EvE – Pirate days of yarr.

I think this post might be a bit fast paced and a bit all over the place so to keep my compulsive disorder in check I will just pick topics at random, number them and go from there. I say random but really it is stuff that has been happening this week in game that has been noteworthy and just plain fun. So as is tradition, I will start at the beginning, here is number 1. Oh I haven’t spell checked this either because my German friend likes to pick holes in my typing just so I can be wrong and he can point it out in front of everyone.

NO.1 !

(dramatic music time?) DUN DUN DERRRRRRRRRRRRR! (thought so).

MUUHAHAHA! negative 10 cherry popped. I think as an EvE player with a vorocious palate having done many different things and sampled from many different colors of internet spaceshippery doing the whole -10 security status cliche is just a bucket list want. Of course this means I can’t get into high sec, but I don’t really give a shit about that to be honest. Flying around in low sec is much more comfortable than high sec, easier to spot trouble and if you know the rules, you should be fine. Also my new third account helps with the old scouting don’t you know.

NO.2 !!

And here is how -10 is gotten.

I mentioned in my last EvE post about how I am not being a good pvper, and how killing for the sake of killing is just what it is about at the moment. Here is the proof that I am just following that diet of endless noob bashing. I think over the last 2 weeks or so a few have given a good fight, I have lost 2 Hurricanes to such people which proves I am not being a great pvper. This is however a good way to lose your sec status. Pop them capsules! Destroy ever egg that comes your way and the fuzz will hate you for it. SHame, shame on you! murderous curr!

NO.3 !!!

Behold! proof of the mythical Vexor.

One ship above all is going to get attention, the mythical Vexor of Lisbaetanne. Appearing from nowhere and becoming a force of unstoppable power within the galaxy, the combined might of brave pod pilots from all walks of life must gather to defeat such a terrible foe such as the Vexor is.

I don’t know why or how the Vexor became such a popular kill, but in our circle of space bastards it is very popular and always brings out the giggly immaturity in us all. Vexor killmails are a prized possesion to have (I have 3 so far /happyface).

NO.4 !!!!

Not such a great mystery what gate that is but the less obvious it is the better.

That is 11 wrecks which was the personal best but I think that number has since increased to a whopping 13. Evi and I have been keeping track and she wants 20…I said that I am happy with the 13 we have but she wants 20 and you know you can’t argue with a woman that says she WANTS something becuase it’s like taking a shit with a hangover while crouching on a hill, try as you might to avoid it but the heels of your shoes are getting sprayed.

Oh and there are no corpses floating here, no sir. They are all safely in a container in my hangar of which I have almost 800 corpses!

NO.5 !!!!!

Have you met the tease freighter?

One afternoon after downtime this Obelisk pilot turns up on the high sec side of my gate where I am waiting on the low sec  side. I swear that a 2 metre tail of drool was hanging from my mouth to the floor as my mouth salivated at the prospect of smashing this ship to tiny pieces. Sadly though, he didn’t jump in…and I was left to wipe the floor with a sock. The bastard.

NO.6 !!!!!!

How to get everyones attention in your system, "Armaggedon on gate, he jumped...point!".

This guy was an autopilot and did jump in, and paid for it. You can tell that you will get a kill if the person has warped to about 15km from the gate and is only doing “Impulse power Mr.Crusher”. It’s by no means a great pvp kill but it’s a bit of a cool thing to have destroyed a battleship with a Battlecruiser….and his 10 mates. Ok so it’s not cool at all, still, a battleship though eh? eh? hmm? ok fuck it.

No.7 !!!!!!! (yes there are 7)

Yea ok...getting a bit thin on content or what?

Ok so it’s not exactly relavent to this post but shit, it’s my blog and I have a thought about it ok? I swear! Drone Interfacing V is a great skill to train for, not only is it a carrier prerequiste which is why I am training it but it gives you the equivallent of an extra drone on the field DPS wise. Though the skill time fucking sucks especially if your attributes are specced like mine which is to say Int and Per are WAY high while Mem is way low…so this added days to my training time..Ok what else…oh yes.

No.8 !!!!!!!!

You saw it here first, Kruger bathes.

See it’s like his brain proccessed the thought as macho becuase he said “beer”, but with some sophistication because he said “wine” but then he did say “bubblebath” and so…I dunno.


5 Responses to “EvE – Pirate days of yarr.”

  1. 04/08/2010 at 10:38 am

    DRONE SKILLS, aaaaaaghhhhhh!

    Just had to train that to get into my first carrier. Good luck getting a few more Vexor kills!

    • 2 TooNuRaccoon
      04/08/2010 at 11:34 pm

      Your first carrier to? nice! I see you want a Thanatos. Everyone and their alt wants a Thanny, shame really, because the Chimera looks awesome. I really want the Min carrier but for practical reasons I chose the Chimera. The dreamship is the Hel though…so I guess minnie BS V is needed to…another month down the shitter /sigh.

  2. 05/08/2010 at 2:32 am

    Yeah the Thanny, the little whore that everyone loves being inside of! I already moved over from being a Caldari spec to Gallente, if I tried for any more cross training my Carrier plan would have been a year longer! If I get sick of it down the track I will sell it off and train for something else.

    Would be nice if we could train in our learning skill SP for something useful!

  3. 4 Kruger81
    19/02/2011 at 11:08 pm

    Well, TooNu… Do u really think the wine was for me??? 😀

    • 5 TooNuRaccoon
      20/02/2011 at 12:28 pm

      HAH! 🙂 That figures. It was the bath that suprised me though.

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