Blood Bowl – Aerial cup final.

Goblins! Gobbos! Greenskins!


Little "jokes" such as that come up on the pre-match loading screen. Sometimes I am laughing so much I can barely breathe.


The last time Da Spitgobz battled against the Skull Takers was in match 2 and it didn’t go too well for them that time so no reason why it won’t go the same way this time around. Perhaps. Blood Bowl tends to throw things at you when you least expect it, ruining plans, teams and general confidence in dice rolling. Though show me a person who is confident in dice rolling and I will show you a bullshitter.


STAR PLAYER: Ripper Bolgrot. A nasty troll who won't be easy to deal with.


The only benefit the goblin coach takes is a star player who is awesome. While spending over 200,000 gold on one player is quite a gamble over say, taking extra rerolls or doping your players it does provide entertainmetn value and a star player can change the tide in a game. Will Ripper be enough to tip the game for the Goblins?


Scrufmulgors, wingman extraordinaire.


Scruf’ here is a level 1 beastman. Thus he has no skills nor stat increases and is easily replaceable. Not all of your players can be stars or even usefull, so Scruf’ is a filler player, somebody to plug a gap or replace a player who is concust or injured. However in this match, and infact, in 2 consecutive turns he smashed and KO’d 2 Goblin players causing turnovers on both occasions. Another example of how you can’t predict anything in Blood Bowl.


Last chance Goblins fail at stopping the inevitable beastman drive up the field.


Playing against a Goblin team gives few options in how to organise your game. Firstly you inevitably have a Trollor Trolls on the field who are stronger than everything else, don’t get injured easily and who require a large portion of your stronger players to distract. Leaving you with fewer players to deal with the Goblins. While weak, the Goblins are sneaky and can run around your players relatively easily and the secret weapons they can bring out are deadly, but clumsy and require attention on their own.

So choosing players with who to make a touchdown drive is quite important. A small cage of 2 Beastman plus the ball carrier was all that could be spared but it was enough, and Da Spitgob Dribblerz got a bit unlucky with the dice, losing 2 more Goblins to injury.


Past game concussions gave these Beastmen delusions of Elven play.


To gain a little more experience for the players who allready had an injury +2 sp bonus each from silly Goblin luck, a throw and a catch play was tried out, which clearly worked. 1-0 to the Skull Takers and allready the game was easier than first anticipated. Da Spitgoz must have been good at something to have beaten both the Elven team and the Dwarven team in the pre-playoff games, and to win their semi-final match. Bad luck? bad dice? or intervening nameless gods opening more hellish doors for the Takers to walk through? Coach TooNu would take either to be honest, anything to keep him out of the cooking pot.


Goblin anger seethes and results in a nasty bit of ankle ambushing and toe biting.


The Goblin coach realising his team were now 1-0 down and with several Goblin players out for the half/match pulled out all of the stops entering in all remaining secret weapons…of which their was only one remaining. The most destructive Goblin player type.


Chainsaw + leg = hospital.


Right away this creator of ambulance driver jobs put a Chaos Warrior out for the game, and the next game. Choosing not to send the 1 shot apothecary out to fix it incase of bigger emergencies later on, the chaos warrior was removed from the game and given a kitten to chew on.


Revenge would be had, and this Beastman get's sent off for it.


Ripper Bolgrot was proving to be a bigger pain in the ass than thought possible. Several of the players managed to knock him down and the proceeded to stand on him several times. While not injuring him (which was not so suprising) they did give him time to think about why he accepted a contract for a Goblin team such as this. The Goblin coach was not impressed.


The kick off suprise!


Ty-Nogors fails to pick up the ball? a normally guaranteed moment utterly ruined by the ruinous powers watching over the Skull Takers every moment. The first turn in the first half allready handed over to the Goblins. The Takers centre line’s plans of ruining the Trolls ability to standup straight ruined and they would recieve a beating instead.




While the beatings were not so bad, being outnumbered the Trolls had only a push back result on both of their blocking actions. The rest of the goblins being pummled into the rockcrete or running away on some fools errand of mushroom gathering, arena mushrooms fetch a nice price. Ty-Nogors not only managed to pick the ball up he successfully avoid the tacklezones on a Goblin and a Troll as he ran up field. That second head allrady proving to be a “gift” over a “curse”.


Not this time you don't.


As stated twice in this post, Blood Bowl does things you can’t predict. Here we have a very stupid Goblin, bravery and stupidity being closely related here. Attempting to block a player with a strength value higher than your own requires that you outnumber your opponent to gain +1 modifiers. This little guy didn’t quite understand that and so failed because Coach TooNu gets to pick the block result thus the Goblin hit the rocks and caused a Turnover. Higher strength means you pick the result.

This turnover gives Ty more time to get up the field with little opposition, infact there were ZERO remaining Goblins in the Goblin half until 2 turns later. A not exactly thrilling moment for the game but definetly the clinching Touchdown needed to secure the win.


Ty does his best to make it the most dramatic Touchdown of the game but sadly fails. Not even his second brain could think of a better way to score.


The field really was underpopulated with greenskins. It was a match that served as a last game of the season ‘whack-a-Gobbo’ for the spectators and people watching at home. Betting shops were running almost even odds on a Skull Takers win but the real money was being placed on the number of injuries during the match.


The cooking pot remains empty, as does the field while Coach TooNu takes the time to relax with his 7 cheerleader slaves and a tankard of Bugmans.


Had you bet on 4 sendings off, 4 concussions and 4 injuries for the match, you would have won a years supply of Bugmans xxxx and your very own pig. Rumour has it that the pig is where the Blood Bowl tournament balls come from is the official line but really it’s made up of the losing teams coach.


The injury box for Da Spitgob Dribblerz. Impressive yes?


And so with the match very much over, for some Goblins, over forever, the Skull Takers leave the field with another tournament under their belts and coach TooNu, while very drunk, says he will stay on for another season providing they don’t try to cook and eat him. The players respond by saying they can’t promise on the ‘not cooking’ part.


2-0 for the final of the Aerial cup. And that is a large number of injured players for Da Spitgobbz.


From the first half and the first couple of turns one entire side of the Skull Takers flank was protected by one single Beastman and thankfully the commentators picked up on this giving him the MVP. Not enough to get him a level up but at least closer than he was. Nice one Scruf!


MVP, and most deserving.


The actual trophy for the Clean cup along with the new Aerial cup are on display in the chaos wastes the Takers come from. If you are brave, foolish, and don’t care about your health and well being you can go there and take a look for yourself.


2 trophies, and room for more. Sadly lacking a Blood Trophy.


The individual awards and team awards are handed out again and it looks like the Takers did very well overall. Scoring awards for smashing heads in which is to be expected, intercepting the ball 1 time which was a chaos warrior AGAIN for the second season in a row and various others. All very good.


Ty and Ram'em standing out from the others by being pure awesome through the tournament.


Next is a pretty great trophy. The Orc-Toof cup. While having been held by the Gouged Eye, the Orcland Raiders, the Chaos All-stars and even the Reikland Raiders, it was a trophy the Skull Takers would REALLY want to get ahold of. Will it be as simple as the first 2? Coach TooNu certainly hopes so.


Orc teeth is the currency for the greenskins, so having this cup is worth alot more to them, that is why we can't allow that to happen.



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