EvE – Yo Ho Yo Ho a pirate’s life for me.

AHOY MATIES! Avast ye pox faced bilge-sucking blowfish! I be sailin the waters o’sweet Lisbaetanne wi a crew o’scallywags callin themselves Hellfleet, tis true YARR! Stand firm where ye be ya guttless squiffy, come no further I’ll reduce your ship to rubble, plunder yer coffers, send ye down to Davy Jone’s locker,  Savvy? no me either…fuck, trying to type like a pirate isn’t easy let alone talk like one. Ok enough of this let’s get a move on.

Pirating in EvE has so far been awesome. Pirating in EvE has been the easiest set of choices I’ve ever had to make while playing this game where multiple choice is a luxury we have to over complicate matters so much, that trying to eplain what possibilities are available to you in EvE becomes a chore. Pirating makes it simple, see a ship, shoot it. Done.

No more fucking about than that is ever needed. So far my only really difficulty has been in choosing what ship I want to tank the sentry guns with. Armor tanked Hurricane seems to be my go to ship, which is double-awesome because that ship looks mean anyway so it adds more flavour to my pirating ways. And I’ve only been doing this for a week now so that is some strong coffee right there.

From: Prizon
Sent: 2010.07.14 20:22
To: TooNu,

Cool thing shootin unaware noobs
right ugly?

Hell hound my ass

That single mail gave me so much thought I can’t begin to describe it. A simple moment where one player felt enough emotion to send a short message to me to let me know that he dissaproves of my very existance at that moment. At first I felt quite stunned that somebody would even bother to do that and then I felt nothing but sheer joy at the fact that my game had an effect on the player and not just his game.

When I showed my Hellfleet mates it barely registered on their brains and immedietly the awesomeness dipped somewhat. I felt a bit put out that it wasn’t cool enough or wasn’t funny enough or just wasn’t worth the time looking at. Then after a short time or so a few of them started linking their mails that they had recieved from various players over the time they had been playing and a large discussion broke out…well I say discussion, it was more like a bunch of EvE players waving their epeens about seeing who had upset the most players, or caused possible real-life self harming episodes as a result of their pirating in an internet spaceship game.

From: xxx187xxx

Sent: 2009.10.28 20:31

To: Kruger81,

ima kill ur bitch ass

I wasn’t the only person that shot at this guy’s ship, he just chose to send me a mail over my fleet mate. If you wanted to send a message of your displeasure wouldn’t you send the mail to everyone involved? did one player really have more to do with the kill than anybody else? Yes at times but in this situation, both of us were waiting for him and both of us locked and killed him at the same time yet he ignored my partner and foccussed on me. Weird. Perhaps it was my fleet mates female portrait that swinged the vote in my favor? Do female portraits or indeed, being female, affect how youfeel about your ship loss?

From: Beatrice Fox

Sent: 2010.03.19 19:24

To: eviwyn,

Your bio lies, you aren’t nice.Bah.

Sincle joining this group of active EvE players I’ve had more instant gratification for my playtime than I have had for quite awhile. And it has only been a single week. Incidently I say ‘Active players’ because that is the single biggest swinging vote of awesomeness for Hellfleet in comparison to some of the groups I have been a part of. Every group has its busy and slow times but I have yet to see a single “summer time” excuse from these guys yet. If there is indeed a summer slump for Hellfleet right now, I would LOVE to see what a busy period looks like.

That being slightly off topic. Back on and in the first week I noted that 50% of what I had helped destroy, were pods. So that’s 5 ships of varying “noob” quality and 5 pods. Here is a reminder about my collection and why pod killing helps that greatly. If this keeps up I should have 1000 corpses in fairly quick succession (300 to go).

Instant gratification indeed. Logging on and just joining in and getting something at the end of it is a huge boon to this game, particularly my game due to the lack of play time due to again..work.

From: Nigodnec

Sent: 2010.01.20 08:13

To: Kruger81,

kill mi … fack you

Pirating is perhaps a bit off the mark. If pirating was just shooting anything and destruction then fair enough but it isn’t, pirating in EvE terms means to be a bad guy but to hold your target to ransom. Extracting ISK from them then letting them go to help further your business of shoot, hold, ransom. Strangely building up a trust with victims. “Yes we will shoot and murder you but if you pay, we will let you go…tell your friends!”. The era of the trust worthy pirate in order to create a “trust” that everyone knows about to help further the business for everyone involved.

It feels a bit weird to have some sort of piratey cultivated trust-fund.

And in anycase, at least with Hellfleet, anything cruiser size and down just gets vaporized, everythign bigger gets ransomed. Pods get ransomed to.

From: Demigrog BaraksArimis

Sent: 2010.02.28 13:29

To: Lacrimae,

Thank you for the lesson I shall not be returning 😉

The honey-moon period is always the sweetest time and you only see the bright sparkley things and nothing could ever be bad. Once settled in and these things creep out however, and I am sure I will be chirping a different story. Who knows if that will happen but at the moment I am having great fun and I will enjoy it while it lasts. To play us out, here are the DropKick Murphys.


1 Response to “EvE – Yo Ho Yo Ho a pirate’s life for me.”

  1. 1 Evi
    17/07/2010 at 1:29 am

    LOL 2nu!! Loving this stuff:p hihi.. laughed my ass of reading it really. Damn great post. Keep it up out there and I am happy you are enjoying your time with us crazy Hellfleet people so far;). Happy to have you aboard mate!


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