EvE – Karma is indeed a bitch, oh dear.

So this week has been a week of losing ships, not really killing anything, and discovering more about my alliance mates. It has been an eye opening week for myself and I am left somewhat confussed about my sloppy playing of late. In short, shit happens buy a fucking helmet.

2 ship losses this week, which brings my total of losses for the month to a staggering 4. Yes only 4 ships but over those 4 losses I have lost about 1 billion isk which is something I am semi-proud of like some grinning buffoon because 4 ships 250mil per ship…it’s pretty crazy. The first 2 losses were Hurricanse, T2 fit and T1 rigged. Losing battlecruisers is not a wallet breaker by any means but it is fairly painful if you have no source of income, which is a reality I am facing in my EvE game. My industry alt is waiting in our WH because she is the Rorqual pilot and as we are moving out of the wormhole, she needs to stay behind so that when we sell our awesome wormhole she can pilot the Rorq’ and hide it until our sale goes through. She is doing nothing else. TooNu can’t exactly go to highsec and mission or trade, and I am not about to go belt ratting in low sec becuase it will only cost me more losses. So my funds are limited and now you are up to speed.

The 3rd ship loss was not to players but to NPC’s. It is my biggest ultra fail to date. It was so damn stupid and downright retarded that I could only laugh and scratch my head in amazement that it happend. The Broadsword ‘Bradpittsword’ jumped into the high sec system he was camping, tried to burn back to the gate with his MWD, got to 2648m of the gate and exploded in a fiery death. My new Broadsword is called ‘Don’t jump into HS’ to remind me not to EVER fuck around with my overview again.

The 4th loss happened about an hour ago. Here is the Hellfleet LOSSMAIL and again onBattleclinic  LOSSMAIL. “Oh dear oh dear oh dear”, were my exact words at the time. Today is my day off from work, I wake up early as usual and start carrying out house jobs like laundry, getting some food from the store, taking a shit on my own toilet and having a shave. I play some DS on the sofa underneath the windows and drink some water before taking a nice nap. Some time later I wake and decide to play some EvE, not only play some EvE but do some ingame jobs that I have been meaning to do for the longest time. That is, make tactical safe spots in the various systems that we travel through from time to time. Hours and hours pass as I play some DS and drift from celestials making bookmarks and such and naturally I am getting a bit bored with doing this. The decision to head home is made and on the very first gate I see it activate and somebody has entered local! I am decloaked and sitting waiting to see who and what it is, a Moa appears and I begin the cycle of death.

Ctrl+click to lock, click orbit, LOCK!, F1 F2 F3 F4 (Scram, web, guns, Neut). YARR!!!!…..ok local spiked a bit, ARbitrator, Rupture…ok there goes my cap, my shields are going…ok the gate guns to yea ok didn’t think about that. No more shields eh?, armor damage…”oh dear oh dear oh dear”, Click sun, warp pod out. I was good spirited about it in local and said “:) nice trap” I got a “GF” back. No hard feelings there and really, it was a good trap for a complete noob…of which I am now a fully fledged member. totally stupid move on my part, and completly out of control. Clearly I was not thinking and paid for it, 1 billion ISK down the shitter and life goes on.

It takes alot of work to get 1 billion ISK, at least for me it does, and to lose it in a few moments just shows how much EvE offers real consequences. I don’t think you get similar thoughts from other games where you can just respawn or aquire new toys so frequently and easily.

Lastly and strangely, I am somewhat happier now that the Validus has gone. The temptation to use it all the time because it’s so freaking awesome is just too much to think about over “what if I lose it?”, and now that I have lost it the burden is somewhat releived. I own 2 more Loki T3 ships but they are both T2 fit and considerably cheaper and like a clown I left them deep in high sec space where I can’t fucking get to them without my Industry alt 🙂 so yes, it seems that Karma does indeed find its way back to you. Be a bastard to other people, and suffer the consequences.


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