Awesome free games in links 2.

Ok so this post and the previous post are nothing more than my attempt at having a permanent place for links to these awesome games. Nothing revelatory about linking, but I have frequently deleted my bookmarks and forgotten about so many cool things that losing them would be a bit shit…again. So links and a small explanation, though everyone of these is 100% awesome.

Physics based hand drawn awesomery where you build machines out of the available parts to get you from A to B. Sounds simple but the execution can really test your brain.

Fantastic contraption

A random world is generated and your small band of dwarfs must build, build, build and dig, dig, dig. Ascii based game so it will run on a toaster. This game is very very hard, but the long play is oh so worth it.

Dwarf Fortress

Angband is incredible. Again, ascii based game but it’s the gameplay that sells it. A random dungeon is created and you must explore it, but you won’t get far because you will die, and then restart and go explore again but you are again dead so you try aga..DEAD. (I want Zangbandtk but I can’t find a copy that works damnit >_< you might have luck with this one, it won’t work for me You want to play this version –> though I will leave the angband version here also,  Zangbandtk , You MUST move the root of the folder to your hardrive, too many folders causes it to crash upon startup.


Everybody loves this one, it’s addictive as heroin but cheaper.

Desktop Tower Defence

1 single button to control your man who must run, he must run and he must jump to get away from the bad thing that is happening. Just look out for window, window is a bastard.


The hardest thing to do is to start on the first mission and not lose a marine so that you have a small chance of completing the second and third mission. You won’t do it, I have REALLY played it and only come close to winning twice, close mind, not actually won. I’ve never won.

Aliens: The board game


2 Responses to “Awesome free games in links 2.”

  1. 1 Gesadt
    22/09/2010 at 9:32 pm

    o ye DF is epic, im pretty sure it might be the most complex and detailed game ever created.

  2. 24/09/2010 at 4:00 am

    DF will only run on a toaster if you use the lowest possible settings with the smallest start area, even my demi monster of a machine has to grunt a little on anything bigger than the default map size.

    Then again maybe I’m just too picky about the occasional stutters and slowdowns.

    Also DF rocks, go download DF, sell your soul so you become good at it (sneaky hint: Rock crafts, especialy those made of obsidian, make great early tourist tat to trade to the carravans for stuff you’ll actually need, like food, alchohol, giant tigers, etc).

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