Blood Bowl – Aerial the little Mermaid. Day 1.

The Aerial cup season has begun and the Skull Takers are back after absolutly no time off from the Clean Cup victory and are now ready to take on tougher opponents, if such things exist. Coach TooNu  is back on track to deliver another sure victory to the false gods that gave him this job in the first place.


This time the team gladly posed for a team photo, on the promise of eating the camera man later on.


The new additions to the Skull Takers team were 2 fresh slave-leaders captured on the victory road home to the chaos wastes. They should further help the squad when it comes to fans cheering them on at matches, aswell as making the place look a little better. And a new Chaos Warrior who having heard of the success from the first season was ready to test his battle might out on the field as a Blood Bowl player. We welcome Krushzor into the disfuncional disasterpiece of the Skull Takers.


Having maraudered his way across the globe, Krushzor felt his natural tallents at hitting things earned him a spot on this up and coming Chaos team.


And so with the team ready, they headed off for their first match. Naturally it was another pointy ear team.


I wonder if their name is any indicator of their throwing game.


The Aerial cup is held on a vastly different playing pitch as opposed to the plain field of the Clean cup, as you can see from this great shot when entering the stadium. Yes that is fire and yes that is solid stone.


A suitable playing field for a Chaos team.


The Arrows won the coin toss and opted to kick for the first half. A decision that proved to be awesome as Elven teams not only excell in throwing and catching, but they also excell in dodging and running very fast.


The thrower kicks the ball to the Chaos team, and expertly places the ball according to plan.


Something that Coach TooNu hasn’t really grasped yet, is that Elven teams often like to place the ball so they can retrieve it in short order. This gives them the advantage in hoping the opposition can’t pick the ball up due to lower agility. If their strategy works, they could retrieve the ball sooner after kick off.


The first halfs event decides that both coaches are brilliant...Coach TooNu still beleives he is more brilliant than the pointy git coach.


And with the kick and the event rolled for the match was underway! With different tactics this time around, coach TooNu puts one more beastman in the rear half to help with the ball recovery. Even that didn’t help the terrible luck..or maybe the fickle gods were just feeling cruel.


Pick Up failed, Pick Up failed, Pick Up failed, Pick Up failed etc


The Elven plan worked perfectly and within the first few turns they had managed to keep the front line occupied enough to create a gap and have a fast catcher run in and scoop the ball up while 2 Beastmen could do nothing to catch the agile tree hugger. And it was 1-0 to the Arrows.


Catcher or Lineman? all Elves look alike to be honest.


And with that first touchdown coach TooNu slapped himself hard in the face and ordered his assistant to, “Fetch me a spectator…something small like a goblin or a Halfling…DO IT NOW!”. After setting up the field again, the Arrows recovered a Wardancer who had been taken off with a concusion and the kick was taken. Again the Thrower accuretly placing the ball where it was needed for a similar attempt at a touchdown. Only this time luck was with the Beastmen in the rear.




With all the drama of the chaos rear field the centre was drawing all of the attention as fights were consuming the remaining players attentions. The Elves were quite overpowered and knew it, they had to do better at avoiding trouble.


More elves proving they can't dodge and thus are embarrassments to their ancestor Blood Bowl players.


The ball was thankfully mvoing up the field in timely fashion but around turn 5 it was looking to be a bit close for the half. With 3 turns remaining for the first half it was just important to get the score level again.


A great moment, a Beastman dodges out of harms way and runs up the right side of the pitch.


Coach Toonu prayed to his fictitious gods and mumbled something about, “Please, just this one time”, and then gut the goblins ears off with a quick blade. The Goblin spectator ran out of the locker room howling with blood gushing from both sides of his head and without his promised player jersey. Would the false gods come through for coach TooNu?


Well...you don't see that everyday.


As it turns out, they were listening and the little ear stunt was enough to  tip their favor for the Skull Takers. The critical pass and the critical catch were made and the crowd went bananas, 4 undead Gorillas had climbed into the stands and started removing the spectators by their heads one by one until the banana seller lured them away. On the pitch however the Skull Takers were 1 single turn away from turning the game around. The Arrows ran quickly to knock the beastman over and fumble the ball but their attacks were wasted and useless. Only a tacklezone remained and if it’s one piece of common knowledge it’s that Beastmen can’t avoid a slow moving Ox pulling a cart of heavy goods let alone dodge out from under 2 Elves.


Another once in a lifetime moment captured in photo! 1-1 and the game is back on.


Here we have the only people who noticed the dramatic event but if they don’t pay attention and cheer, they get eaten, and even slaves prefer life to being eaten. The Cheerleaders of the Skull Takers.


As a squad of 5 they are now almost twice as better as when they were only 3. Math, it's fun!


The half was finished and both teams took to their locker rooms for herbal tea, medical prayers and rest. OR blood sacrifices and raw meat. Both coaches stared at each other from across opposite sides and both coaches knew that this game would important in deciding who would be in the top spot fot the league. The Ref called out both teams and the second half began.

The kick was delivered to the Elven half just behind the defensive centre line so the Chaos players could beat the weak pointy’s down and recover the ball quickly. The Elven team picked up the ball and ran it back to their half with much greater speed and gathered around it, pushing aside beastmen who were suprised as some of the Elves were at the strength and combat ability of the Wardancer despite the beating and fighting she gave out..she still went down hard.


A quick rush to the ball carrier and the protective Wardancer gave the Takers a possible opening.


It proved to be a well timed distraction as the Chaos players didn’t see the unmarked Elf who ran in to pass the ball off, who handed it off again, which was thrown to a waiting Lineman who then ran it in with no opposition. Coach TooNu cursed his players lack of interest in protecting their own half yet again. He would have something to say about that later..if he survived the night.


A well timed plan brought the Arrows back into the lead by 1 touchdown. 2-1 The Arrows.


And as if to mock the poor coach, there came an event that opened up more possibilities in a match that was allready drawing to a close.


Extra time! Thank the false gods for riots.


The ball was kicked hard down the field and the Chaos line went crazy with blood lust. It was a frenzied assault on anything with pale skin, long hair, pointy ears and a penchant for woodcrafts.


Everything that lives in a tree must pay!


The extra turn was used to hurt the Elven team, and hurt them the Skulls did. Sending more players off injured in that turn than any previous turn. The only good that the Arrows were able to do was eitehr get out of harms way or send players down the field after the ball. With 2 turns remaining in the game there was only one possibility to score.

Firstly an unmarked beastman ran to within 6 paces of the Elven endzone, next it would take a successful dodge roll by the closest Beastman to the ball, if he managed that he would have to pick the ball up…and we know Beastmen are terrible at that. After performing these 2 tasks he would have to accuretly throw the ball down the field with a -2 modifier to the waiting Beastman who would run it in and score in the very last turn.

All of these seemingly impossible tasks had been performed earlier in the game, just not together, so it was conceivable but not at all easy to pull off. Any possible elven interceptors were pulled down and kicked in the face so they stayed down and then the final play was made.


...so close...and yet F A I L


The dodge was a success! picking the ball up was a success! but the throwing went wrong, and the ball bounced one square too short for the beastman to catch. The ball stopped just at his feet, the turnover was called and the match was over. The first lost game, to Elves of all races. Coach TooNu’s final desperate play was not to bring him glory and protect him from the cooking pot. He would have to pay a necromancer to resurect him..if he could find all the body parts in the excrement pits later of course.


We will meet again, oh yes.


Lessons learned. 1) don’t leave the rear of your half ungaurded. 2) If you are going to pray for successful throwing completions, pray for more than just one! 3) Don’t take previous victories as sure signs of future victory. 4) Wear faster running shoes to avoid being cooked.


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