/yawn /scratch. last night games and this morning LEGO.

Last night was a bit of rush to finish up. First Valve make me buy the Killing Floor bundle and then the Humble Indy Bumble comes out and I have to buy that aswell, all of that while managing EvE (yes that EvE), explaining everything to my missus, trying to finish up to get to bed, getting a quick blog post out about the bundle, finishing up the pictures down hereVVVV. It was all so exciting, no wonder I didn’t get a decent nights sleep.

Soooooooooooo the last couple of days yeilded these in LEGO.

Woman on a Clementine. It's art, pay me lot's of money.

The last family member arrives in the form of the Mom with a baguette. At least I assume she is the last one as most typical families in this sort of thing are 2 males 2 females, a dog and/or a cat. The fire truck though is awesome because it’s honest and simple just like the airplane a few days ago and the crane all the way back at the start of December. A fire truck represents the staple of christmas presents if you have ever seen an old christmas book or a Disney christmas thing. There is always a fire truck. This calender is awesome but then we get things like todays.

IKEA furniture outdoors table and chairs with lamp.

Here we are given something to be used outside of the house amiright? It looks like an outdoors type of table becuase that malp really overtakes the table and no family is eating around that. Especially with only 2 chairs, and speaking of the chairs. They are on the ground, directly, so how the hell does anybody use the table? It would be at head height or at least the shoulders making it impossible to eat correctly. And the chairs are an awful colour.


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