EvE – Your Liar perfectly hits Mountain view tower for a hundred bahzillion damage

I alluded to betrayal in the last post, it was quite a word to put in there considering I had no explanation as to where the word came from. Betrayal is a great word if used in a game like EvE, especially if you are the betrayer and not the betrayee. I think it takes quite a mind to accept the fact that you are weaving lies in conversations, overlapping your deceitful ways so that you eventually believe them yourself. My corp mate is quite good at that it would seem. Upon moving into our new system it was his job to make friends with the neighbours who were allready established in there. His approach had much more subelty than my own which is akin to some steroid absuing barbarian using his own kneecaps to drive metal spikes into helpless wheelchair bound epeleptics. He thought talking would be the better option and so had about 1 month of being friends with the neighbours before this shit got real.

If I had to imagine what he was saying and how he went about it I would imagine it like this, in steps.

Step 1, Being friendly. An obvious first step. Smiling and saying pleasant non-aggressive things. Staying well away from topics that involve fighting and being very open with your carebearing, industrious ways.

Step 2, Offering. Be the helpfull guy by giving advice and making it clear that you can probe really well and will be more than happy to copy bookmarks for wormholes that appear.

Step 3, Shared security. Having a shared intel channel that keeps you and your neighbours informed of neutral pilots that come into the wormhole and monitoring the system at all times. Using the channel to chat about common interests in the down time between actual intel.

Maintaining a routine of steps like these can make the gullible amongst us fall for it everytime. There is no other reason to disprove your persona that they know of unless you give it to them. Likewise, even the most suspicious of people given enough time can trust somebody who seems like an friendly, honest hardworker. And it is that moment of trust, that single opening in the paranoia that a lying scumbag rat fuck is waiting for. Not that I am calling my corp mate a lying scumbag rat fuck but because of his evil ways we were given an open buffet to a less secure wormhole for them. Had they suspected anything, they could have mustered a few battleships and players to sit in the wormhole to try and deter any action from us. As it happened they obviously didn’t care a great deal otherwise they might have done something.

Clearly you need some sort of groundwork done before you even undock a ship to help make your victory as easy as possible. So, where were we? Oh yes the tower…(was that question necessary? you make me sick)

Still shooting at a tower...just doing nothing but shooting a tower.

The 24 hour period came and went and the Phoenix was back at her spot unloading citadel cruise missiles into the forcefield like a monkey throwing poop at childrens faces. Secretly we were hoping that the tower owners had no Strontium in the tower thus allowing for a much faster POS takedown but sadly for us, it was not the case and we had the full 24 hour waiting period. During the next day one of their pilots was repairing guns that were incapacitated which to his credit was admirable because who would not want to defend their home? I am not sure if the guy is unemployed, a student, a retired person or whatever but he spent a large amount of his day in a Drake with remote armor rep’s and shield rep’s to bring the guns back online. Which later on I destroyed again in about 20 minutes. Sorry to see you wasted an entire day off there…ok no I am not sorry, at all.

With no guns to shoot and no online ECM, my corp mates were allowed to warp to the POS and help directly with removing this tower from our sight. Which they did WITH GUSTO!!

More PEW for your ISK. the more the merrier! In the midnight hour she cried more, more, more! Good MOREning Vietnam!!!

Having my corp mates there helping with this was quite nice. We still had our scouts watching the entrance wormholes and we had my alt running cap charges and ammo back and forth for the battleships. To say that we are efficient is an understatment. And though it was not the most exciting evening of our EvE games it was none the less a great couple of nights over quite a long operation.

The corp worked together to get our shit out of the old, middle of fucking nowhere Class 4 wormhole, we sold it and made some new friends as a result. The new wormhole had been found a month prior and setup in and the weaving of lies had begun, pretend-friends were made who are now obviously lost. Our second corp capital ship had been made and we actually skilled up pilots over weeks and weeks to fly them both just for specific evenings (One single night of Ore compression, and 2 nights of POS sieging). I’d like to say that was dedication to something we enjoyed but I think the reality is closer to idiocy because you can’t explain that sort of shit to a loved one. “Oh yea honey I trained this ‘pilot’ that I pay for with real money to fly this ship and do this one task and then never need to fly that ship again, cool huh?”. That doesn’t wash but I dare you to try it.

Here is what Onyxia dropped this time. Yes that is a WoW reference, what you gonna do about it eh?

So yes to cut this long story short the tower was destroyed along with dreams, karma and exhausted sleep deprived bodies could finally get some sleep and take an EvE break. Something that bothered us more than anything was that despite the knowledge that the POS was going down, these people didn’t even vacate their hangars which I thought was a really sweet thing to do. I mean siege ammo and siege fuel don’t pay for themselves so it is nice to get something out of it. I stole the POS mods that were looted but they are still corp assests and everything else has been sold off and it comes to under 100mil. 100mil is nothing to get excited about but really, it is a small fortune that some people who play EvE never even get to see. Or do but then lose their ship and so get to see 100mil a few times but never more than that. Anyway, 100mil is quite nice and the POS modules were an added bonus.

Oh and one final thought on this post. When the tower was done we had a new wormhole appear that gave our corp an opportunity we couldn’t pass up. It was an instant “of course we need that!” sort of thing, as we moved our HQ from whereever it was to somewhere with a much cooler sounding name.

Lazer...that is just awesome.


3 Responses to “EvE – Your Liar perfectly hits Mountain view tower for a hundred bahzillion damage”

  1. 1 Ga'len
    16/09/2010 at 1:25 am


  2. 16/09/2010 at 2:36 pm

    /me goes to check his POS

    Nope our “friend” hasn’t built a dread or put our tower into reinforced with his domi gang of doom. You made me worry.

    …. why did they have so much drone goo in a WH POS?

    • 3 TooNuRaccoon
      16/09/2010 at 4:32 pm

      I have absolutly no idea, their loss, our profit πŸ™‚

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