EvE – We don’t mess with the Vexor.

In the words of Jabba, "Ohhh ho ho ho ho, Ahh ha ha ha hah!"

Will NOT be tolerated. Not just a tiny bit tolerated. Not, “Oh if you are just passing through, be quick about it”. NOT an unfriendly look that a bouncer at a club might give you that suggest you are not getting in. NOT tolerated, period. And so I am a hunted animal, hunted by the fuzz, the feds, cops, and as the conversation between Jake and Elwood goes “Shit”, “What?”, “Rollers”, “Rollers?”, “yup”, “shit”.

Qouting 2 movies and not 100 words are on the page. Too many qoutes so soon perhaps? That is not a question you should answer by the way. Where was I? Hunted! yes hunted and persued by the policing force that spans teh great universe of new eden. A police force that won’t travel in low security areas and thus, a really REALLY terrible police force but as long as they stay in high security space…we can have fun in low security space πŸ™‚

And recently fun has formed into small gangs of giggly madness. Gangs where not only adults act like small children, but where these children have no co-ordination at all. No FC gangs of idiocy. And not only have they been quite productive, they have been amazingly fun. Having just read that, the impression you might have that we are just a bunch of clowns with no clue, wearing clown suits, acting like clowns and dying horribly in a cascade of fail-fire. The simple fact is that most of us are very clued into how to act and what to do and about our surrounding areas so very little is needed said. Primaries are called and a plan is quickly explained but after that little direction is needed. We still die horribly, though the clown suit is optional. An example of something we have been doing is below this writing.

This is me and 2 friends being ganker bastards. Little skill involved other than knowing how far to take it. In this case we took it to 9 ship kills before leaving for a little bit.

This is Evi, Helios and I being ganker bastards. Incidently these people are directly responsible for encourgement in the pursuit for becoming outlawed, which is why I get warnings in the first screenshot up there. Little skill involved other than knowing how far to take it. In this case we took it to 9 ship kills before leaving for a little bit. Taking it to 10 kills would certainly have brought the mythical Vexor down upon us and destroyed our ships, our lives, erased our accounts and had us labelled as sex offenders. As we took the camp to 9 kills we escaped this fate. DO NOT MESS WITH THE VEXOR!

Yes, my pod is armed with 220'mm autocannons.

Raine is a friend of mine ingame. He helped me kill another friend in game you might remember reading about it on my blog HERE. He has just come back from an extended break from EvE so he could finish his university course on polytectotpidiphotes…or something. Anyway he came back and for some reason decided that the very first thing he would do is find me in low sec and destroy me. Which he did, in his Megathron as you can plainly see. I have to say that having friends in a game that decide to use their own time to come and play EvE with you on some spontanious moment is awesome. We don’t keep in touch, we barely know each other and yet, he re-subscribes or just logs on after a long break, tracks me down for a fight and kills me. Awesome.

Thankfully my new “cooler” friends who are way “cooler” than Raine blew the living shit out of his Megathron and gave me his loot! Yea take that Raine! Raine the bastard!

EDIT: This is the 69th post on this blog, “69 DUDE!!”


2 Responses to “EvE – We don’t mess with the Vexor.”

  1. 1 Serendipity Raine
    28/07/2010 at 6:08 pm

    Ex-22nd people I still need to kill:



    But anyway, it was nice to be fighting with you again TooNu, even if it was on the opposite side to usual. I look forward to the possibility of doing it again, perhaps killing people together this time?

  2. 2 Brandon
    30/07/2010 at 3:11 pm

    You Will never get me alΓ­ve! Oh wait…

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