EvE – Holy crap, gate secrets revealed!!11eleven!1

I got to thinking about this and I wanted to do it here in my explanation of what some call “boredom defined” or “lol, that’s not PvP”. When pirating or griefing, generally being a space bastard you have to know the lay of the land. You need to be aware of what the scenary is like and where the best places to go for a fight are. It also makes sense that you know how to evade capture/death and the quickest routes to an from places. In EvE this means setting up safe spots and convenient spy spots on celestials such as gates and planets. Also, really, everything here is just stuff I have been doing with my scumbag friends and it is not in anyway a revelation in tactics but for those that are not aware, it might help. But first, a sort-of relevant digression.

I’ve played alot of Madden Football in my time. I played it on the SEGA Megadrive/Genesis and I’ve played it on the Playstation and the playstation 2 before I lost grip of reality and bought a PC. Now I don’t play Madden but I do enjoy watching the real game of American football. I’ve never cared about the volume of commercials or the stop-go-stop-go-stop-go style of the game, the momentum never really bothered me. Nor do player stats; team stats, game stats, I don’t care for them. I don’t particularly care who wins either, sometimes I pick a team I would like to win in the game and then if they win, cool, if not then who cares? What I watch this “football” (lol football *snigger*) game for are the tactics involved and how it works against the opposing team. The 2 teams grind it out against each other waiting for the play that either takes the ball down the field closer to goal, or breaks through the defence to steal the ball. Each team setup for offensive or defensive lines with a clear tactic/play to follow. In other words, my attention is foccused more when your commentator breaks out the stylus and starts drawing all over the screen to show you what happened or what should have happened. That gets the “oooh cool” from me every time.

If I drew on my screen my missus would throw a plant at my face. Here are some Madden-esque screenies with explanations.

Both screens are the same gate, but from 2 angles. On the top screen you can see a Aqua half-circle which is the only whole Aqua circle in the bottom screen, ok? Yellow - Gate. Red - Gate guns. Aqua - Celestials. Purple - Frequently used station.

So here I am at a ‘gate spy’ 300km away. I am safely out of range from the gate guns and as there is no ‘warp to 300km’ I am at a safe distance from other players. I can stay here indefinetly quite safe cloaked or aligned towards the gate/another objext in space in case I get jumped by a player with a similar spot.

Gate spys are great for both types of people in EvE which are Predators and prey (ok yes there are 2 more classes of “people” in EvE which are clowns and idiots but we want focus here). Predators use them to sit safely and out of range while keeping an eye on their favourite gate so if anything jumps in, they are close enough to warp down and engage if they so wish. The advantages for prey would be if you are travelling through the system and you have no scout you can warp to these to see if the gate you are warping to is camped. Warping into a bubble, or into a well organised pirate crew is never fun and a gate spy can reduce the chance that you get caught. Sure it is 1 small extra jump of 300km to do, but is it worth losing your ship over?

Choosing the correct spot can be as easy or as difficult as you like. The easy option would be to warp to the gate at 100km and bookmark the spot you land at and repeating the process 2 more times to get your 300km gate spy. Ok in simple Jim terms that is warp to the gate at 100km and bookmark the spot you land at warp back to where you came from, warp back to your bookmark at 100km, make another bookmark, Warp back to where you came from, warp back to the second bookmark at 100km and bookmark this as your 300km gate spy. Got it? Yea I did at first say “easiest” but now I think that might have been a bit weetoddead.

This gives you your spot but it also gives anybody else in the entire game a good chance of getting to your spot as they can quite easily repeat this process in something cloaked and grab your ship as you sit there smug. I can’t recommend this method.

What you should do is get in either something fast and small and nimble, like a greasy weasel that’s just come out of espresso house and MWD your arse off from the gate in a completly random direction with no celestial in front or to the sides of your direction. You need as much ‘warp to’ gap between your flight path and a celestial as possible. The above screenshot is the same gate but looking down at the gate and then a shot of the closest celestial in the path. I hope the screenshot is clear enough. Basically the idea is not to have anything anybody can warp to first, then warp to you at and hope they are close enough for their fleet members to warp to them at range…ok fuck this, you get it or you don’t. NEXT!!

Again, same gate, 2 angles. Yellow - gate. Red - You. Purple - likely destination. Aqua - Other celestials.

If your system has a station that is the most frequented spot in the system then chances are that the largest percentage of travellers through are going there. So while you, a pirate rat sucking fuckface, are sat at your gate-spy spot you should probably learn where the autopilot takes these people as they leave the system. The spot will be around 15km from the gate face and you want to bookmark a spot about 2km in, so that is a bookmark placed at 13km from the gate. As the target warps in, you swoop down and with the warp-lag as you land he has probably moved around 2km placing you directly ontop of him or very close at least. Lock with scram, web, neut/nos, weapons activated, and concentrate on either setting your orbit at or keep distance from target… just incase things go wrong.

Sitting on the gate means you can’t immedietly get a scram or web on the target (unless it’s faction gear) and so the chance for it to escape is a little higher. If you work in pairs, having a missile boat like a Drake for example with a 24km point sitting on the gate is quiet a handy backup incase the target is stabbed. Also this means the Dr.Phil tonnage of a Drake doesn’t have to move very far if ever and can continue giving stupid advice in a Texan drawl whilst and eating all of the cake during the commercial.

Oh and perhaps a final important point to make here. Having an ambush point like this on a gate that borders another low sec gate is not especially wise becuase you can’t jump through if the shit hit’s. You can’t jump through into a high sec system as a pirate anyway, so the 13km distance doesn’t make that much of a difference to your life span if indeed things to kick off.

(Possible outcomes of this post? hmmm let met hink, oh yea how about. Your gate camping exploding autopilotters like a hero is ruined while synchronously ruining my scumbag freinds past times you fucking mongoloid. People ask me “why are you helping and being like Jesus to all the noobs like a hero?”. Nobody bats an eyelid because none of this is revolutionary so stfu idiot).

Ah the joys of a good photoshop


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  1. 1 TooNuRaccoon
    21/08/2010 at 11:49 pm

    (Here my own comment, next time idiot, check the size of the fucking pictures!)

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