Everyday LEGO.

Christmas LEGO each morning doesn’t really get old. I’m not so bothered what is behind each door, nor am I really bothered what will happen to the toys after Christmas time but it’s more interesting to me to open a door and not know what’s behind it. Working for a living, paying bills and being a miserable cunt doesn’t really leave room for pleasant suprises, this calender gives me mine…it also let’s me know what day it is, handy. Getting a chocolate each morning as per normal advent calenders is allright but it’s now a bit old especially as the calenders here in Sweden have DISGUSTING chocolate. It’s not even real chocolate, fuck that.

Day 8 is vastly inferior to day 9.

So day 8 is a dog with sausage’s to eat. Everything I am getting is shaping up to be a christmas scene in a house I guess…but a few days back I got a woman with a cat, so, does the dog get sausages for christmas because he’s kept outside so as not to eat/kill the cat and the sausages are like…sympathy gifts? I dunno, I think about this a bit too much. And day 9 is an airplane, which is probably the first GOOD LEGO so far, simple in design and basic enough to just be fun.

The smaller man wishes he were as tall as the giant man.

Day 10 was what I assume is the father of this family I am collecting each day. He has  brief case which is the toy symbol of his job, I like to think that he is anything but a care salesman, but with the extra hair you get in the small packet I can only assume it’s a toupee and his green jumper+tie combo can only mean bad taste so let’s just assume he is a car salesman but we are hoping for something else. And day 11 is a fireplace, because what is a Christmas scene without a fireplace?


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