Deus Ex 3 is gonna kick so much arse.

Hello, been a month eh? Hows the wife and kids? I just had this conversation that went something like the following blog post and so I figured that I should have it written down so that the internets absorb it forever. PCGamer linked to this site and I thank Jeebus for that moment. Here it is –> http://www.sarifindustries.com/

Had a look? Looks nice eh? Want to know what it’s for? Why am I asking so many redundant questions?

Incase you live somewhere that isn’t as cool as I, you won’t be aware that February 2011 hosts the grandest day of all, the day Deus Ex : Human Revolution is released. At long last, no more sneak peaks, no more information trickling in, just straight down to taking a week off from work to play this beast through and through and through and through. I can’t fucking wait.

But back to that site.

The boys at Eidos Montreal decided to bulk up their game by having external fluff to look through and read and investigate and explore. All of that is great and completly free as part of your gaming experience and something that they didn’t have to do at all. The idiots guide to why this is cool goes like this. It’s a site made to look real, as if the company exists when actually it exists in the game. So as you play the game you are given missions that might involve this place, or perhaps it’s information gathered from newspapers, television, data slates or talking dogs. Either way, you learn about this company and it has something to do with you, mainly I guess because you are part man/ part machine and this Sarif Industries are the boys responsible for kitting your body out in top quality body augmentation.

I’m gonna assume that the sneaky weapon systems and covert op’s cloaking device are not part of their publicity and so keep it quiet, so if you do some digging around on the site you can find a mini-game of hacking and data retrieval and can find these otehr systems out for yourself. So allready we have conspiracy which is one massive component of a good Deus Ex game. Now all we need are some ventalation shafts, none-leathal takedowns, a GEP gun and a brother that does what the fuck he is told.


It’s gonna be great.


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