EvE – The Validus.

The Validus was a ship I had and then lost in the worst possible way. I wrote about it many moons ago HERE but for those disinclined to read about it in great detail (again in some cases) I will simply link the lossmail from Battleclinic HERE. It was my favourite ship. The first ever T3 that I bought, the first ever ship that I dared go out for proper solo PVP (As opposed to shitty T1 frigate pvp), it was the shipI just sat in cloaked up in my wormhole, the ship I scouted for militia fleets, used as a bit of bait on gate camps for militia fleets and above all it was the first ship that friends in game knew by name. It was with me for about a year which is a long life for an offensive means ship. So by all of these criteria, it was a very special ship and then it was lost in a moment of stupidity.

Why am I bringing this up again? “Because TooNu you are like Martin Riggs who couldn’t let go of his wife who died in a tragic car accident”, no that’s not why at all silly reader. I bring it up because The Validus lives again! (Now you are supposed to imagine you can hear trumpets playing, and large crowds have gathered around and are cheering and screaming in joy, babies are being held up by their mothers to witness the event and everyone has been having parties and oh it’s been so much fun and you are right there amongst the fun and the merryment. Look you are on the stage with the other important people and you are wearing a nice crown and your clothing looks awesome.)

Such a pretty ship.

Look at how awesome that ship looks! Isn’t it a marvel of engineering and design? Wow, what a ship!

I think since my first blogging days I said I wanted one of these Nidhoggurs and so recently I bought one. Oh how my ingame friends laughed, “Oh ha ha ha ha, waht a silly buffoon you are to waste your skill points and ISK on a ship like that.” they would say, “Waht are you going to use it for? POS repping? ha ha ha ha”, they would mock and I would reply, “Learn how to spell WHAT you fucking crouton turd”. Well while these “people” (and I use the term “people” loosly here when regarding my ingame friends) are busy with their Asterix and Obelix nosed Thanatos and Stupid, flat, crab missing a few legs Archon, I will be sitting my sexier ship being all sexy and grand looking. Like an awesome pioneer of style and trendyness that they can not hope to contend with. The only Carrier that comes close is the Chimera, and I own one of those aswell so I got all the bases covered here.

Why a Nidhoggur? Well it needs Minmatar Battleship V for a start and the current flavour of the month for battleships is Minmatar Maelstroms so that’s a handy skill to have. Though more importantly I think the Nidhoggur is going to get a revamp and I will allready own one! Making this a smart purchase decision! No really I did just skill up for it because I like the look of it, and I am 100% serious on that. I used some of my Learning skill points and just learned Minmatar battleship V so I didn’t so much as waste a month on training it to look this awesome.

Minmatar ships are the coolest. All the bad boys of EvE fly Minmatar ships of some flavour and everyone knows that the Rifter makes for the best learning craft for PVP. The trend just keeps going through out the other ship classes. The Thrasher is the best Militia ship for plexing/small gang fights. The Rupture makes for a powerfull pain in the ass pain-smith in any gang. The Hurricane is vicious carnage and facemelting incarnate. The Maelstrom and Tempest have MASSIVE Alpha-strikes. The Typhoon is a burly wrestling Bluto type of ship. The Naglfar “is freaking vertical!”. And the Nidhoggur/Hel are just great looking chick magnets with huge open maws spewing out fighters and drones. (See that’s like the sperm right? so it’s like, girls see your long ship firing out these active healthy fast moving fighters from your open maw which is like the tip of your penis and then they think, “oh, he’s quite a healthy one, perhaps I’ll go and get acquainted with him and see if he’s got as much energy as I think he has”. You fucking idiots and your Thanawankers and Arcunt carriers, go away and bury your heads in your hands for the shame you’ve caused yourselves. You’ve missed the chick magnet bus, now away you go.)

Basically It’s a perfect looking sci-fi ship and I can’t find flaws in how it looks at all. AND NEITHER CAN ANY OF YOU.

To get back on track though. I really liked the name Validus aswell. It’s from a book, so it’s not my creation but it’s a great name and I wanted to use it again. I didn’t want to lose another ship with the name Validus though and so I named my new Nidhoggur Validus IIbecause I don’t plan on losing this one becuase it’s not a PvP boat. “WHAT?!”. Here is the Validus II current fitting* and the 2nd reason why I bought it.

No, your eyes do not decieve you. It is indeed cap stable.

After selling my alt for much ISK I wanted a better way to do some logistics around low-sec and this was my solution. It’s incredibly boring to move 10k of stuff in the back of a Viator 15 jumps one way, and then 15 jumps back as many times as required. With this Nidhoggur I can get 10k m3 in the corp hangar and then a whopping 5,520 m3 in the cargohold! /HIGH FIVE.

Ok so it’s not exactly great or in any way seriously usefull. It was cheaper than keeping my alt and buying a jump frieghter though, and getting my stuff into and out of 0.0 has never been easier. Just a well placed Cyno alt here and there, and no problem. With this ship I was able to get all of my crap out of Fountain in 2 trips, while hauling in more ships and ammo for friends in Draketrain. (I charge fuel cost only! a smile costs YOU extra though). Then moved all my shit to somewhere else with my new friends in Body Count.Inc. I am a lucky person.

I figure I’ll keep this ship for a long time and possibly lose it to betrayal only. Damn those betrayers!

*I can if required, give you the fit ingame, it is saved with a limited edition civillian Hobgoblin in the drone bay. If you would like this fit just mail me in game and I will link it to you. Unless you have your CSPA charges on, in which case good luck getting any ISK out of my grippit hauns!


2 Responses to “EvE – The Validus.”

  1. 1 Serpentine Logic
    19/05/2011 at 3:42 pm

    Uh, did you forget about the vaguely-cavernous ship maintenance bay that carriers also have?

    • 2 TooNu
      19/05/2011 at 7:46 pm

      no 🙂 seems a bit of an odd question. I fill that up with stuff to.

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