christmas! omfg exciting

Ahhh the smells of kitchen goings on and the crinkling of paper from 1000 gifts, Swedish women whining about how loud Star Wars is on the DvD while they are trying to sleep/wake up and nobody giving a shite. Oh it’s nice. So while the day is going to be busy and full of food, chocolate, presents and food there is always time for a bit of pre-emptive blogging to finish up the Christmas thing. It’s been quite fun keeping track of Christmas with the advent calender and the movie watching, I would have preferred not using my DS to take the pictures but it’s a DS so I can’t really complain about it’s picture quality.

The Deathstar POS gunner didn’t shoot the escape pod ruining the Empires chance at winning the entire movie allready and Vader’s just captured Leia.

Speaking of movies. The list of Christmas movies was nowhere near completed, I have so many movies and so little time and many many other distractions that it was suprisingly hard to fit them all in, at least though I have saved them for next year. So the list I managed from my collection is as follows:

Hook, Patton, Groundhog Day, Chrimson Tide, Oceans 11, You’ve got Mail, Willow, Final Fantasy 7, NAVY Seals, And today I have queued up Star Wars IV, The Hunt for Red October, Die Hard. 12 movies out of something like…30 but that’s not bad considering it is an average of 1 every 2 days. I think I did pretty well and I can watch the other half of my christmas movies next year.

Iconic pose while looking at your twin moons oooh deep music and oh shit R2 has fucking gone.

Door 23 yeilding the BEST of the entire box as it has the most parts and requires that you think about how to build it. The tree, iconic Christmas and awesome LEGO.

“Mos Eisley spaceport, you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villianary. We must be cautious.” – Obi Wan.

The advent Calender of LEGO everyday was awesome really despite that it’s for kids and people who really like LEGO and then the rest of us mentally inept types. Some of it was shite, even by “it’s for kids” standards, the shower for example or the outdoor table and chair set. I don’t see how that stuff is Christmasy or fun. The rest of it was allright though….oh and weird naked Santa, I can do without that aswell. The Helicoptor, Fire truck, Crane, Airplane and Bulldozer are probably the most popular parts of the calender due to the toy factor, though wtf do I know?

The train is complete and the battle for Christmas was underway. Santa kidnapped the women of the family, dad tries to win her back with a daring sword duel.

Han shot first. It’s another example of why Lucas blows at making movies. Han shot first in the original and is badass as a result.

One of my nicest gifts this year was this homemade badge. I have no idea where she found it but it's really awesome and sits on my Penny Arcade hoody.

So there is lot’s of food to do and lot’s of fun to be had, movies to watch and goodies to make my belly regret everything. A great Christmas for blogging aswell, really good fun πŸ™‚

BOOM! Alderan is owned hard.


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