So many Chistmas’s, so many movies

Getting movies in can be quite the task especially if you are not wanting to concentrate on the TV whilst doing other things. However I have been very diligent and stricter with my viewing schedule this year, so that has helped. I’ve also managed to get a few more off of my list than I did in the previous year and we are only half way to Christmas. That is dedication to the cause.

6th – Crimson Tide, Oceans 11 (the George Clooney + Brad Pitt one), You’ve Got Mail. 3 in 1 day which is how I spent that day off. Crimson tide is a terrible movie and a poor mans lame imitation of The Hunt for Red October. You’ve Got Mail is great.

7th – Watched nothing because work got in the way.

8th – Willow.

9th – Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children. (The greatest video game movie ever from the 2nd best game of all time.)

10th – Again watched nothing because work likes to stop things like that.

11th – Navy SEALs. Terrible terrible movie but awesome.

There are some movies that I must watch but only at a certain time of the season, which means the last 4 days. I try to save them for that time but allready Willow has been seen because I couldn’t resist. It’s not even that great to be honest but its a kids adventure movie written by George “Jar-Jar Binks” Lucas afterall.

It's the log sled!

The log sled, cart, whatever it is, represents the thought I have been having for awhile now.

The 2nd door of this calender housed a boy with a sword, he even came with a backup sword to dual weild if he so wishes. Now we get this log cart which is just an excuse to put a fucking axe into the calender. It’s the LEGO representation of an American slasher Christmas movie isn’t it? This LEGO family are canibals who live in a cozy log cabin out in the woods and when LEGO people come to get warm, or require help for their car or whatever they kill and eat them. That is why the dog has 2 sausages! it’s LEGO person meat!

This theory might also explain the abundance of the emergency services on the box dioramma.


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