EvE – Part III.

7 months.

September 2010 was the last EvE post which is a hell of a break. Playing other games and doing some blogging about other things also made me realise that blogging about something specific is important if you want to have focus. So here I am again…and I’m going to regret this, here I try again. I’ve given myself an hour to do this including the cutting, pasting and bullshit shopping. GO!

Oh and the word “break” really doesn’t cover it so well, but a break from blogging and a break from EvE came hand in hand. Whilst playing other games and having more actual life away from the PC EvE was still being subbed, 3 accounts at one stage, while I wasn’t playing…that’s FUCKED. Now I have 2 accounts as the character on one account has been sold. Goodbye Farlig Ekorre, you were awesome. Now a brief screenshot in time of things of interest.

1) BJ Artist.

An actual player, rather than just a clever portrait.

Not exactly news but normally a pisstake portrait has no actual player. BJ Artist is quite chatty though so now you can sleep better at night knowing that.

2) Verone.


Verone doesn’t have the reputation for roaming around and being an active pilot with his character Verone, he insteads props up a bar somewhere in Goinard doing things like organising his rather large pirate force, or attending fanfests and other CCP type things as he’s a well known “face” of the game. I’m not sure wtf he was doing in Fliet but my alt found him, because she’s a sultry spy!

3) The most expensive gatecamp in low sec.

Helpfull game tip: Don't gate camp with a Titan.

The systems around Intaki are full of pirates, industry types, freedom fighters, trolls and Russian titan owners. This was sat at a gate killing a Drake. not solo of course, he had 12 or so ships in tow but he was flagged for piracy so I sure hope he was able to tank the gate guns! I was chasing some Gallente frigate gang, they ran here, I jumped in and then poop and wee ran down my leg as a titan bridged in with his gang to kill a pirate Drake on the gate. You don’t see that everyday and I suspect that it might be the start of something quite obscene for the far future of EvE. HAH! as if EvE has a future! I think it might have been a well timed distraction because the Gallente gang got away because I was gawking at this thing. Oh well.

4) Draketrain.

Drake gang extraordinaire.

Draketrain are awesome. Their killboard speaks volumes about the people who run it and the guys that fleet up all the time. I think back in their beggining they were kick ass in Faction Warfare and they just carried on until it just became the norm’ for them. This is just one example of a gang. I was a scimitar pilot, with NO Whore gun so killmails are few and far between but I did lose many Warrior II’s as a result of trying to killmail whore. This is many Drakes, I think the gang had like 50 Drakes in the end. Oh and a rogue hurricane.

5) Jewing ISK.

First and only ever Officer spawn.

First, jewing ISK is WRONG but it’s funny. Second, these officers are like crack and it’s hard to stop looking. While being in Draketrain as part of TEST alliance for the last few months I found one officer spawn and this was it. Not even one of the best officers, but I’ll take it. He dropped loads of Serpentis loot and an implant so I can’t really complain at 300 mil. I have since lost the Tengu in an amazing failcascade that involves my greed, an asteroid that loved to hug, and my inability to be on voice comms. Oh and no screenshots of that either. Suffice to say my ratting days are over and any ISK I made whilst ratting has since gone. Oh but from -10.00 standing to my current +3.20, I’d say that was pretty usefull. Fuck ratting, seriously, it’s boring but addictive..how can it be?

6) part 1 of a 3 part screenshot story. Titans.

Erebus and Erebus. The twin gods of ROCK AND ROLL!

On a Draketrain organised op we found ourselves drafted into a TEST fleet that was then drafted into a Goonswarm fleet to destroy one of EVOKE’s towers. It smelled bad from the start, not having the same voice comms being one reason but another being it was TEST AND GOONSWARM so being badly orgnaised to boot made it taste like a hobo popping a large zit into your mouth. Lacco did however try his best to figure out exactly wtf was going on. These 2 titans bridged us somewhere 50 or so jumps from where we started out leaving us to get back by ourselves of course.

7) The fight!

Ok so this is EVOKEs tower and that is our gang..with our Rorqual.

I’ve no idea who took the Rorqual and while I realise this is a TESTSWARM fleet so these things are expected…you hope that people take the right ships and not their mining op ships, I do hope they lost it though. Many many Maelstroms, logistics, and a massive Drake gang brought by ourselves. Which Goonswarm wanted to be thrown against the rocks as some sort of sacrificial bait fleet, which we were not keen on..so we bailed on them and caused some major drama 🙂 Which was funny until Goonswarm got whelped and made Lacco pay them back 3 billion ISK in losses caused by him agreeing to come, and then backing out. He’s Finnish, so I would expect some senior members of Goonswarm to go “missing” or “die of natural causes” at some stage. So yes the 50 or so jumps back to 6VDT was made easier in that, along the way our scout found a Nidhoggur in a safe spot with his buddies.

8 ) Nidhoggur down, we’ve got a Nidhoggur down.

Such a pretty ship brought down by a few Drakes and their awesome Logistics pilots who saved the day and were totally awesome with their 5 Warrior II's!

One thing you should be doing at all times while safed up uncloaked is looking for combat probes. I’m not sure he was doing that considering he lost his fine carrier out in a safe spot with NOBODY to help him. Well he had friends but they came one at a time and died the same way. Poor guy but the kill made up for the drama earlier in the night.

And since these are the most exciting things I can think of right now that I took screenshots of, you could say that my game has been very quiet. And it has. I’ve traded more than ever before and made a fucking heap of ISK as a result of tips and tipoffs. My now sold Industry alt was pulling in millions from her PI project while she was hauling things around the universe to put up for trade. I helped a good friend of mine ruin the PI economy and control some of the most ridiculous markets, it was like PVP with adrenaline and risk on the line but at a much slower pace of course.

Though it’s not exactly exciting to take screenshots about unless you like graphs and numbers, and I would do a piss poor job at explaining it anyway. Also I quite like that I helped manipulate PI prices a little, so you’re welcome if you also made millions from this 🙂

1 hour 9 minutes.

EDIT: I turned 30, I went to New York to celebrate, I drank lot’s of Champagne, ate lot’s of food, and spent too much money on shit I don’t need. It was great and I have pics or gtfo proof so fuck you!


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