EvE – Why I trained…pt.2

Having looked through my entire skill tree and my certificates it is plain to see that despite how awesome I think my toon is, he isn’t actually the best at anything. If I wanted to define “the best” for example in the case of gunnery I would have my toon at lvl V for medium autocannon specialisation (instead of IV), Trajectory Analysis V and Sharpshooter V (again instead of IV for both) which increase Optimal and Falloff respectively. I would be one mental awesome gunner then with nobody able to be better than me, only equal.

However I don’t value the 14-20 days needed per skill over anything else I could use that time for. Is 5% falloff range really that important over extra damage or tracking? What if it doesn’t fit your play style in that given moment and you like to be up close and personal rather than have range? I guess the only worry is some form of collector syndrome where in you MUST have everything at the highest level regardless of if you actually need it right now or not. I think most people probably skip these skills in favor of using the training time in other areas. Better to have a great game now than a perfect game in 60days time right? At least I think so.

A series of skills I trained up for were probably the most usefull skills I have trained but not exactly the most fun.


Complete the set! I have Caldari Dreadnought to IV aswell but I don't fly them...

Years ago I thought that having Caldari Frigate V would be a door opener to PvP. Thinking about the Harpy and the Crow gave me hope that I could do something other than die in a Kestrel to a gate camp. The Manticore gave me hope that I could solo PvP and snipe frigates/destroyers out of the sky but what really happened was as soon as Caldari Frigate V was done, I started on on Minmatar Frigate V to get the Jaguar instead. The same thing happened with Caldari Cruiser V, I wanted the Rapier over the Falcon and so I trained it almost straight away. The only exception was Caldari Battleship becuase I REALLY want the Chimera even though I am about 3 months from flying the damn thing becuase I have the absolute worst drone skills you can imagine. I can however fly the Phoenix…and I won’t be shooting at a POS any time soon so what is the point in having that skill? So my mission Raven is better? well I don’t need to mission either, plus, it is boring.

I see the Nidhogger and the Naglfar and wish I trained up Minmatar Battleships to V instead but that is abnother 30day skill. This sounds like I made the exact same mistake for each and every class of ship, Caldari first over Minnie. And why did I do that? Incase things go wrong, that’s why. If I lose everything I can still fly a mission 1 frigate really well, or a lvl2 mission cruiser really well, eventually I can grind through lvl IV missions in my Raven and build everything back again. I wouldn’t do this in Minmatar ships becuase they are easier and faster in Caldari ships. Though boring and something I won’t use in PvP the Caldari ships represent an insurance policy of sorts.

At least they are done and out of the way I guess.


Another boring group.

Missiles are dull and uninteresting for several reasons. The first being that we have no models for missile launchers or missiles. The glowing orbs just fly from our ship like flares from a life raft and hurtle towards whatever the target is and hit all of the time providing you are in range and the target is not moving so super fast. If we had some launcher on our ships and the missiles left the bay with a massive thrust andyou could see new missiles replacing the old ones and then get fired off and so on, that would be awesome. If the missiles looked like missiles other than mini-suns that to would be an improvement. You could disable the graphics I guess much like you can disable Drone models but it would be nice to have the option for good graphics, and why we don’t have launchers is beyond my comprehension.

There is no inspiring reason other than effciency to train this weapon system. You want to do some effective damage to PvE targets with minimal effort, you choose a missile platform like the Drake or Raven to do so. You don’t train it because they are exciting or interesting. PvP ships with missile launchers are further down the food chain than ships with guns. People recognise the effectivness of the missile but they don’t respect it because it is lame and weak and just fucking shit boring.

Cruise Missiles V was for the Manticore Stealth Bomber which I have talked about before and won’t get into again, suffice to say that now this skill now only serves as a cheap alternative to Arbalest Launchers for any Scorpion or Raven I might fly for PvP. A bit redundant to me now but again, at least I trained it and it is out of the way. The specialisation skill is no further than lvl I.

Rapid Launch and Target Navigation Prediction are pretty cool because you get more damage out faster and more accuretly so if a target is webbed or target painted then they are going to be hurt even more regardless of their size. These 2 skills have helped me tremendously while using my Tengu in a wormhole, more damage out from skills alone aloowing you more freedom in your fitting choice is just awesome. So despite how boring this weapon system is, it has its moments of greatness.

Ok now to change the channel and get all hopefull and dreamy.


Black Ops, the ship that screams out "True internet spaceship specialisation!!!"...ok maybe not

When I trained for the Widow I realised that having to train Caldari Battleship V specifically for this ship was madness, but seeing as it opened up the doors for Dreadnaughts, carriers, and the Golem further down the line in my EvE carear I might aswell just get it done. Having any battleship skill to V is a boon for your character to be honest.

The Widow was my dream ship from day one but to get the most out of it I would have to combine my existing Cruise missle specialisation skill with my formidable ECM skills with my sneaky bastard style of play. How else can you sit in a belt with a big bad ship and ruin somebodies day with style? Admittedly I have not tried it out yet but the possibility is still there!

Partly as a good reason to get yet another +1 on my EvE CV and partly to get one up on a freind ingame I trained Astrometrics V just so I could use the Covert Jump Portal generator. I think this module is cool. Being able to bridge in ships from one place and send them to another without anybody realising it is awesomesauce. I love that technology and I love that it exists in EvE and I love that a very small percentage of people have trained up for it. It gives my sense of who my character is even more character, even more worth and even more belief that I am on the right track.

Just for the sake of arguement, if I decided to join a 0.0 organisation I am sure that having the ability to do that would be of great help to like minded people. I’ve been hotdropped by Pandemic Legions blackops fleet before and I can tell you that despite the Kestrel ganking I wrote about in pt.1, this would rate up there in terms of great PvP moments.

Being killed stylishly is always worth it.


AWU V, the skill for serious EFT bandits.

Lastly I took these 2 skills out because for the longest time I would show ship fittings and always add the disclaimer, “I can’t use EANM II’s yet” or I would say, “not enough grid”. The whole point of playing EvE and infact most games is to play when you want and how you want to. These 2 skills however are to appease players who have questioned me at some stage about fitting my ships. I am pretty good at it, ship fitting, even if I haven’t flown the ship in question I can give pretty obvious advice to those that might not have thought about a problem or about how the ship SHOULD perform according to its predefined role.

AWU V gives you more options in how you fit smaller ships like Cruisers and Frigates where the extra 2% can mean the difference between a T2 module and a Meta 4 variant. The bonuses of making this choice are quite obvious. Most T2 modules perform the same as a Meta 4 but at a fraction of the cost. Again, I said MOST. As an example I would say that fitting my Jaguar became so much easier with this extra grid to hand. I didn’t need any PG implant to make it work anymore and is the sole reason on why I trained it in the first place. That and people would reccomend fits and I couldn’t make them work due to grid needs.

Hull Upgrades just meant more armor and more resistance due to the unlocking of the resistance skills. My Rupture which is armor tanked gained a heap of effective hit points and became even more one with the universe and even greater and dealing out the hurt. Also Energized Adaptive Nano-Membrane II’s are just awesome compared to the weaker golden color variants.

Sometimes you just have to train things to make your life easier, perhaps not more fun, but easier overall.


So there we have it, some skills I thought I would talk about briefly and though I have a dozen or so more points for each skill and why and the history behind them I hope that I just gave enough to show why things like these matter to me. I also realise this is more text than usual and probably not nearly as funny as it could have been but it was alot of thoughts and notes to decipher into coherent sentences.

We all like to discuss ships and modules in a rock, paper, scissors kind of fashion and we all like to talk in-game drama/politics but rarely do I see talk about WHY train specific skills beyond the usual, “It makes your ship better, train it” or, “lol you should have trained that by now”, or even, “26 days?? fuck that it takes ages I will do something different”.

Look at your own skills and find the ones you remember training up for specifically for a reason. Look at what that skill allowed you to achieve in game. Find out if it opened more doors for you in game. Try to think about what skills you have wanted to train but just haven’t got around to it yet, would that skill open doors or make your life easier? Whatever you end up thinking about, try to think about your skills in the same way you think about your shiny stuff in game, you might not be able to play with them but they are your best most closest friends in game who never leave and always play when you play (Awww that is a very Disney ending isn’t it?).


4 Responses to “EvE – Why I trained…pt.2”

  1. 06/07/2010 at 7:56 pm

    I’m a caldari Pilot also crosstraining for Minmatar and really wishing CCP would bring out Caldari/Minmatar hybrid ships.

    Caldari BS V in training now…. only 24days left….

    • 2 TooNuRaccoon
      06/07/2010 at 9:14 pm

      The bright side of that skill and infact any BS skill is just how much more EvE you get for your cash. essentially, play longer and thus pay more and get a bigger better ship. It is a shame that Drone Interfacing takes just aslong because the only ship worth getting with that skill is the Chimera (unless you want the Golem?) 🙂

      I wonder if you will have doubts and wish you did Minnie BS V just so you can get the “frigging vertical” ship.

      • 08/07/2010 at 10:47 am

        Drone interfacing V already trained up 🙂 and yes it did take F^(*)£ ages and since I fly a Tengu it will see no use until I get into a Chimera. Golem might be nice though…

        Oh vertical ships are in the plan, once I’m all settled in a Chimera I’m training for the Naglfar (Minmatar Dreadnought for those who don’t know).

        Is it a waste of time and SP getting both? probably but having extra choices is always good.

        other things I need to skill for are

        Super carriers!
        that’s it. :/

        soon I will need a new plan…

      • 4 TooNuRaccoon
        08/07/2010 at 6:07 pm

        I split my ships up between my accounts, so my indy alt flies the rorq and the orca and now 2 freighter types (Charon and Fenrir) and will soon be in a jump freighter…just as soon as I can steal one 🙂

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