EvE – Time investment

I’ve had this title kicking around this blog for AGES. This idea of how we spend time, so much time on our game and why we do what we do in game with that time. It’s a very difficult subject but very interesting, to me at least so I want to write about it at least in some brief half arsed way. So here I go.

Like all things in life you have to spend time doing them. That is about as obvious as I can get other than to say my brothers forehead is shaped like a skateboarding accident. EvE online has your character passively learning skills while you do not play leaving you time to concentrate on the actual game. If that’s trading, pve, roleplay, pirating, huge wars or whatever. You don’t need to focus on your character in order to play the game. Learning these skills just means you unlock new parts of the game for yourself, that’s all they do. If we were able to buy skill points or skill levels then everything would be vastly different but we are not here to talk about that.

The “everything else” that the game leaves you to do, takes lot’s and lot’s of time to complete. Some people, let’s call them very intelligent people, are able to do these things quicker than others. That’s because they are smarter than us and we shouldn’t be pissed at them for that reason, because if you are both facing each other, you pull a Han, and then gods of dice rolls are on your side, he will die first and you can take his loot. (Digression – It’s the equivalent of punching a smug smart person in the face and having him embarrassed infront of everyone). These smart people are still after the same thing you are, and that’s to nurture their character into a strong form of charisma in a social group, and/or a powerfull financial position within the game.

Which is just me saying that people want a wallet stocked full of ISK and they want to command hundreds of players in an alliance being a bad ass space baron. The power you seek in your character could also be in the form of a corporation member willing to put the effort in to build an industry section for a high sec corp. Trusted and well liked by everyone but with no desire for glory. A true hero.

And then of course we all agree that we are all avoiding the negative sides of growing our characters. When you lose your shit in-game and then that brief moment of rage that your partner just witnessed over your stupid space game. After all you are losing nothing tangible, but you are losing something valuable, your time. So this is on the other side of the scale. If I thump the desk because I lost another T3 ship to my stupidity I am angry at myself for wasting what I see as a few days/weeks work. I’m not angry at those that did the heinous removing of my assests, I am angry at myself and then I wonder why I play and then I get frustrated and start picking flaws in things I previously didn’t give two shits about. It’s one of these little bastards below…

The most viscious of circles.

I’ve said numerous times that I think a game that can bring about actual mental and physical stresses is a game that should be revered. Not many games cause sweats, eating disorders, sleep disruptions, feelings of inadequacy like EvE online does. I think the experts and general sane population of EvE would say, “step away from your game if you are experiencing this”. Though everyone at some point feels terrible for playing because you invest so much into your game on your own time only to see it get vaporised or worse, stolen by a selfish cocknose.

Other games give you respawns or minor experience penalties. They don’t remove your shit and tell you to start again with your current skill points. And even then, skillpoints can be removed if you don’t update your clone. Imagine if everytime you played your favourite online shooter, when you died your gun was removed and replaced with the noob rifle. And not only that but some player who has seen you die, picks up your shiny rifle and then disconnects from the server. If that rifle cost you real life cash to buy, you would be pretty upset wouldn’t you?

Well real life cash is what many people use to buy ingame currency or even just to subscribe, and then put their time and effort into their game only to see it removed from them, with no recourse. That’s a very harsh game. And it exists in EvE online.

An extreme case would be a Titan loss. While a titan is a huge effort on the part of an alliance or large group to create the loss is still going to affect 1 person more than the others. At 60-70 billion on some widly average guess cost you’re looking at a real life value of 70,000,000,000 / 360,000,000 x 14.95 = 2906.9444444444. Just shy of 3000 euros. If you can afford to lose 3 grand in a game then fair enough, but it’s still going to hurt you. I’d imagine it would look pretty silly to anybody that had to explain to their significant other why they were spending real cash on an internet spaceship game. Especially to the tune of THOUSANDS. Some of my extended family members gave me funny looks for buying a Nintendo DS to play silly games on and that has cost me 200 euros in total over the last 2 years for games and a nice case, but it’s real and I can touch it or rub it on my face or whatever I want. If I was to buy 200 game time cards, sell them in Jita, and then buy a Titan in an internet game…I’d be out looking for a new place to fucking live.

If you spend your actual cash on your game, please take a photo of your partner and post it on the internet so we have more examples of angry spouses to use for blog posts.

I think many are in this sort of situation, which is why they get upset and then forum rage when their Golem was suicide ganked. Or when their entire high sec mining op was taken out by one prick and his smartbombing battleship. Or when one angry blogger loses his T3 to an obvious bait ship (no more clues..ok yes it was me).

Some thread recently on EvE-O forums* had one intelligent person discuss that as he makes a nice wage packet it makes more sense to him to spend his cash on ingame currency to then have fun with. His plan was rather than spending his time grinding up ISK and then using that to have fun with, he could just use his real life cash. People like this dude are in a fortunate situation and I wish we were all so lucky but not all of us are high rollers or have great paying work, that’s just how it is I’m affraid. So to him, his time is more valuable than his cash, and to us paupers our cash is more valuable than our time…which is a total shame but a sad fact. Still I wouldn’t like to be the person explaining vast sums of credit card transactions over the internet to my missus. “What or WHO did you spend 3 grand on hmm? was it a whore was it? are you seeing high price whores from some CCP Games hmm? what sort of games does she like then hmm? does she like the sort of games where your penis ends up in the microwave and your kids learn of daddys other women and his drinking problem? Do you value your family and want to see your children ever again?”. Life is just not worth that sort of trouble.

And what sort of person can rationalise spending so much cash on an internet spaceship game? To avoid a possible coversation/confrontation you have to get your hobby out in the open. How do you bring it up? do you sit the person down and say, “Honey, I’m going to spend some of our money on my game that I play, you know the science fiction game that I play in the evenings that I’ve spoken about a few times? I’m going to spend a few hundred euros on it but it’s ok I’ve got the money saved for this”. It makes no fucking difference if you are as rich as Bill Gates, that conversation just reduced your sex appeal in the persons eyes.

What if they then say, “Ok sure honey you do that, you’ve earned the money go right ahead. I’m going to take some of our savings and buy a fuck tonne of shoes ok?”. You can’t have a problem with it, you can’t be THAT hypocritical and you can’t suddenly have an issue with it. Maybe the person will spend exactly what you spend on their hobby, and that hobby is something you detest? It’s tough shit. So you lie about it. Like it’s some hidden fetish you keep in the shed in the garden under the loose floorboard under your work bench. You’ve got to hide it incase they find out and start taking liberties with the household funds themselves. You can’t let anybody know, and if they find out your excuse better be a good one.

Personally I have enough patience to wait for things and to try new ways to make my ISK over the long term. Start small and work your way up. Trade for your ISK, pirate for your ISK, scam people, do what it takes to get your TIME-ISK ratio balanced or in huge favour of the one you value the most.

I almost took a screenshot of this taking a screenshot of itself but my mind could not take it.

EvE can go both ways and neither side will ever agree. Those that say it’s just a game and not to get so butthurt over your loss boohoohoo cry moar, will NEVER EVER see eye to eye with the people that just want to be left alone. These just want to do their own little things withut being distrubed by the former type as much as possible. Though both sides can agree that whatever time they have spent on their game, be it real life time transferred to ingame cash, or time ingame to get ingame cash are both important because that’s how they best use their game time.

Some people want to log in and get right to the action straight away and stay in the action until they log off with little or no care to how many spaceships they lost that day/evening. I can’t really understand that sort of player because I wonder how they can afford that sort of lifestyle, or how they can justify it. It would be interesting to find out who has to make these sort of excuses, and if they indeed need to make excuses for their spaceship game. And who is quite content missioning for hours on end playing their bloody spaceship game instead of doing something constructive. Someone make an accurate survey, go!

*EvE-O forums are rarely a source of actual information or decent threads written by decent people. However once every harvest moon a thread comes along that defys the odds, and people come together as one to type coherently and the trolls stay away choosing to post on their mains and man up. Usually they are full of drooling chubby cheeked dual chins who think that being a loser is cool or pedo glasses man who loves being righteous.


2 Responses to “EvE – Time investment”

  1. 1 Serpentine Logic
    11/05/2011 at 4:40 pm

    I riffed on this recently after realising that when gaining isk is a chore, spending it becomes distasteful…

  2. 11/05/2011 at 11:40 pm


    If doing something in game causes you stress, don’t do it. Don’t like losing golems or t3? Mission with ravens. Fight with drakes.

    A supercapital is – take it from me – just another ship; and you should never undock a ship without assuming it will die.

    …not that you can actually undock supercapitals, except on special occasions, but the principle is the same.

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