EvE – Wesley Snipes character from Demolition man has the same last name as the central figure in this blog post.

“I think that I REALLY messed up guys…*15sec pause*…yea I think I’m going to lose this, if I do I will give you my stuff and just quit because I can’t live this one down.”

I said that, it was the most melodramatic thing I’ve said whilst playing EvE to date and at the time the feelings of what was happening were quite terrible. My body was shaking; I felt nauseous, the pulse of my heart was audible to my ears…overall it was an experience like John Hurt’s ordeal on the table of the Nostromo. I had made a terrible error and not only was I going to pay for it but my corp mates were going to pay for it, and we would all look like useless morons.

Ok, from the start, a little back story.

We moved into our new wormhole a short time ago and while a couple of us were still getting organised, one corp member decided to go ahead and setup base camp anyway and make a start on our next project. The new wormhole has it’s benefits that suit our playstyle a little more but it also presented a further obstacle that we would have to tackle. Anything that furthers our game is something we look forward to and so plans were made and the course was set. The first hurdle was to vacate and sell our older wormhole, which we did quite nicely. The ISK from the sale was reinvested into the corp once again and construction of our 2nd capital ship went underway. A ship built for a singular purpose.

Sometimes you buy a house in the country and everything is perfect except for that one small cottage you can see from your window that spoils the view. You decide to explode it with your home demo kit and live your life in peace. Well unlike that unrealistic scenario, EvE presents them to you and actively encourages you to do things like that. The Phoenix (home demo kit)  was delivered yesterday and the time had come to show our hand. The neighbours would not be impressed.

The scene where this all happens, and DAMN that is a nice screeny.

The time before the actual event that took place was spent making sure any signatures in our system were scanned out, bookmarked and then any wormholes were to be brought to a critical stage. 2 of my corp mates got to work on that side, putting battleships into and back through so that that the mass would eventually bring the wormholes to a critical stage that meant anybody entering would have to think twice about entering less they become stranded. Bubbles were anchored around the critical wormholes and scouts were set up to keep an eye on them.

Meanwhile the Phoenix came rumbling out of the assembly array ready to be fit with the according modules, system checks, filling of drinks machines, Ice in the cooler and the BBQ grill turned on. It was going to be a long night and these sorts of things make for a much more enjoyable monotonous, grinding, bore-fest.

I like waking up early, putting on my comfiest clothes, walking down to the local bakery where the first batch of hot Phoenix Dreadnoughts comes rolling out of the oven.

When you search for ships on the market, as one does, you tend to type in ships that you just want to look at. So you click the preview button and have a quick look, spin it around a bit and generally admire it or dissaprove. I would do this with the Phoenix and the Chimera and many other ships I wanted to fly just so that I could see what it would look like rendered out in my game. Well, when this beast just sat idling next to that Orca in the forcefield next to all the POS modules and the tower, I can tell you that it looks much more impressive and much bigger than you can fathom. It’s fucking giagantic and it’s awesome.

Here is what I was fitting to this monster.

Doesn't look like much but that is one heavy list of modules, you need a large transport ship to carry all of that and the Orca makes for a great fitting and module carrying ship.

The ship was fitted, armed and ready to do the mission it was born to complete. The exact shooting spot had been picked out earlier in the day and due to the wormhole penalties the exact spot was closer than it really should have been but luckily for us, the owners of the POS had placed their modules…ALL OF THEM in a circle that went directly around the circumference of the forcefield in a sort of halo effect. This meant I could have a shooting spot of 112km from them all and avoid the autocannon turrets. Leaving a grand total of 4 Medium Artillery turrets. I could tank that easily. The scouts reported everything was clear, the N.A.D. Sulaco engaged her warp drive and Operation Space Bastards had begun. She landed and engaged the siege module, then started her locking cycle of 2 of the 4 artillery turrets which is exactly when a terrible realisation struck me. Instant sweat began pishing out of my armpits and spine. My throat dried up and my palms began to shake. I said something that made everyone else worry, something else about quitting EvE and giving my shit away to pay for this loss whilst dissapearing underneath a rock for a few years. I had not fit a shield booster. You can see in the screenshot above, that it is missing but did you notice?

She was allready pointed by the ECM, she can’t warp while in siege, if she comes out the ECM will have her. Without a shield booster, there is no way I can tank the arty long enough to kill all 4 turrets before her shields die. I think. I haven’t actually done the math but it would be pretty damn close is my guess. I began by destroying the warp disruptors of which there were only 2. I think that if I could kill those off and warp off I would be fine. And so unlocking the turrets and starting on the warp disruption became my primary goal, but my shields were taking quite a pounding so coming out of siege might actually reduce my chances of survival.

What the fuck was I going to do? It was more or less impossible to think straight at that moment, no maths were ever done to confirm the longevity of my tank for a situation such as this. The only option I had was a really stupid idea and it meant quite a huge loss for me personally, but at least the corp wouldn’t suffer. I found the Capital shield booster in the Corporate Hangar array where I left it and warped my alt directly to the Phoenix with the knowledge that the Orca was going to get pointed and die.

A nice short summary from the only corp mate without a mic' helps to illustrate the awesomeness of the Orca.

So the booster was jettisoned, the ship fitting menu on the Orca meant that the Phoenix could fit the shield booster and be safe afterall but had to suffer sitting there watching as the hero of the day took a beating by the POS. While pvping in low sec it is important that if you are going to die (it is defiently inevitable at some point) anything you can do to help get your POD out is beneficial. So I did what came naturally and that was to align the Orca out and mash the warp button like a Korean Starcraft player. I think the shields on the Orca were at 60% when she hit warp, and I think also that my corp mates hearing has reduced by 60% by having me scream my lungs out “SHE WARPED SHE WARPED SHE IS IN FUCKING WARP!!!!!”. It was glorious, not the screaming part, but the Orca getting way part. The POS kept it’s webs on the Orca but switched the warp disruptors back to the sieged Phoenix allowing for an instant warp for the Orca. The Orca was free! the Orca had done it! The Phoenix would live after all!

Instead of grouping the launchers it was decided that screenshots are better if you have a nice string of missile spam. I guess it does look awesome.

The warp disruptors and all but one of the artillery were incapacitated which left the shield of the POS to face the bombardment. It took a beating for about 4 hours, 4 REALLY long hours. It was quite fun though in a twisted waste of time kind’a’way. I liked flying such a ship and using it for a job that it is built for, rather than some fancy toy.

Pew pew pew ! Big numbers are impressive yes?

The Autocannons and the ECM were the only real threat remaining and they were not even a threat to the Phoenix anyway. Being in siege mode means the ECM can not effect you and as she was out of activation range on the autocannon turrets it meant she could sit there happily for the rest of the op’….all 24 hours of it. A corp mate decided he wanted in on the shield killing and so pulled this stunt a few times which was quite amusing.

Jock: "Oh my god JC, a bomb!" JC: "A bomb!"

The siege lasted for some time and as we had the one Dread you can’t expect it to go quite so smoothly or fast, not having the dread would mean a much much longer campaign of sitting out of range with cruise missile ravens or something stupid like that. Nobody wants to do that. Building the dread was the best way of removing the neighbours POS from the system, amiright?

Sneaking through the cosmos delivering presents to all the dreadnought-children.

Somwhere in that screenshot is my Crane cloaked up with a carghold of Strontium to refill the siege module when needed. Nice to have such available assests to make the job a lot smoother.

Eventually the night came to an end and everybody was very relieved to have the first phase over, a few problems came up and it was almost as if the game deliberetly wanted to sabotage our operation. Though we got over them and bounced back to finish the job. The job that took about 1 month of planning, backstabbing and ISK collecting.

The last arty goes down leaving the POS defenceless.

Now that the tower was reinforced, all of the ECM would be offline. So tomorrow the objective would be to remove the autos first, then start on the tower again. Hopefully it wouldn’t take quite as long as this night.


3 Responses to “EvE – Wesley Snipes character from Demolition man has the same last name as the central figure in this blog post.”

  1. 14/09/2010 at 6:13 pm

    Nice save!

  2. 15/09/2010 at 3:26 am

    Fucking EPIC save!

    Had me on the edge of my seat and that was from a retelling of the events, I could only imagine what you lads where feeling at the time. Brave choice to bring the Orca in the die in a fire, to only then be spared by the POS gods!

    Bringing in shield logistics at range wasnt an option for you? Would have thought a WH op corp would have a few Basilisks or Scimitars floating around.

    • 3 TooNuRaccoon
      15/09/2010 at 11:26 am

      Hey 🙂 Yea it was pretty scary hehe.
      It was suggested but the shield logi’s would have had a hard time tanking the artillery and would have been jammed out by the ECM batteries anyway. We went with the solo dread option for the first assault.

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