Christmas and movies and Advent-ures…or not

So on the 4th of December I watched no movies but I did play an awful lot of Left4Dead 2 after work, and stayed up past my bedtime like a rebel! Being a pirate has it’s advantages in that nobody tells you to go to bed.

Today I will watch one of the many movies staring Bill Muray yet to come, IT’S GROUNDHOG DAY!!! Many like this film, many hate this film. It is alot like many other films in the universe that way except if your name is Uwe Boll and then you have many people who hate your film, and many people who hate your film. GHD is a decent movie with a funny story and only Bill can really do it well, it’s hilarious at parts, heart warming at others but it’s generally awesome all round without being too much of anything.

LEGO always do nice diorammas. As a kid I would try copy them with my own LEGO but instead it would look like an effort from the learning support class.

We saw this Box in the toystore a few weeks back while looking for honest to god decent games, of which the toy shop had absolutly none by the way. I said it makes a change from the usual chocolate calender and that LEGO having an advent calender makes perfect sense. Everyday open the wee door and get something, over 24 days build the little somethings up into one big thing…or something like that. The missus went out and bought me it this weekend, so when I got in it was sitting on my PC chair…I threw the thing on the floor “I WANT MAH SEAT!” I cried out with frustration. Ok no I didn’t, but see if I did? I’d be needing anger management. Thankfully I don’t need it so what I did was jump for joy and have a very happy smile. So here’s days 1 through to 4 in a oner.

Finding the numbers is hard enough, doing it later on with your DS quickly would qualify you as a surgeon. That camera is really misplaced.

So when you open it you are greeted with the dioramma of a Lego town and it’s christmas ongoings. It’s one of those pictures where every time you look you see something new, I like things like that, they keep you interested. So up there on door 1 you’ve got a man shovelling snow away and a band playing some Christmas songs. On door 2 you have a train waiting platform…not much going on there. Door 3…fair enough I mean..it’s what? a ball or something with presents falling out of it? Aye ok. Door 4 is a plane flying through the air to land an air field that terrorists have disabled and it’s going to crash unless John McClaine can get his arse into gear and help them out.

Snowman, Wee man,...Yellow thing, and a Skateboard set.

Day 1 has this snowman and it’s pretty good for LEGO as he’s 11 bits total and looks like a decent enough snowman. Day 2 however is weird, it gets weirder but allread day 2 is in the running for weirdest. So the weeman comes with a sword…a fucking sword. He’s not a knight, this is not the Knights and castles advent calender, this is CITY. So why the hell he has a sword I do not know, what is it a toy or something? And another thing, his legs do not move, they don’t do that walking pose thing that they used to do, his legs are static blue stumps while his arms are full size, tell me, have you met many wee-boy Gibbons in your time? See if his arms would be outstretched, he could scratch the underside of his feet without bending his back to do so.

Day 3 is weird but like monkey boy up there. It’s a small crane I guess? or part of something bigger? I’m not seeing it whatever it is but my first thought was, it’s a crane. Day 4 is a Skateboard set, presumably for the weeboy with the none bending legs and the overgrown arms with his sword of beast slaying +2. At least it comes with a crash helmet, you know, for safety because safety is important if you’re going to try a 360 kickflip while wielding medieval weaponry.

All of that excitement is a bit much so I’m gonna let Bill Murray humour me while I open todays door, eat a Clementine and drink black Earl grey tea from Russia.


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