Halloween weekend ooooh spooky

Quick Halloween weekend interlude.

Ah yea, be impressed...or do it better!

One long tiring SHIT day at work turned into a lazy gaming evening where this took priority. My knackered and exhausted body+brain decided that Blood Bowl, Fallout, Dragon Age and anything else I might be playing could take a backseat while I switch off and play some free browser games. This game was linked to me from a friend and as I don’t think i have linked to it before here it is. This game wants to murder you and turn you into a feast fit for a zombie king. More to the point it wants to eat your character who is doing his damned best to hole up in a house in the middle of the woods. With a bit of luck and a bit of patience, along with your SAS survival skills you to can survive the night, just like I did.

Going to watch a scary movie tonight which will be Dog Soldiers which I think is a scary movie but perhaps you do not have a soul and so think it is mild or infact timid. If you are terrified that werewolves will come into your house and rip your fucking head off then watch this movie and confront your worst nightmare just like I will be doing. I should defiently move away from living beside a forest…I swear werewolves are real and they live here.

Oh and at work, we did Pumpkins. Mine is the last one and all of these pictures were taken with my DS.

4 pretty pumpkins (Pretty evil and horrific monstrous creations from HELL!)

Don’t spend the weekend rotting your teeth, being covered in piss because you are too affraid to go to the bathroom, watching overly terrible movies and dressing up like an aging emo-kid. Or ignore me and do all of that anyway but take pictures and show them plox.


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