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EvE – Generic blog post.

Here we have an introduction where you are fed morsels of ideas or told a story that has something of relevance to the actual subject in some form or another. The relevance is not meant to be all that obvious otherwise the analogy and humour of it would just be uninteresting or worse, unhumourous. It could involve food or it could involve childhood but all it really does other than entertain, albeit slightly, is to ease you into a state where you can be directed by the writer. It helps to clarify the entire blog post by guiding your mind onto a path where it should hopefully stay until you are finished reading the entire post where hopefully it comes together in some witty last remark. Cue first screenshot.

The subject of the post doing something where it looks interesting.

Now the post will start to lay down the actual thought process that led to this blog post in the first place. The screenshot above helps to illustrate what the write is actually talking about so that those who are perhaps not so aware of such things can see what the writer is talking about. Screenshots also serve to break up the monotomy of words after words of text or “a wall of text”. If the reader is engaged then the reader will perhaps finish reading the entire blog post and then maybe come back and read more blog posts in the future. (At this point something derogatory is said about the writer by himself in parentheses like a small voice in his head to indicate that perhaps the previous paragrah was not entirely accurate or was obvious in some way where it needn’t have been said in the first place. You dull twit.)

A further point is written to back the first point up and if the writer feels quite fucking strongly about this, he uses lot’s of fucking fuck variations or other swearing. This second paragraph further establishes the anchor of the post so that the reader who at this point should understand the blog post and where it might be going. A sort of trailing off occurs at this point to prevent the reader from knowing where the point of the post is going to, the writer thinks this is clever and rather enjoys the going off message slightly…these dots are a clear indicator that the writer has rethought this and decides to get back on track quickly before the reader is lost and looses interest and so a second screenshot is thrown at their face to help recover the readers attention.

A screenshot to bring the reader back and to highlight the subject of the post. Here, something funny is written like "oh die in a clown suit".

A reference to the above screenshot is the first thing to be highlighted as the point is the real focus of the post. In this case something about pretty lights on a Chimera carrier. A short sentence like the previous one is an easy way to make a quick important point or a fast humourous moment that may or may not be followed by (further insults in parentheses because you are an idiot). Everything from now on is generally more light hearted because the bulk of the blog post “load” has been spent and so no real pressure is on to get the point across. If the job hasn’t been done by now then it won’t ever become apparent and the writer has to redo or rethink the idea in the first place.

The ending to the paragraph above is usually reflective in a twatish way as if  immaturity is suddenly beneath him and something thoughtfull is refreshing (Which it isn’t).

Short sentence above signals an end to the current blog post and final thoughts are brought together. Often quite jumbled and slightly chaotic but none the less the point is made and several more reflective moments are passed on aswell as a desperate attempt at being funny which may or may not include metaphors. Something else that is often used; though not always, but fairly frequently, are a list or quick, sharp, snappy ideas put together in a pointlessly long, string, or arc of never ending commas. This can often make more thoughts about the above post quite relevant and now the writer has to go through it again changing things or adding ideas that just suddenly came to him. Though as the reader it makes no difference to you how it was made because you think this is the writers way of doing things here and it was thought out in a coherent manner. Infact the blog post is often changed quite alot as the writer reaches this point and several words are repaced with the help of google. Spelling errors are corrected to the best of his ability and dictionaries are pried open to look for other possible words that may make the blog sound a little more intelligent such as “parentheses” over “brackets“. A dry remark and a quick metaphor referencing the first paragraph before a final thought brings the post to an end.

The last screenshot acts as a cheeky wink to the reader from the writer as if to say, "see ya next time" or a thought provoking and mysterious "Or is it???".


EvE – Holy crap, gate secrets revealed!!11eleven!1

I got to thinking about this and I wanted to do it here in my explanation of what some call “boredom defined” or “lol, that’s not PvP”. When pirating or griefing, generally being a space bastard you have to know the lay of the land. You need to be aware of what the scenary is like and where the best places to go for a fight are. It also makes sense that you know how to evade capture/death and the quickest routes to an from places. In EvE this means setting up safe spots and convenient spy spots on celestials such as gates and planets. Also, really, everything here is just stuff I have been doing with my scumbag friends and it is not in anyway a revelation in tactics but for those that are not aware, it might help. But first, a sort-of relevant digression.

I’ve played alot of Madden Football in my time. I played it on the SEGA Megadrive/Genesis and I’ve played it on the Playstation and the playstation 2 before I lost grip of reality and bought a PC. Now I don’t play Madden but I do enjoy watching the real game of American football. I’ve never cared about the volume of commercials or the stop-go-stop-go-stop-go style of the game, the momentum never really bothered me. Nor do player stats; team stats, game stats, I don’t care for them. I don’t particularly care who wins either, sometimes I pick a team I would like to win in the game and then if they win, cool, if not then who cares? What I watch this “football” (lol football *snigger*) game for are the tactics involved and how it works against the opposing team. The 2 teams grind it out against each other waiting for the play that either takes the ball down the field closer to goal, or breaks through the defence to steal the ball. Each team setup for offensive or defensive lines with a clear tactic/play to follow. In other words, my attention is foccused more when your commentator breaks out the stylus and starts drawing all over the screen to show you what happened or what should have happened. That gets the “oooh cool” from me every time.

If I drew on my screen my missus would throw a plant at my face. Here are some Madden-esque screenies with explanations.

Both screens are the same gate, but from 2 angles. On the top screen you can see a Aqua half-circle which is the only whole Aqua circle in the bottom screen, ok? Yellow - Gate. Red - Gate guns. Aqua - Celestials. Purple - Frequently used station.

So here I am at a ‘gate spy’ 300km away. I am safely out of range from the gate guns and as there is no ‘warp to 300km’ I am at a safe distance from other players. I can stay here indefinetly quite safe cloaked or aligned towards the gate/another objext in space in case I get jumped by a player with a similar spot.

Gate spys are great for both types of people in EvE which are Predators and prey (ok yes there are 2 more classes of “people” in EvE which are clowns and idiots but we want focus here). Predators use them to sit safely and out of range while keeping an eye on their favourite gate so if anything jumps in, they are close enough to warp down and engage if they so wish. The advantages for prey would be if you are travelling through the system and you have no scout you can warp to these to see if the gate you are warping to is camped. Warping into a bubble, or into a well organised pirate crew is never fun and a gate spy can reduce the chance that you get caught. Sure it is 1 small extra jump of 300km to do, but is it worth losing your ship over?

Choosing the correct spot can be as easy or as difficult as you like. The easy option would be to warp to the gate at 100km and bookmark the spot you land at and repeating the process 2 more times to get your 300km gate spy. Ok in simple Jim terms that is warp to the gate at 100km and bookmark the spot you land at warp back to where you came from, warp back to your bookmark at 100km, make another bookmark, Warp back to where you came from, warp back to the second bookmark at 100km and bookmark this as your 300km gate spy. Got it? Yea I did at first say “easiest” but now I think that might have been a bit weetoddead.

This gives you your spot but it also gives anybody else in the entire game a good chance of getting to your spot as they can quite easily repeat this process in something cloaked and grab your ship as you sit there smug. I can’t recommend this method.

What you should do is get in either something fast and small and nimble, like a greasy weasel that’s just come out of espresso house and MWD your arse off from the gate in a completly random direction with no celestial in front or to the sides of your direction. You need as much ‘warp to’ gap between your flight path and a celestial as possible. The above screenshot is the same gate but looking down at the gate and then a shot of the closest celestial in the path. I hope the screenshot is clear enough. Basically the idea is not to have anything anybody can warp to first, then warp to you at and hope they are close enough for their fleet members to warp to them at range…ok fuck this, you get it or you don’t. NEXT!!

Again, same gate, 2 angles. Yellow - gate. Red - You. Purple - likely destination. Aqua - Other celestials.

If your system has a station that is the most frequented spot in the system then chances are that the largest percentage of travellers through are going there. So while you, a pirate rat sucking fuckface, are sat at your gate-spy spot you should probably learn where the autopilot takes these people as they leave the system. The spot will be around 15km from the gate face and you want to bookmark a spot about 2km in, so that is a bookmark placed at 13km from the gate. As the target warps in, you swoop down and with the warp-lag as you land he has probably moved around 2km placing you directly ontop of him or very close at least. Lock with scram, web, neut/nos, weapons activated, and concentrate on either setting your orbit at or keep distance from target… just incase things go wrong.

Sitting on the gate means you can’t immedietly get a scram or web on the target (unless it’s faction gear) and so the chance for it to escape is a little higher. If you work in pairs, having a missile boat like a Drake for example with a 24km point sitting on the gate is quiet a handy backup incase the target is stabbed. Also this means the Dr.Phil tonnage of a Drake doesn’t have to move very far if ever and can continue giving stupid advice in a Texan drawl whilst and eating all of the cake during the commercial.

Oh and perhaps a final important point to make here. Having an ambush point like this on a gate that borders another low sec gate is not especially wise becuase you can’t jump through if the shit hit’s. You can’t jump through into a high sec system as a pirate anyway, so the 13km distance doesn’t make that much of a difference to your life span if indeed things to kick off.

(Possible outcomes of this post? hmmm let met hink, oh yea how about. Your gate camping exploding autopilotters like a hero is ruined while synchronously ruining my scumbag freinds past times you fucking mongoloid. People ask me “why are you helping and being like Jesus to all the noobs like a hero?”. Nobody bats an eyelid because none of this is revolutionary so stfu idiot).

Ah the joys of a good photoshop


EvE – End to the SHIT week.

Truly, nobody had worse luck than I this week…or nobody was as big of a reckless mongoloid as me. Rather than blame everything on my karma level and crying on and on about the ISK loss, single handedly ruining the Hellfleet killboard, ruining my own personal statistics forever and crying about bad things in general; I thought I would focus on the cooler moments of the week. And because a certain alliance mate said, “size IS everything” I thought I would start at the BIGGEST!


So what is awesome about this Chimera? well it , it is MY Chimera and the first capital ship that TooNu owns which is a pretty important landmark in any characters EvE carear. This is not likely to be used for PvP or some mashed together capital operation, at least not this week. My plans for this wonderfull ship are just to put me on the capital ship map so I can be known to be a capable of flying a Phoenix and now a Chimera; and also to help transport my crap around low sec now that I am a -10 scumfuck. Being able to GTFO with your gear and ships and go somewhere else in a pinch is quite the handy option if needed. Also I can deploy 6 Warrior II’s !!! NOT JUST 5 NO NO NO BUT FUCKING 6 !!!! omfg pee came out.

Now for the second biggest thing.

Like an Onyx, bubbled for the very first time!! like an Onnnnnnnyx, when your warp disruption sphere beats....(yea ok enough)

I want to make this very clear with you all, above is NOT pirating ok? it is NOT pirating so no fucking Karma boogyboogy warnings please. A fleet of friends and I were invited to a small roam where our total was 1 loss for 15 or so kills which put my averages WAY up before the shambles of the week started. This roam was awesome and the FC was awesome and it was great fun and I did stuff I hadn’t done before, case in point, the bubble up there from my Onyx Heavy Interdictor. A fun ship to fly. It can tank gate guns pretty well and as it uses missiles the damage, while slow, at least hits the target for full force with enough webs etc. I quite liked sitting on this 0.0 gate with my bubble out like some spaceship flasher in a trenchcoat on the subway. Showing everything that came through or that came our way that they are screwed or are about to have a terrible time in their game. The locals were RPS holdings who as a corp are pretty fun and decent guys and though it was merely a coincedence that we ended up in this system I have to say I was very pleased that I would be killing my friends on my favourite website. TBH I think we only got one of their steathbombers but it’s the thought that counts.

And on the subject of roaming gangs.

Yeaaaaa so....ok guys, we get it.

Rooks and Kings do this, they take an idea and say, “Hey that sounds great…but what if we REALLY take the piss out of it?”, and the result is a T3 gang with more logistics than UPS. I don’t think this is the entire gang, I might have missed some as they jumped through to kill my Tengu that they didn’t get but also, their awesome RR carrier pilot clearly wasn’t needed yet so no cyno and no carrier. I think this is the second time I have been TRULY intimidated by a group of EvE players in EvE. The first time was also this same RnK gang about 3 weeks ago but I didn’t get screenshots that time. Jumping into or being hotdropped by these bastards makes brown stains in underpants and causes floods of tears that would make the one in Pakistan look like a light shower. If you see any member of RnK local just remember that this shit is behind them, possibly.

Speaking of shit.

NamehiddenbutheisGerman > "Hai, I like to play EVE because Logistics are really the best part of playing. I can take a ship and fill it with stuff and then transport it 45 jumps and move it into a wormhole where I will hoard it and then move it out again at a later date because I LIKE PAIN AND I LIKE TO CRIPPLE THE FUN I COULD BE HAVING BY DOING THIS POINTLESS SHIT!!!!".

This is the EXCESS minerals of building a Rorqual in a wormhole that my friend thought would be funny to miscalculate. Oh how we laughed at that. Moving on though, the best part of this pile of mess is that I have had little or next to no involvement in us moving out of our current wormhole but he has had 99.99% involvement. And because it is his mess, he actually wants to clean it up. And that means hauling out about 100 POS modules, 0.5 million M3 of T2 modules, 1 million m3 of harvested gas and this 21 million tritanium. My alt moved back into the wormhole recently, I have mentioned this but it’s boring so I won’t go on..sorry. So yes the alt moved back in and I was just AMAZED at how little of the POS still existed. Before it was like some crazy super defended fortress of ECM, bubbles and guns, and now it’s a stripped down sensible version that resembles something of a realistic setup. Not only that but inside the force field there was no massive industrial wing, only hangars and spaceship hangars. I had a look in the hangars and they were all more or less full of stuff. In one there was lot’s of POS modules, in another alot of gas but in the 3rd there was nothing that I could see immedietly. Until this 21 million Trit’ stared right into my soul. “It’s the excess”, he said, “I don’t plan on leaving it behind because it’s my ISK”, he added. Well fuck, if it was me I would have hidden it like some embarrising porn collection in a deep safe where nobody will find it. 21 million Tritanium in EXCESS…behave ffs. At least he is doing a good job by moving everything out.

I briefly mentioned ISK.

1. Brutix goes BOOM! 2. Retreiver go..(BOOM!!) 3. Another Ret..(BOOM!!) /sigh 4. A Ve-BOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

All of these ships, were stolen from a POS in a neighbouring wormhole some months ago by my corp mates and we haven’t moved them out. Nobody really rememberd to move them out and as we are moving out anyway, less to take is always helpfull. So I self destructed them all and pocketed the default insurance ISK. Guys if you read this, I’ve forgotten to put the 15 million ISK into the corp wallet so feel free to be angry because I’m in a Karma overdraft anyway so having more “negative waves Moriarity” makes no difference to me at the moment.

Karma…oh yes that.

Just one for the road.

I undocked one afternoon to see a Hurricane on scan that I did not recognise and after asking in the intel channels if anybody was flying said ‘Cane I thought I would probe it down. With my usual pirating friend in tow, eviwyn, waiting in station. So I probe this guy down pretty quickly in my Falcon and we warp to the mission. When pirating it is good to remember that sometimes mission sites have more than 1 acceleration gate so fit an afterburner rather than an MicroWarp Drive so you can actually use it in the mission site to get from one gat to the other quicker. Well luckily for us, he wasn’t so good at using the on-board scanner and so Evi managed to get a point on him and I follwed into the second area and jammed the crap out of him like Lonestar. We don’t often use ECM, if ever, and the lack of a fight was quite funny in a really childish bully kind of way, at least that is the impression I got from evi as she laughed manically in our chat channel. Poor guy, and my poor karma 😦 curse my evil ways.

And that hopefully signals the end to my crappy week. I don’t know if the change from Sunday to Monday gives a reset to how your week has gone or if indeed it should just carry on into the next week and so on. If such a thing exists, I hope for the reset.


EvE – Ok I get it, I’m a BAD person.

Enough please, enough losing, enough dying, enough no ISK.

Cynosaurus is the worst kind of Dinosaur

Short explanation. “How do we know if it’s a trap?”, “spring the trap”. Famous last words. So a Maller docks up. Maller undocks a short time later. We agress the Maller. He pops a cyno and warp disrupt’s my sorry ass. Loads of Cry Havoc and Advocated Destruction appear together. They stop the trouble making we started. I say “oh….baited again???”, and my ship explodes.

I think that Rheinheat guy might have cursed me, my karma is at an all time low it seems. This is REALLY not my week.


EvE – Karma is indeed a bitch, oh dear.

So this week has been a week of losing ships, not really killing anything, and discovering more about my alliance mates. It has been an eye opening week for myself and I am left somewhat confussed about my sloppy playing of late. In short, shit happens buy a fucking helmet.

2 ship losses this week, which brings my total of losses for the month to a staggering 4. Yes only 4 ships but over those 4 losses I have lost about 1 billion isk which is something I am semi-proud of like some grinning buffoon because 4 ships 250mil per ship…it’s pretty crazy. The first 2 losses were Hurricanse, T2 fit and T1 rigged. Losing battlecruisers is not a wallet breaker by any means but it is fairly painful if you have no source of income, which is a reality I am facing in my EvE game. My industry alt is waiting in our WH because she is the Rorqual pilot and as we are moving out of the wormhole, she needs to stay behind so that when we sell our awesome wormhole she can pilot the Rorq’ and hide it until our sale goes through. She is doing nothing else. TooNu can’t exactly go to highsec and mission or trade, and I am not about to go belt ratting in low sec becuase it will only cost me more losses. So my funds are limited and now you are up to speed.

The 3rd ship loss was not to players but to NPC’s. It is my biggest ultra fail to date. It was so damn stupid and downright retarded that I could only laugh and scratch my head in amazement that it happend. The Broadsword ‘Bradpittsword’ jumped into the high sec system he was camping, tried to burn back to the gate with his MWD, got to 2648m of the gate and exploded in a fiery death. My new Broadsword is called ‘Don’t jump into HS’ to remind me not to EVER fuck around with my overview again.

The 4th loss happened about an hour ago. Here is the Hellfleet LOSSMAIL and again onBattleclinic  LOSSMAIL. “Oh dear oh dear oh dear”, were my exact words at the time. Today is my day off from work, I wake up early as usual and start carrying out house jobs like laundry, getting some food from the store, taking a shit on my own toilet and having a shave. I play some DS on the sofa underneath the windows and drink some water before taking a nice nap. Some time later I wake and decide to play some EvE, not only play some EvE but do some ingame jobs that I have been meaning to do for the longest time. That is, make tactical safe spots in the various systems that we travel through from time to time. Hours and hours pass as I play some DS and drift from celestials making bookmarks and such and naturally I am getting a bit bored with doing this. The decision to head home is made and on the very first gate I see it activate and somebody has entered local! I am decloaked and sitting waiting to see who and what it is, a Moa appears and I begin the cycle of death.

Ctrl+click to lock, click orbit, LOCK!, F1 F2 F3 F4 (Scram, web, guns, Neut). YARR!!!!…..ok local spiked a bit, ARbitrator, Rupture…ok there goes my cap, my shields are going…ok the gate guns to yea ok didn’t think about that. No more shields eh?, armor damage…”oh dear oh dear oh dear”, Click sun, warp pod out. I was good spirited about it in local and said “:) nice trap” I got a “GF” back. No hard feelings there and really, it was a good trap for a complete noob…of which I am now a fully fledged member. totally stupid move on my part, and completly out of control. Clearly I was not thinking and paid for it, 1 billion ISK down the shitter and life goes on.

It takes alot of work to get 1 billion ISK, at least for me it does, and to lose it in a few moments just shows how much EvE offers real consequences. I don’t think you get similar thoughts from other games where you can just respawn or aquire new toys so frequently and easily.

Lastly and strangely, I am somewhat happier now that the Validus has gone. The temptation to use it all the time because it’s so freaking awesome is just too much to think about over “what if I lose it?”, and now that I have lost it the burden is somewhat releived. I own 2 more Loki T3 ships but they are both T2 fit and considerably cheaper and like a clown I left them deep in high sec space where I can’t fucking get to them without my Industry alt 🙂 so yes, it seems that Karma does indeed find its way back to you. Be a bastard to other people, and suffer the consequences.


EvE – Analysis of hate.

"Karma police, arrest this man".

That, is how to write a hate mail in EvE online. If you are looking for something with spite and venom then welcome to TooNu’s blog because he has it in spades right now.

As you can see from the date, it was sent just last night. A fresh hatemail, a newly written golden moment savoured forever in my EvE-Mail folder and now on the internets for everyone in the whole universe to read. Congratulations Rheinheat on this fine accomplishment. Let’s take a closer look at this mail, really get into it to discover the motivations, the feelings and the results.

Firstly the title KARMA. The author believes in a supreme being dishing out consequences based on a persons decisions, good or bad, both have consequences. I blew the crap out of his ship and behaved according to my pirate charter which would naturally suggest he believes that my Karma may be “inbalanced” in favour of negative energy.

First line, “Rot in hell Bro”. Ok so here he is clarifying my point about having accumulated negative energy and as such I bypass every type of result for my pirating ways and go straight to hell. Just go to hell, no stopping for snacks, no waiting in line…hell. end of your soul, you go to hell forever. What is very odd is that “hell” is a place commonly viewed in other religions, not really a Budhist/Hindi type of invention so conflificting religious views here. “Bro” suggests that he firmly believes I am male and that we share a bond, him and I are bonded. A bond of brotherhood forged by sharing molecules and atoms, DNA coding, I have a penis, he (might) have a penis. He is a guy, and I am a guy thus we are brothers, “Bros” to the very end. Perhaps it is not rooted that far, perhaps us being “brosefs” is just because we share an internet together or perhaps even more specific, we share a game called EvE together. Again togetherness, bonding, brothers, all of this smells very Christian to me. I’m swinging in favour of him being a Christian.

“Little shits like you…”. I have to say that this is my favourite line. Clearly he is much bigger than I am, he must be very tall or very rotund to be calling me little. I am by no means tall or muscular and the last word you could describe me would be “fat” so this Rheinheat must be a big guy. I want to take the “shits” part out of context for a moment because, well…from experience, in my family as a small boy growing up, my mother would refer to my brother and I as “little shits” if we were being particularly mischievous. She would often call many kids this infact, kids that lived in the same area that were trouble makers were reffered to as “little shits”. So I am going out on a limb here but, I am guessing he refers to me as a child like person or very immature at the least. Thus he must be an older player, or he thinks he is of the more mature type of player so he is either 35+ or an arrogant 25+. “dwel in video games”, so I have nothing else to do with my life, no life at all infact. All I do is sit in video games like some troll lurking in a damp cave picking fungus off my arse, sleeping in pools of my own dripping nasal fluid. I dwell, I don’t ‘live in video games’ because to live means to have life and remember I have none, I a squatter, a mall rat, a troll in a cave.

“in real life you’re just nothing”. I read a very interesting article that was linked on the Sunday Papers article on the RPS website that was suggesting that people should stop seperating their real lives from their gaming lives. Both are the same, it’s your life and what you do in a game and how you interact with people is you being you. Just from the protection of being anonymous behind your monitor. Personally I do not like to say “IRL” anymore due to the fact that, clearly I know I am playing a game and unless the reciever(s) of my text are completly deluded, they do to, so why bother saying it? Poor old Rheinheat is perhaps having trouble seperating the two, or suffers from multiple personality’s or…is just not comfortable playing his games and so he seperates the two completly by having one life as “real” and the other as “just my game face”. I think that is quite sad. Oh and the tail end of that sentence I mean ZOMFG! dude, I’m nothing? I’m less than nothing? oh dear god why? why have you given me such a poor hand? why am I not special?…nothing…well, at least I have my ship and he doesn’t knuck knuck!

“keep up your life”. At last possitivity! though, I can’t see what would be so possitive about being in hell, what with my no life and being nothing and all. Perhaps he WANTS me to continue on this downward trend of negative energy accumulation and this is his way of bidding me. “safe journey on your continued spiral into hell”, a sort of classroom child, “I told you so!!” from him to me to show me that HE WAS RIGHT! I AM AN ASSHOLE!! Well you sure showed me Rheinheat!

“Karma is a bitch”. Here at the end of this glorious mail we see Rheinheat reminding me of the title and that I should rethink my path of piraty goodness. I should turn away from the impulses of shooting at things in a PvP centric game and do some good with my time. The short time I have left before the gates of hell take me in. He is essentially saying that, “Hey just incase you didn’t know that Karma can work both ways here I am telling you that it can indeed work both ways because sometimes it is bad, just as much as it is good”. Or he is just using the old phrase “karma’s a bitch” as some sort of wry signoff, a last wink at the camera, a nudge towards the audience in that one liner Holywood movie hero style. Oh the one liners are good aren’t they Rheinheat? And you chose an absolute stunner to finish your EvE mail, not only does it reiterate the title but it sends a message to all that read it. Good show Rheinheat, good job!

And now we wrap this blog post up but don’t leave and go back to your regular routine. Really take this all in and think long and hard about your actions and what they mean to you and to the others around you. Maybe your actions don’t affect anybody right now, but perhaps down the line, perhaps your children or your childrens children will feel the reprecussions of your neglegent ways. Rheinheat has a valid point to made, I should have not shot at his spaceship in an internet game. I should have let him come back in to the system (Lisbaetanne) to do his business and leave with safe passage. I should have done that, and now curse it, I’m going to hell! and now my life is nothing! Oh woe is me!!

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