EvE – How to grow your very own Alt.

:::EDIT::: 26/05/2011 – This post contains information that is no longer relevent BUT it is a good guide how to start at least šŸ™‚

I’m gonna try helping once again to alleviate the bad shit I do in game, I swear I have more pod goo on my hands than a masterbation specialist at a porn expo. So here is a quick post about creating a new and usefull alt which will become invaluable if you pirate like I do. This really is me being nice here, helping and everything. Look I even bolded key words here. Aww I’m nice aren’t I? (Hey dickhead, how about you get on with the post eh?).

Yes, moving on.

Sometime ago I bought a new EvE account via STEAM in some sort of summer promo they had going for the specific purpose of making a hauling/trading alt. I Think the promo was like 5 Euro for an account with 30days gametime, and then 14 days gifted to one of my other accounts due to the buddy programme. The aim of this was to do it as quickly as possible while still having other options for the future. It was really a no-brainer and she is allready into her 3rd and final month of EvE before I transfer her to one of my existing accounts.

The goal for my alt was this ship.

Truckasaurus retails at $56.95 available from all good toy stores.

Being a pirate means you can’t get into high sec to shop, which for me sucks because I like the “mini-game” of shopping. Not only do you lose the ability to shop but you get shot at and totally fucked over by the feds in system. A clean non-corporation’ed* alt that can haul things back and forth from Low sec means you have no excuse for not having a specific ship, or running out of ammo, not having various available modules you can fit, thus you can shop to your hearts content. The cloaky version of the transport ships such as this Viator offer you the security of not having your shit blown up along the way, by friends or by random EvE players. “oh that was your alt? sorry but he isn’t blue :(“, <– never fear shit like that again!

So with the pre-requisites identified we start our skill plan. A skill plan that like all skill plans starts with a few skills we all love to hate but love to have. Yes, learnings.

"hey guys I just started playing, what should I train?". "Learnings", "learnings", "lernings", "teh learnnig skills", "get your learnings and then train something fun like guns or missiles".

Everybody fucking hates these MUST DO skills but why is that? well because if you spend time to train them, you gain training time overall and thus save time. Every skill from then on is faster and easier to train. So yes I didn’t NEED To train them but as a vague sort of perfectionist the possibility of keeping this toon beyond the 3 months was always up in the air so having these skills done just makes my life easier down the road. And you don’t need to take them beyond LvL 4 unless you are really going for it.

I trained them up while I took a few days vacation away from home. So it fit quite nicely into my time frame.

Over the next 2 months or so I trained up the rest of the skills and am now just putting the finishing touches to her overall ‘must have’ plan. Here are the rest.

I'd just like to take this opportunity to say that this hot pink U.I. is awesome.

So that is what her history looks like. We have the Industry skill to V, the Gallente Industrial skill to V which are the 2 biggest bastards to train on the entire plan. The rest are for fitting purposes such as Hull Upgrades to II so you can fit Expanded Carghold II’s on. Afterburner to III so you can inject and then train High speed Maneuvering for your 10MN Micro Warp Drive. Various other upgrades and things just for fitting purposes. The last few fitting skills that are underway right now which are (in order of requirement) Mechanic skill to III, Jury Rigging to III and Astronautics Rigging to I which are all for Carghold Optimisation rigs which should increase the carghold from it’s 7,773 m3 to 10,279 m3. Which is quite enough to carry a packaged Cruiser and it’s modules. Or I guess, tonnes of molested corpses.

What is not shown on the history there are the Covert Op’s cloak skills. I did that as my first goal so it was out of the way but it really only takes Electronics I-IV and then Cloaking I-IV which is 1d 0h 3m 32s and then 6d 0h 21m 14s so 1 week and you can then covert cloak around a system lolling like a clown. If you add 5 days onto that and train Electronics to V instead, you can can then train Cynosural Field Theory to I which gives you a handy Cyno pilot if you ever need one in the future.

The first undocking and the first cloaked warp for Truckasaurus (withit'shotpinkU.I.thatisawesome)

Next for this alt character is the Spaceship Command skill to V then Advanced Spaceship Command to at least III and finally the last bolded part of this blog post Gallente Freighter to whatever I can train it to in the last 2 weeks that this account will be open. If I can also sqeeze in some trade skills then I will but I think the possibility is unlikely and had I used up her attribute remaps of which she has 2 of, I probably could have gotten way more out of her but then I might have screwed it up and had her training take longer. Either way, a really usefull hauling alt is now at my command to help my pirating ways and space bastardry on TooNu. Now if only STEAM would have another EvE deal I could have a mega trade alt to hmmmm.

*non-corporationed – Seriously is this even remotely correct? am I just mashing together words in the hope that they could be correct?.

(Awesome Hot Pink U.I. – Red: 255 Green: 29 Blue: 147 Transparency: 149…anything close to these numbers and you should have it).


2 Responses to “EvE – How to grow your very own Alt.”

  1. 08/09/2010 at 5:50 am

    Don’t forget Evasive Maneuvering for your Viator.

    • 2 TooNuRaccoon
      08/09/2010 at 9:46 am

      ah yes! Strange that I was even looking for a skill to improve that and yet overlooked that :/ Thanks for the reminder!

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