Blood Bowl – Hard as Nailz Orcs. Day 3.

Great name, but great team?

The problem with Orc teams is not that they are tough, hard as nails opponents, it’s that they can be extremely dangerous if you give them room to move about. A fast Blitzer can and will make you regret opening up a gap or leaving a flank uncovered. I’ve played many games against Orcs and if their coach has a strong throwing game, or running game then you have to deal with that while dealing with the punishment they can dish out while enduring it at the same time.

So while fighting them is a good tactic, and the Skull Takers are a strong team, you have to be carefull of their scoring game. Coach TooNu, while short and somewhat looking a bit diseased of late has only one plan. To beat the Orc, you have to REALLY beat the Orc….about the head, and lot’s. Thankfully the start of the 3rd day of the Orc Toof Cup started quite badly for the Big Toof Boyz.

Thanks for the extra reroll, now take a large fist to your face and don't get up. His result was DEAD but he used an apothecary and left with a limp instead.

The first half of the match was just brutal. It wasn’t really a match, like most Chaos matches it was a war. A war to see who could get more of the opposition off the field than the other team. A battle of atrition with no player really giving a shit about the ball or the score.

Another player out and another notch on Ram'em Downs horns.

Coach TooNu prefers the sort of game where his players at least attempt at scoring, it makes him feel better knowing that they do actually want to win. “Fighting can be found anywhere”, he says, “We can go pillaging later but just get the damn ball and score a couple of times ok?”. And so a fierce drive up the right side of the pitch was started.

Ram'em Down clears the path.

The drive lasted about 6 turns, Orcs and Chaos meeting each other for power and hurt all the way. And though the ball made some movement up the right side it didn’t really get very far. Much like this well known character…

Varag Ghoul Chewer, starplayer, leaves the pitch. *applause*

And so with a bit of a struggle and a bit more chewing, kicking, spitting, punching and gouging the Orcs wrestle the ball away from The Takers but a bit too late as the Ref calls for half time and both teams return to their dugouts.

Half time, and not before time as both teams need to heal up.

So fighting them at their own game didn’t really work and driving up the field didn’t really work either. Which is a bit strange because normally that sort of play works quite well. Beat them to the floor, keep them their and run the ball up for a touchdown. Coach TooNu’s playbook really only had a few plays in it, and nothing else was really coming together. Maybe now their Star Player left the field along with a couple more Orcs it would work…yes, let’s try that again.

2-0 to the Skull Takers, winning their 3rd match and earning top spot in the league.

And theres the kick off!

Orcs much prefer kicking heads in over balls...well if against human teams kicking balls in is a must.

The Orcs take their time about getting their team together, they don’t look exactly motivated or all to ready for another half of being kicked about. The Skull Takers can feel the tension, almost taste it and get to work fast while they still have the advantage.

Caught off their gaurd, the Orcs lose ground allready.

The Quick snap just made the first turn a little easier. With more players in block range and with more bonuses from fellow players, the Skull Takers start knocking the Orcs down like they were Goblins.

The right side is the chosen path. It's always the right side.

Infact the first few turns couldn’t get any better. Orcs are not really out here to be beaten up, they expect to come out and be stronger and more aggressive but today it just wasn’t working for them. Ty manages to keep ahold of the ball with no interuptions or trouble with tacklezones leaving him free to run straight up and score the first touchdown.

Ty-Nogors makes it look easy, just like all the other times.

Coach TooNu relaxs somewhat, you can’t fully relax around Chaos players that have a tendency to just kill things when excited. He allows himself a little breathing room safe knowing that his team are now 1-0 up. Though it could still go either way, the Orc coaches are known for having some tactics besdies, “Bash der eadz in boyz!”. The kick is delivered to the Bog Toofs and again more rerolls are given out, though no amount of rerolls can prevent an injury if your dice are bad.

Whilst outnumbered, Krushzor puts this Black Orc down.

Though another Orc injury isn’t so bad what was suprising about the kick off was the skill of Ty-Nogors yet again proving he is the best player on the field. A small hole was opened up by Ram’em down and the chaos warrior centre leaving 2 tacklezones for Ty and his 2 heads to navigate through, which he did pretty easily. He was the only player other than the ball carrier in the Orc half that wasn’t currently engaged in fighting.

Ty-Nogor, "creating opportunities with every turn."

Whilst putting the Orc lineman down, his fellow Blitzer was having none of it and managed to barge Ty a little more up the field putting him in another tacklezone. The turns were ticking away and the chance for a 2nd touchdown within 1 single yard was slipping by really fast. Ty’s luck couldn’t hold out for another turn, not with that Blitzer on him. The only option was to create a little room down by the right side and have a chaos warrior run straight at the Blitzer hoping to do some harm. It was a bit of a gamble and depended on many successful dice rolls. The Chaos Warrior made his move and charged full speed up the field.

Ty Nogors, "every yard gained, is a yard earned".

The false gods of whom we do not speak shined down upon the Skull Takers yet again, seemingly impressed with the volume of blood spilled during the match. The block was successful pushing the Blitzer out of the way, and while he did not go down the job was done. Even a charging Chaos Warrior can not always bring down a stubborn Orc. 2 Turns of light fighting later and the match was over.

2-0 to the Skull Takers. Their 3rd win of the season earning them top spot in the league

Safe in their dugouts both teams patch up and refit dislocated joints, wake up unconcious team mates, moan and grumble about losing, or find willing spectators to sacrifice to the nameless heathen gods to keep them on side. Coach TooNu takes a little time to walk around congratulating team members hoping that they won’t tear him limb from limb in celebration. One team member get’s the MVP and nobody can understand why yet again a player who did not even play gets the MVP award.

when offered a stat increase over a skill, it is wise to take the increase as skills are more common.

Those commentators are always making funny selections of MVP awards. Helping to spread the skill points around the team instead of concentrating them on 2-3 players. Ty-Nogors, Krushzor, Ram’em Down and Gnarnogor are all very accomplished players by now but perhaps Coach Toonu should let some of these unknown players take a shot in the next match? hmmm.


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