o/ EvE, hello games.

The last month, infact 2 months have been pretty odd. Playing PC games and board games pretty extensivly for the last year has honestly been amazing. Playing games either be myself ( Blood Bowl, Deus Ex, Final Fantasy 7), or playing PC games with the missus on our network at home (Champions online, Dragon Age, Baldurs Gate 2), or simply board games (Chaos in the old world, Horus Hersey, Drakon, Magic the Gathering) with the family or friends. All of that is great.

See playing EvE online like some blubbering imbecile for hours on end isn’t. I honestly do like EvE but recently it’s a bit of a shit sandwich and as it’s a sandbox it’s my own fault. The only things I want to do, I don’t think I can be arsed with because the ideas sound good in my head but then doing them is just a pain in the cock so I’m usually left with routine which is a mix of P.I., Wormholing, piracy, extreme-trading (which is where you really undercut everyone just so you can sell it like you desperetly need the ISK to shove into your vein via narcotics).

And all of that doesn’t feel like healthy gaming. It now feels like a bit of a job, an addiction for the sake of being addicted. To stop that, I’m taking a break because it’s worth taking a break.

On the list of things to do:

– Finish reading the Gaunts Ghosts omnibus.

– Finish my new Orc team before Legendary Edition Blood Bowl is released.

– Play through Dragon Age.

– I finished Star Wars Lego on my DS but I got New Zealand Story recently and it’s the hardest game in the history of mankind. I must beat it.

– Construct the best white deck ever.

– Make fuck tonne of soups and freeze them in preperation for the long winter ahead mmmm soup.

– Watch more 24.

– Watch SPACED with the missus.

– Begin to read Eisenhorn.


1 Response to “o/ EvE, hello games.”

  1. 19/10/2010 at 4:15 pm

    I can feel with you on the eve-part. I was pretty burned out a week ago, and then decided to just leave my current corp (As the low activity in my TZ was the primary reason for boredom and burnout) and go solo for a while. I will see if my burnout ends, if not, I may just take a break aswell.

    Other than that: I have something to add on your list:
    – Read “The name of the wind”. Amazon-Link: http://www.amazon.com/Name-Wind-Kingkiller-Chronicles-Day/dp/0756405890/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1287497651&sr=8-1.
    Its a great book, and I can only recommend it. And: Yes, watch more 24 =).

    I enjoy reading your blood bowl match reports, too, so keep them up πŸ˜‰


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