondering how she can sleep standing up in bed like that.

*While it’s on my brain here is how to do that correctly.

– Go to any system known for station games in low sec and take a cruiser with a reasonable tank. Keep extra tanking modules in the cargohold and have with you a long and a short point (that’s a Warp disruptor and a Warp Scrambler).

– Find the system and dock up, perhaps buy something on route, something small and inexpensive to make it look like that’s why you are there.

– If you see people undock before you, that’s a good sign. You want to undock and then don’t touch a damn thing. They will try to lock you and start shooting. You need to dock up. Do this process again after like 2 minutes or so.

– Refit your ship with your modules in the hold and wait another 2 minutes or so. Undock and make like you are trying to warp off. They will lock, point and shoot you.

– Then the excitment begins and you put your points on them and cycle your guns. The scram on something that is using an MWD; the long point on something else and then, hopefully, your tank is strong enough to resist their DPS while your friends jump into system and fuck their shit up. If you have a spare high slot for a cyno, and you can cyno in some recons or stealth bomber support I guess, but keeping your friends 1-2 jumps out and have them manually warp also works.

– Oh and structure tank like a hero! and have expensive module sin your cargohold just incase you die, you can reward your killers 😀


4 Responses to “EvE – e-honour.”

  1. 1 Serpentine Logic
    25/05/2011 at 12:13 pm

    Ah, Gaunt’s Ghosts; a good series.

    Regarding e-honour: the game devs who worked on Team Fortress built the Spy class into the game precisely to introduce that element of uncertainty in what otherwise is a buddy-buddy us-vs-them fight. Having played that game for a while, I’m now inured to the possibility that the guy right next to me is a backstabbing bastard and plan accordingly.

    This also serves me well in the workplace.

    • 2 TooNu
      25/05/2011 at 6:55 pm

      I also play TF2 from time to time and the spy is the class I love to play, but am very rarely any good at. So I am the person who goes the noob-pyro, another form of e-dishonour, or so they say.
      Infact, none of those classes seem to have any way of having honour 🙂

      And where do you work that you have to worry about men in balaclavas with great accents stabbing you in the back? heh

      • 3 Serpentine Logic
        26/05/2011 at 5:13 am

        Office politics vOv

      • 4 TooNu
        26/05/2011 at 11:00 am

        AH! HAH! 🙂 bookmarked thanks!

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