EvE – Low Security Space.

In the words of a Canadian friend who no longer plays, “right off the bat” I want to get two things off my chest. 1) That post title is awesome; Low security space, it even looks badass. 2) I am not even sure if these ideas are my own or I am having the same awesome ideas as somebody else, either way, I did think them up and so I want to write about them. So here we YARR! and here we go.

1) Gate guns.

Basic run of the mill sentry gun, a total pain in the foetus maker to a pirate, a DPS helper for the rest of you.

Living in Low-sec for prolonged periods of time means you have no idea, no fucking clue how gate guns work? I think that is absolute horseshit. If my character can hack into ancient technologies inside a wormhole, if my toon can operate capital starships and complex modules, if he can produce chemicals and understand scientific stuff that would make your mind melt like diarrhea* in a diaper, if he can use the guns and modules around his very own control tower then why can’t he figure out someway to mess with the NPC gate guns?

The messing with could take the form of some sensor disruption which disrupts the guns ability to lock/track/fire. Something that would ruin the threat-o-meter on the guns so that they can no longer tell the difference between an aggressive pilot and a victim. That last one would be fun, because it would open the option to let players control the gate guns and use them to help destroy innocent victims/players…no I was right, ‘victims’ is the correct term.

Hmm let’s rule out controlling the guns, while most likely fun, forum trolling would occur seconds after an announcement of such changes. Though forum trolling happens anyway regardless of change or not. I’m here to keep the peace, not oblit…ok yea fuck it, I want to control the guns if that option was in the game, who wouldn’t? more guns = more dakka dakka = more awesome . Of course CCP would never allow that because it’s probably not possible due to the archaic code they use but also because Akita T would no doubt find reason to stop it during Beta testing.

How about instead another science/electronics skill that let’s you hack into the gun to turn it off and on but with a time limit. So train the skill and you get 10 minutes of gun downtime, train it to each level for further 10 minute increments. To be honest it could be 5 minutes then 5 minute intervals with a 30 minute total limit, I don’t care. (then why not 23 hours knobhead?) Well 30 minutes to an hour would make it another thing to think about and something you HAVE to do. Just having them off would make having them in low sec pointless. Making a task out of it would be a way of say, every 30 minutes having to reroute the hack as the gun compensates for the loss in control. Almost like the T800 does in Terminator 2 when he reroutes power after being wtfpwnd by the T1000. Perhaps give the guns a period of none hackness, if a gun was hacked for only 10 minutes, it gets 10minutes of being left alone before being allowed to be molested once more.

Oh and if somebody hacks into while you have it turned off, it turns back on and has the immunity timer.

Some ruled out ideas were these.

VANITY MIRROR. The turret does nothing but stare at its own reflection for hours at a time ignoring its duty. THE OLE'PAPER BAG TRICK. Place a paper bag over the turret so it can't fire, genius. GIRLFRIEND. WIth all of that extra nagging to do things and go out for walks the turret won't have time to shoot anything. HUDSON. The most logical step to shutting them down is to let Hudson run a bypass to turn the thing off, clearly this is the best idea.

In low sec we get 2 guns, in high sec they get 6 guns. It is a bit weird and I think something is missing.

2 guns, placed equally apart to cover as much space as 2 guns could cover.

You can tank that if you want. A high enough passive shield tank has no problem sitting there while it PvPs. A gang can sit at a gate with local tanks while the guns rotate around the group, so everyone gets a shot at tanking for a bit. It’s not impossible but it is just a bit annoying over a game mechanic. The challenge isn’t even there, it just limits the ship size to Cruiser with enough buffer to last a short time, battlecruisers and above have it easier. Why not just stick with the high sec 6 guns and be done with it? AHHH right, because then the gate camps wouldn’t exist because that would be too much firepower to tank wouldn’t it? well if low-sec gate camping is an important part to the game, why not give it some due attention? Here is a screen of the puffy-funfun-happy-no cares high sec gate WITHOUT rollers/wankers in shot.

Incase you couldn't tell, the fluffy pink nice nice circles indicate the high sec guns.

2) Bribery.

A much simpler and shorter idea but much less fun would be to allow the player to pay ISK for a gate gun immunity timer. A low sec agent of conspicuous origins is available to those players who have sufficient standing with that faction. In Lisbaetanne for example the NPC pirate faction is Serpentis and so clearly the Serpentis should have agents kicking about, but they don’t at the moment, so we introduce the Bribery agent. You would pay these scumbags some bribery ISK so they then pay off their corrupt contacts on the high sec side to simply have the guns ignore the player for a time period. The payment cost could be based on your faction standing. It would mean no skill training and no possible use of sentry turrets.

I don’t honestly believe that the 4 major factions in the game have any control of the lawless space considering how large the pirate factions are in comparison. So why should the high sec controlled Sentry turrets have any place in low sec and be completly immune to alteration? I have another idea to but it’s crazy and requires it’s own post at some point.

*diarrhea – Difficult word to spell.


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