Have you too many games…

…and still been bored?

I have more PC games and board games and DS games than I can handle and I am looking at them all and thinking that I can’t be arsed playing any of them. The lust to even play games that I think I want to play isn’t there, and I don’t want to just sit and watch a DVD despite having bought some really great TV shows recently. Three nights in a row after 3 shitty days at work began with me lying on my desk staring at a pile of game options. I’m like some spoiled kid twat.

So again my list of things I have to waste my time with goes like this.

– Carl Sagans  COSMOS on DVD. 13 hours of being informed about science and how awesome things are.

– Series 4 of 24. Will Jack ever have a normal day at work where he is just tired and wouldn’t mind taking the weekend off?

– New Zealand story, Advanced Wars, fucking Pokemon and Custom Robo-arena all on the DS.

– Guild Wars. This is a new one, we are gonna play it to give us a bit of background knowledge before playing the sequel which will be entirely different but it would be nice to see how the first one plays.

– I’ve been toying around with Baldurs gate 2 all fucking week. I say all ‘fucking’ week because I have these amazing characters I saved from previous run throughs, years old characters and NONE OF THEM WORK ON THIS FRESH INSTALL!!! COCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKS.

I must get myself to a doctor or soemthing, maybe have a trail of honey poured up my leg into my arsehole then led into a rainforest so all the honey intosicated insects can teach me a lesson the hard way.


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