yeaa so…

This is me being VERY negative.

Write a blog and be inspired ALL the time, go on. Reporting is easier. Writing about things that happen and just making witty comments or being intellectual is easy. I can put whatever I want on this blog and write as much shite as I like. Here is a perfect example.

That is not the professor, it is a heron with NPC's inside that a brave hero like me needs to rescue.

Missioning is quite boring but for some it is a great source of income. I have not exactly spent my entire Wormhole savings but I have gone through an awful amount of ISK and so being in low sec and blue to many of the residents of our little area I have the opportunity to run missions for some factions that have high end agents here. The loyalty point rewards alone are worth alot of ISK and the ratting bounties are also quite high so my wallet is returning slowly but gradually to it’s original state. well not really but making ISK, any ISK is a welcome sight when compared to my horrendous loss sheet on the Hellfleet Killboard. My Tengu makes short work of these missions, her tank is more than enough to handle the DPS from massive NPC battleship and cruiser fleets and her own DPS while a little slow; is actually not so bad that it makes missioning unbearable.

In one particular mission I warped straight into a bright light and while it appeared my toon had died and gone straight to heaven with out passing GO–>  he had infact warped directly into a space anomoly. When zoomed out it revealed a second anomoly in close proximity and so this image just made me glad that I play a game as great looking and as imaginative as EvE.

Anonolies or ANALolies? MAAHAHAHAAH....yea ok it was incredibly weak.

SEE? do you see how mundane and obvious that all is? I can write about screenshots all day, give me an interesting sight and I’ll batter PRINT SCREEN like a line worker in a car factory mashing the green button. It’s just boring, it’s not interesting I can’t write like that. Commentary drives my bananas* but it is just so lazy and easy to write like that. Sometimes the subject is interesting, infact I will say that it is ALWAYS interesting but not so interesting that you can make an entire blog post about it and keep it engaging. If I want to write about something tiny like…a specific area on a moons surface because I think that it is fascinating then how the hell dO i expect anyone else to read it and go, “HOLY FUCKING SHIT!…AMAZING!”, not that it would be impossible but highly unlikely. And anyway, it’s not the sort of thing I could write about. So here we are, what to write about and why to write about it? Seriously, I have no idea. I started this particular blog post a few ways and they went like this.

– So long so long so long so long so long so long and thanks….for all the fiiiiish.

– Here is what is happening with this blog post. I’ve done the usually chopping of screenshots that I think have something I can talk about here, I’ve hosted thema nd I’m just going to link them up relaly quickly and then write what is happening. A screenshot appears and I write something about it, is that ok with you? because I have Roxette on and I’m at work in 2 hours time so it would be nice to get a blog post done for once.

– Summer is over. It IS over and I just wanted to write that. I also want to write that I am listening to Roxette.

– Some Swedish rockband is on to help me learn the language and though I suppose it works, it is just being filtered through my ears as I try to focus on this fucking introduction. No more ROxette, it was too awesome and was sapping the awesome away.

Those small thoughts to get the engine going basically started this entire post. Nothing was really working. Nothing was popping into my head and no collected thoughts from the week really translated into a blog post so again I am stuck. I shouldn’t have written that last blog post and here’s why. When I saw Metallica for the 197148916th time they had 3 support acts with them. The first was Mastodon who were fucking brutal in their heavy metalness. Though during the day time, and a nice sunny warm day at that, it was a bit odd to see a hairy heavy metal band in the sun. Next up were Machine Head and basically the entire of Wembley Arena in London went bananas* and really enjoyed the music, shouting out the words which is our version of singing. The 3rd and final support act was HIM who are this emo-metal band from Finland. What happened was that 2 songs into the set everyone was actively booing and waving their middle fingers at the band in a huge sea of middle finger “go the fuck home” gestures. It took 4 songs I think before they just left the stage giving us the finger back. Then Metallica came on and fucking ruined my lungs, ears and larynx in an awesome display of musical godness.

That blog post is Machine Head and this one is HIM. Hard to follow something that got quite alot of comments and praise and if I do say so myself, even I laughed a little when I read it. So what the fuck do you write about now? I have absolutly no theme or inspired idea that makes me think I could use it in my EvE blog. I work in a really interesting place, my home life is interesting, my family here are interesting, my friends in game are frequent sources of hilarity and are also interesting, my EvE game is interesting but…and I think this is the most true, it is only interesting to me. So what do you write about?

I have screenshots of a suicide ganking op we did in Hellfleet that was really just like popping viagra pills and having a 2 minute wank and then 15 minutes of nothing but waiting, popping another pill and going again. Eventually you are just shooting air but the job is done and you feel somewhat empty inside. I also have screenshots of my small corporation selling it’s wormhole AND rorqual. The transaction overall was really easy and we are now vacated and living elsewhere. These 2 things while interesting to me and my friends are not so charged with awesome that I should write about it, I don’t feel the need to do that though and so I will go to work tonight and I will go tomorrow then I will have an entire week off.

* Bananas <– this is the correct spelling.


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