EvE – End to the SHIT week.

Truly, nobody had worse luck than I this week…or nobody was as big of a reckless mongoloid as me. Rather than blame everything on my karma level and crying on and on about the ISK loss, single handedly ruining the Hellfleet killboard, ruining my own personal statistics forever and crying about bad things in general; I thought I would focus on the cooler moments of the week. And because a certain alliance mate said, “size IS everything” I thought I would start at the BIGGEST!


So what is awesome about this Chimera? well it , it is MY Chimera and the first capital ship that TooNu owns which is a pretty important landmark in any characters EvE carear. This is not likely to be used for PvP or some mashed together capital operation, at least not this week. My plans for this wonderfull ship are just to put me on the capital ship map so I can be known to be a capable of flying a Phoenix and now a Chimera; and also to help transport my crap around low sec now that I am a -10 scumfuck. Being able to GTFO with your gear and ships and go somewhere else in a pinch is quite the handy option if needed. Also I can deploy 6 Warrior II’s !!! NOT JUST 5 NO NO NO BUT FUCKING 6 !!!! omfg pee came out.

Now for the second biggest thing.

Like an Onyx, bubbled for the very first time!! like an Onnnnnnnyx, when your warp disruption sphere beats....(yea ok enough)

I want to make this very clear with you all, above is NOT pirating ok? it is NOT pirating so no fucking Karma boogyboogy warnings please. A fleet of friends and I were invited to a small roam where our total was 1 loss for 15 or so kills which put my averages WAY up before the shambles of the week started. This roam was awesome and the FC was awesome and it was great fun and I did stuff I hadn’t done before, case in point, the bubble up there from my Onyx Heavy Interdictor. A fun ship to fly. It can tank gate guns pretty well and as it uses missiles the damage, while slow, at least hits the target for full force with enough webs etc. I quite liked sitting on this 0.0 gate with my bubble out like some spaceship flasher in a trenchcoat on the subway. Showing everything that came through or that came our way that they are screwed or are about to have a terrible time in their game. The locals were RPS holdings who as a corp are pretty fun and decent guys and though it was merely a coincedence that we ended up in this system I have to say I was very pleased that I would be killing my friends on my favourite website. TBH I think we only got one of their steathbombers but it’s the thought that counts.

And on the subject of roaming gangs.

Yeaaaaa so....ok guys, we get it.

Rooks and Kings do this, they take an idea and say, “Hey that sounds great…but what if we REALLY take the piss out of it?”, and the result is a T3 gang with more logistics than UPS. I don’t think this is the entire gang, I might have missed some as they jumped through to kill my Tengu that they didn’t get but also, their awesome RR carrier pilot clearly wasn’t needed yet so no cyno and no carrier. I think this is the second time I have been TRULY intimidated by a group of EvE players in EvE. The first time was also this same RnK gang about 3 weeks ago but I didn’t get screenshots that time. Jumping into or being hotdropped by these bastards makes brown stains in underpants and causes floods of tears that would make the one in Pakistan look like a light shower. If you see any member of RnK local just remember that this shit is behind them, possibly.

Speaking of shit.

NamehiddenbutheisGerman > "Hai, I like to play EVE because Logistics are really the best part of playing. I can take a ship and fill it with stuff and then transport it 45 jumps and move it into a wormhole where I will hoard it and then move it out again at a later date because I LIKE PAIN AND I LIKE TO CRIPPLE THE FUN I COULD BE HAVING BY DOING THIS POINTLESS SHIT!!!!".

This is the EXCESS minerals of building a Rorqual in a wormhole that my friend thought would be funny to miscalculate. Oh how we laughed at that. Moving on though, the best part of this pile of mess is that I have had little or next to no involvement in us moving out of our current wormhole but he has had 99.99% involvement. And because it is his mess, he actually wants to clean it up. And that means hauling out about 100 POS modules, 0.5 million M3 of T2 modules, 1 million m3 of harvested gas and this 21 million tritanium. My alt moved back into the wormhole recently, I have mentioned this but it’s boring so I won’t go on..sorry. So yes the alt moved back in and I was just AMAZED at how little of the POS still existed. Before it was like some crazy super defended fortress of ECM, bubbles and guns, and now it’s a stripped down sensible version that resembles something of a realistic setup. Not only that but inside the force field there was no massive industrial wing, only hangars and spaceship hangars. I had a look in the hangars and they were all more or less full of stuff. In one there was lot’s of POS modules, in another alot of gas but in the 3rd there was nothing that I could see immedietly. Until this 21 million Trit’ stared right into my soul. “It’s the excess”, he said, “I don’t plan on leaving it behind because it’s my ISK”, he added. Well fuck, if it was me I would have hidden it like some embarrising porn collection in a deep safe where nobody will find it. 21 million Tritanium in EXCESS…behave ffs. At least he is doing a good job by moving everything out.

I briefly mentioned ISK.

1. Brutix goes BOOM! 2. Retreiver go..(BOOM!!) 3. Another Ret..(BOOM!!) /sigh 4. A Ve-BOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

All of these ships, were stolen from a POS in a neighbouring wormhole some months ago by my corp mates and we haven’t moved them out. Nobody really rememberd to move them out and as we are moving out anyway, less to take is always helpfull. So I self destructed them all and pocketed the default insurance ISK. Guys if you read this, I’ve forgotten to put the 15 million ISK into the corp wallet so feel free to be angry because I’m in a Karma overdraft anyway so having more “negative waves Moriarity” makes no difference to me at the moment.

Karma…oh yes that.

Just one for the road.

I undocked one afternoon to see a Hurricane on scan that I did not recognise and after asking in the intel channels if anybody was flying said ‘Cane I thought I would probe it down. With my usual pirating friend in tow, eviwyn, waiting in station. So I probe this guy down pretty quickly in my Falcon and we warp to the mission. When pirating it is good to remember that sometimes mission sites have more than 1 acceleration gate so fit an afterburner rather than an MicroWarp Drive so you can actually use it in the mission site to get from one gat to the other quicker. Well luckily for us, he wasn’t so good at using the on-board scanner and so Evi managed to get a point on him and I follwed into the second area and jammed the crap out of him like Lonestar. We don’t often use ECM, if ever, and the lack of a fight was quite funny in a really childish bully kind of way, at least that is the impression I got from evi as she laughed manically in our chat channel. Poor guy, and my poor karma 😦 curse my evil ways.

And that hopefully signals the end to my crappy week. I don’t know if the change from Sunday to Monday gives a reset to how your week has gone or if indeed it should just carry on into the next week and so on. If such a thing exists, I hope for the reset.


8 Responses to “EvE – End to the SHIT week.”

  1. 15/08/2010 at 2:12 pm

    Yeah I often find all my bad luck comes at once. Hopefully you’ll have a better week!

    • 2 TooNuRaccoon
      15/08/2010 at 2:32 pm

      I think it was baggage from Friday the 13th this las week, like a comet coming through the sky it leaves debris which we see before and after. So I am hoping the bad luck is finally over to πŸ™‚ thanks for the comment!

  2. 3 Evi
    15/08/2010 at 6:23 pm

    Yea was a shitty week indeed 2nu.. lots of bad luck.. but yet you still crack me up with all the funny stuffs :p haha.. great reading. And that jamming session was pretty funny :p..

  3. 4 Gesadt
    15/08/2010 at 6:31 pm

    heh our poor bomber pilot got decloaked by drones. tbh we didnt have enough SBs to do any significant damage, tho we were hoping that cynabal would pulse his mwd heh

  4. 15/08/2010 at 8:54 pm

    I’m sorry but I couldn’t help but smile at your blurb about Rooks and Kings. I hope next week goes better for you πŸ™‚

  5. 6 Anubis Hothyck
    15/08/2010 at 9:00 pm

    I don’t recall that gang but not sure it went too well for us so don’t be too intimidated =)

    Nice read, has some content unlike the other Eve blogs I come across.

  6. 15/08/2010 at 11:01 pm

    It comes in waves mate, it all comes in waves. Just remember this, you can’t have the good times without the bad.

  7. 17/08/2010 at 7:41 pm

    I hope the current week is better to you. And please keep writing like this! I love your style to write, wish I could write as funny as you do.
    Well, since I am mostly writing in character, this could be a problem anyways O.o

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