Many doors of teh advent have been opened.

Taking pictures with the DS then mashing them up quickly in PS and posting them on here blog sometimes gets pushed to the back because game playing takes priority. Naturally. The calender over the weekend got a bit weird.

So a couch and a shower turn up.

Yea so household stuff and whatnot is all very good if you have built a LEGO town or house and want the extra wee things like this that could go into your build. And even though this advent is not directed at me, I would have thought that a sofa and a shower were not really that exciting.


Naked Santa? naked Santa ladies and gentlemen. He is at least wearing what on a LEGO person is a black thong. I assume he is to use the shower from the previous day but otherwise he is a naked LEGO man with a brush. What do you do with naked Santa? leave shower gel and shampoo out along with the milk and cookies incase he needs a wash mid present delivery? So your kid wakes up early, opens the advent and gets naked Santa. It’s funny at least to me and I am sure kids thought it hilarious but it’s just weird in general.


At last REAL LEGO. The Bulldozer is awesome, it goes with the crane from earlier on and it fits in with the small HUGE LEGO stuff like the plane and fire truck. I think it’s great.

And we have the first part of our train for the train track in the dioramma picture that I still have yet to take, I will do when it’s all finished I swear.

And to prove my theory correct...

…here is the second part of the train. A nice Yellow truck for the train.


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