EvE – Why I trained… pt.1

Having a short break (again) from EvE for the last week gave me some room to think about my blog and about my game in general. Revelations were made, things were discovered and old thoughts reemrged and gave me cause to think more about what it is I am doing in game.

As EvE is a game about being emerged in a universe where we are godlike in our goo filled pods we are blessed with the ability to gradually learn new skills to help us on our godlike quests for riches and glory. When I first began playing I took the image of the skillbook literally and just figured that inbetween pilotting my ships around space or while docked up, my toon would sit and pore through some massive manual that teaches him some bizarre engineering or scientific procedures to which he can use to fly new ships or use new modules. I have since decided that this is just not how it would work and instead it would be like some absolutly massive download that just gets fed directly into his brain that just crams everything about the topic in question into his brain. Sort of like Johnny Mnemonic but less Keanu Reeves, nosebleeds and headaches.

If only school life was just as easy eh? Sure the goo might affect your social life but it is a small price to pay for unlocking the secrets of everything in a shorter time period…right?

Despite the godlike life we lead in game our time is not relative to everything else and we are not omnipresent. You have to choose wisely what skills you want to train and in what order to achieve maximum skill point yeild to save you time in real life overall. You pay for your subscription one way or another so it is best not to waste this game time. Also the dream ship you want one day requires that you do a bit of research so you can train to fly it and fit it accordingly to further increase your gametime-real time yield. All of these things are vital if you are to get the most out of your game. If you are just playing for enjoyment then disregard all of this but know that you could be far from your actual ability to learn.  Then again, even in the future there are slow learners so I thankyou for bringing your minimilisitc diversity to this universe.

After thinking about this subject for some time I gradually started assessing what I trained and why. What is the point in training various skills? are they usefull overall? is the time well spent or could I have done better? Am I staying true to my idea of my character? Have I let others influence my choices?

These thoughts hang around my brain and needed answering and 2 skills came immedietly to mind, I’m likely to talk about matters I have touched upon before quickly but having rethought my reasons I think it might be a valid enough reason to write about again and give more than just a footnote. So they are probably a good place to start.


Ahhh yes, that extra extra advantage in my Rapier.

I want to focus on the Rapier force recon but what I love the most about spaceship command skills like Recon Ships is the cross race bonuses that you gain. Exactly the same as Assault Ships or Interceptors you just train the one skill and you get the secondary bonuses to all races ships in that category. It is not race specific and so you save lot’s of time thanks to some awesome planning by the CCP dev’s. Imagine training Minmatar Recon Ships and Caldari Recon Ships etc…just so much time invested you wouldn’t have nearly as many options.

So the top skill there Propulsion Jamming just gives me more cap to my warp disruptor and my webbifiers so I can run them longer but it also unlocks Heavy Interdictors which is another great ship class and more options for your fighting in game. The skill alone improves every ship I use for PvP, buys me a few extra seconds on my frigates or cruisers so that I might beat an opponent based on my cap skills over his. If he ran cap dry and I still have cap left and it was figuratively down to the wire like that, the 5% might make the difference. I say might, but it probably does compared to somebody with less cap. Also I want you to remember that this skill is 0.0 warfare friendly based on that I can now fly HIC’s if I wanted (and yes I did train Graviton Physics to IV). I think that is a +1 to my EvE CV.

As I fly the Rapier more than anything else in PvP it was natural to invest in my choices from an early stage which is why I trained this skill to V straight after getting into the Rapier in the first place. The ship bonus is great, Recon Ships Skill Bonus: 60% bonus to stasis webifier range, ok so it is not mind blowing or even sounds remotely great but with my fit I can stop things moving at over 50km. I’ve stopped many large ships from moving back to acceleration gates in low sec including a Legion as militia blobs turn up to melt them. It is handy to have those extra kilometers to help stop fast moving interceptors or cruisers so your fast ships can catch them. I’ve escaped from 2 Vagabond HAC’s who I thought would go down fast to my gang but instead didn’t and went for me instead, my greater speed and ability to keep them at 50km’s helped in that situation.

I love that I went to 11 with this skill also becuase the option to have a much better Falcon or Rook and one day perhaps Curse on the field than most other pilots. The massive bonuses it offers means that training to level V is worth it and if you to like to fly sneaky bastard ships I highly reccomend training it to improve your ships worth and your worth on the field.


Presenting ways to increase your DAKKA! one skill at a time.

Projectile turrets are the best weapon in the game by far. I am stating that as a fact even if you provide evidence that says I am full of shit or just plain wrong. I don’t care because spewing bullets all over the place holding the trigger down going mental is just awesome. Primitive systems like these are cooler to see than most futuristic weapons like lasers or railguns, the imagery of projectile weapons in EvE brings to mind manga robots with crazy ammo hoppers spitting out large rounds in continuous streams of fire. Or even in the Matrix movies with those mech suits that have those awesome hand cannons and the belt fed chains of bullets DAKKADAKKADAKKADAKKA!!!! awesome.

You want weapons in EvE that ressemble real world weaponary but I don’t know why. Why are cartoons or movies that have futuristic settings cooler when the weapons are not overly exotic contraptions of death? I love projectile turrets for this reason above all others. They are just cool to think about and see.

Nice explanation and while it might be true I DON'T CARE!! SWOOSH VROOOOM DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA DIE DIE DIE!!!!!!!!!

Firing these weapons at anything is cool, if you lose and die horribly it is still cool because you went out in a hail of bullets. And those bullets that miss are floating out there in space somewhere waiting for somebody to warp directly into the waiting shrapnel, somebody small and weak and helpless and they will warp directly into the cloud of lead you have left behind and be shredded as they enter the cloud at warp speed. Even if you miss, you still kill things! Ok well perhaps not but in reality you would be so awesome.

Perhaps the most important reason why I love these weapons so much is because of one single event that just made me see EvE in a new light. It was so inspiring that I can’t think of any other singular moment in my EvE carear that stands out more.

I was autopilloting my Kestrel through some high sec systems for some reason or another while I was still in the NPC corp of greatness the State War Academy. Either I was making dinner or having a shower or doing something else but either way it required autopilot and when I came back my pod was floating in space and my kestrel was in bits everywhere. A single pirate came in and used his ship to tear me apart for whatever reason other than for lolz. I checked the loss mail and found the weapon he used, Tech 2 220mm Vulcan Autocannons. It was like some cloud of awesome popped and showered me in awesome juice. Everything became clear. Pirates. Autocannons. They use 220mm Vulcan autocannons and they own the shit out of Kestrels.

The loss didn’t even register, I just simply looked into how I can get those guns and what the hell I would fly with them on as soon as possible. It would be the best thing I ever trained for, oh how I love them.

I have a Loki that fires its 6 220mm Vulcan T2’s every 1.5 seconds and that my freinds is a whole fuckload of damage. It sounds like a chainsaw just continuously ripping trees to shreds (if you turn your speakers way up and zoom right in, idiot).

Even the T1 version glows with a sweet halo, the T2 variant would be too outstandingly bright to show on this blog I am affraid.

I will end part one by saying that despite my love for both Recons and Auto’s, I can not endorse mixing the 2 up unless you have no other options available. Recons should just stay the fuck away from everything while auto’s demand you be right up ontop of your target like a horny gorilla, if the gorilla wants to have sex the gorilla gets to have sex.

Here is the tracking guide that I stole the tracking image from, if you haven’t allready read it do so because it is well usefull right, know what I mean? wikkid.



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