EvE – Suicide ganking, wtf is it?

Here we go full force with Captain Obvious at the helm writing a blog post about a subject that people REALLY want to attempt or REALLY want to avoid or allready understand and know about. Well I’ve done this over one evening only ladies and gentlemen and I can assure you that it is neither A) really awesome and B) Hard to learn everything about instantly because it is really simple. For those that allready know, there is nothing new here except my opinions so you should read it anyway and for those that know nothing about this subject, you should probably read this to avoid looking awkward at parties.

First it is probably best that I get this niggling pain in the cock name out of the way. Suicide ganking, I mean…is it really the best EvE came up with? Firstly Suicide is the taking of your own life; however in the practice of this gameplay you don’t lose your life, just your ship. And the plan is to lose the ship anyway so there is no real consequence unless you think of your security status as something of vital importance to your game, in which case don’t bother your pretty little head taking part in such activities because you will get shafted by the security drop. Ganking, is the only true part of any of this. You do something so overpowered to a target that is ultimately helpless and incapable of recourse. Of course the name is more accurate depending on the way the ganking operation was carried out and if you are willing to look the other way to the meaning of suicide.

If your gang is smartbomb battleships and you get podded by your gang mate as you explode before he/she/it does and then get caught up in his/her/it’s smartbomb explosion then yes you do indeed die. You didn’t kill yourself though and thus it is not suicide. I would prefer I’m an Idiot Ganking but then it doesn’t really roll off the tongue, not so buzz word like as Suicide Ganking. Ok so I’m done venting about that and moving on. Here is one such way of ganking and being a space bastard.

You will need:

1 Destroyer of your choice

T1 small Guns such as Pulse, Blaster, Auto. The long range types are not prefereable. About 5 rounds in each gun.

Damage mods in the lows that correspond to your gun type which are Heat Sink, Gyroscope, Magnetic stabilizer.

These tools and the skills to use them plus overheating skills are the only skills you need. The most over riding factor in this endevour is that you need friends/gang mates to help you because 1 destroyer can not do it alone. Infact the only thing a destroyer can do alone is salvage, die or make a sandwhich. A shit one.

The first objective is to find an unwilling target and because you are a space bastard your target is a mining vessel of some sort like a Hulk or a Mackinaw perhaps. You want the expensive ones so that the loss of all of your gang in the cheap ships to Concord is at least 95% less than the cost of that one single mining ship. Yes, everyone in your entire gang is going to explode but with any luck you have also destroyed your target so it is not so bad.

What fine selection you have. May I have a 1969 Mackinaw please?

So one of you on an alt account will go to a high sec system that borders your low sec system of choice where your gank gang is waiting. The alt would be great in a covert ops ship so you can warp to the asteroid belts and not be spotted. A large carghold for any modules that drop from the recently deceased would also be quite nice so think about them carghold expanders. Now the alt is not only to find the target but also to provide a warp in for the gang in the low sec system. The idea is to position the cloaked ship behind the target so that the gate where the gang will approach from is in direct alignment. If you stay at range, make sure it is a warpable range and be 100% clear to the gang of what range to warp to. I.E. if you are 20km from the target you would say, “ok warp to me at 20km and you will land right on top of the target.”, this way there can be no mistakes in the jumping range. You must be right ontop of the target remember. Even better if the Fleet/Wing/squad commander can do a gang warp so there are no individual mistakes.

Incidently your gang must enter the system together so your gang/fleet warp is perfect and nobody is left behind for Concord to melt. Also a local spike of about 6+ pirates is going to give the game away so do it together in synchronous timing to minimise the possibility of the target sniffing out impending doom and logging off or docking up.

"Overheat them modules!!"

While in warp, every member of the gang must overheat their guns. It makes no difference what your Thermodynamic skill is at, just overheat and enjoy the extra firing rate. You will never see those guns again and even if you did, repairing them is not on the cards because the ship will be exploded to death by Concord so who gives a shit? The trick is just to overheat while in warp and have the guns cycled (turned on and flashing ready for lock) and ready so that when you land you begin to fire at your maximum potential straight away. DAKKA!, DAKKA!, DAKKA!, DAKKA!, DAKKA!, it is that fast, 8-10 seconds of life and then BOOOM!

You've got mail is one of my favourite movies. Tom Hanks is a great actor.

The target is destroyed and with ANY Luck on your side perhaps you have managed to shoot at a secondary target, but only if your gang is big enough is that possible. The sheer lagfest that happens when a massive blob of Concord and Navy enter the field is staggering. I can lock 2 targets but rarely can the second target die before I die, though, it is the thought that counts right? Have your spotter pick a good spot so that you can possibly engage and destroy a second target anyway, just incase. Calling out the primary and a possible secondary leaves no room for guessing who you all should be shooting at.

The insurance payout is only slightly comparable to the loot that could drop. A strip miner II sells for about 2.5 mil or so which is 5 of your destroyers and their fittings. The insurance also helps but if it helps you see the ISK potential, we killed 6 T2 mining ships at about 740 mil lost and approx 24 million in loot that we picked up. We lost 38 Destroyers and fittings which is about 10% of the ISK lost in comparison. I think those scores are quite nice but the ships lost overall probably equal what dropped in loot so we are even. The fun factor in doing this was quite cool, as pirates drinking and talking shit on Ventrilo while anticipating the kill to follow I have to say it was one of the most enjoyable evenings of EvE. I guess part of that is down to the Hellfleet crowd and part to the giggly excitment though. FYI, drunk pirates really do mumble about their Rum.

Really out of Control pirates being out of control.

So to recap.

1) Fit a destroyer with the cheapest T1 guns and damage mods only. You do not need the other shit. Take only 5 rounds per gun in your ship, you won’t be firing any more. Insure the ship because you are 100% going to lose it.

2) Be in a gang of at least 6 people to take down a Miner with enough alpha before you all pop.

3) Have an alt get you a warp in by using a cloaked ship to avoid detection. Be clear who the primary and secondary are.

4) Jump into the system together. This is vital for a suprise attack.

5) Have the commander warp you all to the warp in. Have your guns cycled and ready. Overheat the guns so they fire at your maximum potential so when you lock, you do maximum carnage straight away.

6) When your ship pops, don’t hang about. Get your pod out of Dodge fast and head back to Low sec.

7) Repeat as desired.

POP goes the weasel?...um, Snap Crackle and POP? no? ok how about bring back 80's POP music? 😀

One last thing to mention is like good fishing, you don’t take some massively overpowered netting system to your favourite riverbank just so you can haul home every decent fish there is. You take your time and hopefully you get a bite and perhaps you do not. Clearing out your fishing spot so that no more fish ever come back is something you do not want to happen. The same can be said about EvE online. If you were to constantly gank the crap out of miners in a system, then perhaps they all just decide to mine elsewhere. What would you do if that happens eh? Anime porn or 4chan evenings? Yea exactly, so maybe it would be nice if you did not gank all of the miners all of the time but instead treated this hobby as a once in a while thing. Something to pad your killboard statistics every month or so just so you can feel all proud that you can gank somebody and ruin their day while profiting. You big fat bully.


4 Responses to “EvE – Suicide ganking, wtf is it?”

  1. 1 Pun'i Human
    07/09/2010 at 12:04 pm

    Nice post. Maybe Kamikaze Gank is more descriptive than Suicide Gank?

    Would sensor boosters with scripts help you get onto the secondary target before the rollers got you? I know it is probably only half a second difference, but I can see it making a difference. The extra cost should be negligible, too.

    • 2 TooNuRaccoon
      07/09/2010 at 8:39 pm

      Kamikaze ganks!! that is so much better 🙂

      Why is it not called this in the first place? Cheers mate, great suggestion.

  2. 28/09/2010 at 10:33 pm

    Nice write-up, indeed the term Suicide Gank isn’t the correct term but the carebear community probably chose this one.

    And we have fun with this indeed, now just waiting to get back in again when I have the time.

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