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EvE – Pirate days of yarr.

I think this post might be a bit fast paced and a bit all over the place so to keep my compulsive disorder in check I will just pick topics at random, number them and go from there. I say random but really it is stuff that has been happening this week in game that has been noteworthy and just plain fun. So as is tradition, I will start at the beginning, here is number 1. Oh I haven’t spell checked this either because my German friend likes to pick holes in my typing just so I can be wrong and he can point it out in front of everyone.

NO.1 !

(dramatic music time?) DUN DUN DERRRRRRRRRRRRR! (thought so).

MUUHAHAHA! negative 10 cherry popped. I think as an EvE player with a vorocious palate having done many different things and sampled from many different colors of internet spaceshippery doing the whole -10 security status cliche is just a bucket list want. Of course this means I can’t get into high sec, but I don’t really give a shit about that to be honest. Flying around in low sec is much more comfortable than high sec, easier to spot trouble and if you know the rules, you should be fine. Also my new third account helps with the old scouting don’t you know.

NO.2 !!

And here is how -10 is gotten.

I mentioned in my last EvE post about how I am not being a good pvper, and how killing for the sake of killing is just what it is about at the moment. Here is the proof that I am just following that diet of endless noob bashing. I think over the last 2 weeks or so a few have given a good fight, I have lost 2 Hurricanes to such people which proves I am not being a great pvper. This is however a good way to lose your sec status. Pop them capsules! Destroy ever egg that comes your way and the fuzz will hate you for it. SHame, shame on you! murderous curr!

NO.3 !!!

Behold! proof of the mythical Vexor.

One ship above all is going to get attention, the mythical Vexor of Lisbaetanne. Appearing from nowhere and becoming a force of unstoppable power within the galaxy, the combined might of brave pod pilots from all walks of life must gather to defeat such a terrible foe such as the Vexor is.

I don’t know why or how the Vexor became such a popular kill, but in our circle of space bastards it is very popular and always brings out the giggly immaturity in us all. Vexor killmails are a prized possesion to have (I have 3 so far /happyface).

NO.4 !!!!

Not such a great mystery what gate that is but the less obvious it is the better.

That is 11 wrecks which was the personal best but I think that number has since increased to a whopping 13. Evi and I have been keeping track and she wants 20…I said that I am happy with the 13 we have but she wants 20 and you know you can’t argue with a woman that says she WANTS something becuase it’s like taking a shit with a hangover while crouching on a hill, try as you might to avoid it but the heels of your shoes are getting sprayed.

Oh and there are no corpses floating here, no sir. They are all safely in a container in my hangar of which I have almost 800 corpses!

NO.5 !!!!!

Have you met the tease freighter?

One afternoon after downtime this Obelisk pilot turns up on the high sec side of my gate where I am waiting on the low sec  side. I swear that a 2 metre tail of drool was hanging from my mouth to the floor as my mouth salivated at the prospect of smashing this ship to tiny pieces. Sadly though, he didn’t jump in…and I was left to wipe the floor with a sock. The bastard.

NO.6 !!!!!!

How to get everyones attention in your system, "Armaggedon on gate, he jumped...point!".

This guy was an autopilot and did jump in, and paid for it. You can tell that you will get a kill if the person has warped to about 15km from the gate and is only doing “Impulse power Mr.Crusher”. It’s by no means a great pvp kill but it’s a bit of a cool thing to have destroyed a battleship with a Battlecruiser….and his 10 mates. Ok so it’s not cool at all, still, a battleship though eh? eh? hmm? ok fuck it.

No.7 !!!!!!! (yes there are 7)

Yea ok...getting a bit thin on content or what?

Ok so it’s not exactly relavent to this post but shit, it’s my blog and I have a thought about it ok? I swear! Drone Interfacing V is a great skill to train for, not only is it a carrier prerequiste which is why I am training it but it gives you the equivallent of an extra drone on the field DPS wise. Though the skill time fucking sucks especially if your attributes are specced like mine which is to say Int and Per are WAY high while Mem is way low…so this added days to my training time..Ok what else…oh yes.

No.8 !!!!!!!!

You saw it here first, Kruger bathes.

See it’s like his brain proccessed the thought as macho becuase he said “beer”, but with some sophistication because he said “wine” but then he did say “bubblebath” and so…I dunno.



If you don’t work for a living, I am hating you right now.

If you work for a living but don’t really exert yourself, I am hating you right now.

If your only stress during your working day is something so minor like…John has used your paper basket again, Miriam has sent only 4 copies instead of 5, your mouse has ran out of batteries or anything trivial, I am hating you right now.

This list of hatred would include things like fashion and children but it would go on FOREVER.

Maybe something nice will happen in EvE and I can write about that instead. Maybe I will just go and sleep and tomorrow will be all sunshine, peaches and cream.


EvE – We don’t mess with the Vexor.

In the words of Jabba, "Ohhh ho ho ho ho, Ahh ha ha ha hah!"

Will NOT be tolerated. Not just a tiny bit tolerated. Not, “Oh if you are just passing through, be quick about it”. NOT an unfriendly look that a bouncer at a club might give you that suggest you are not getting in. NOT tolerated, period. And so I am a hunted animal, hunted by the fuzz, the feds, cops, and as the conversation between Jake and Elwood goes “Shit”, “What?”, “Rollers”, “Rollers?”, “yup”, “shit”.

Qouting 2 movies and not 100 words are on the page. Too many qoutes so soon perhaps? That is not a question you should answer by the way. Where was I? Hunted! yes hunted and persued by the policing force that spans teh great universe of new eden. A police force that won’t travel in low security areas and thus, a really REALLY terrible police force but as long as they stay in high security space…we can have fun in low security space 🙂

And recently fun has formed into small gangs of giggly madness. Gangs where not only adults act like small children, but where these children have no co-ordination at all. No FC gangs of idiocy. And not only have they been quite productive, they have been amazingly fun. Having just read that, the impression you might have that we are just a bunch of clowns with no clue, wearing clown suits, acting like clowns and dying horribly in a cascade of fail-fire. The simple fact is that most of us are very clued into how to act and what to do and about our surrounding areas so very little is needed said. Primaries are called and a plan is quickly explained but after that little direction is needed. We still die horribly, though the clown suit is optional. An example of something we have been doing is below this writing.

This is me and 2 friends being ganker bastards. Little skill involved other than knowing how far to take it. In this case we took it to 9 ship kills before leaving for a little bit.

This is Evi, Helios and I being ganker bastards. Incidently these people are directly responsible for encourgement in the pursuit for becoming outlawed, which is why I get warnings in the first screenshot up there. Little skill involved other than knowing how far to take it. In this case we took it to 9 ship kills before leaving for a little bit. Taking it to 10 kills would certainly have brought the mythical Vexor down upon us and destroyed our ships, our lives, erased our accounts and had us labelled as sex offenders. As we took the camp to 9 kills we escaped this fate. DO NOT MESS WITH THE VEXOR!

Yes, my pod is armed with 220'mm autocannons.

Raine is a friend of mine ingame. He helped me kill another friend in game you might remember reading about it on my blog HERE. He has just come back from an extended break from EvE so he could finish his university course on polytectotpidiphotes…or something. Anyway he came back and for some reason decided that the very first thing he would do is find me in low sec and destroy me. Which he did, in his Megathron as you can plainly see. I have to say that having friends in a game that decide to use their own time to come and play EvE with you on some spontanious moment is awesome. We don’t keep in touch, we barely know each other and yet, he re-subscribes or just logs on after a long break, tracks me down for a fight and kills me. Awesome.

Thankfully my new “cooler” friends who are way “cooler” than Raine blew the living shit out of his Megathron and gave me his loot! Yea take that Raine! Raine the bastard!

EDIT: This is the 69th post on this blog, “69 DUDE!!”


EvE – With a rebel yell she cried YO HO HO!

Pirating is alt-tabbing to see if you are infact docked up. Pirating is enjoying the misfortune of others. Pirating is being a complete fuckface but being either A) nice to pull it off or B) soulless.

This week, that is what I think pirating is. Next week I might change my opinion because pirating is also fickle and volatile. Above all things though, it has been quite fun and interesting. Also savoury due to my current discovery of Tear Juice, the number one drink for low-sec arsehole pirates and high-sec suicide ganker bastards. It seems to awaken the inner smacktalking idiot in even the most anti-social of us all and to demonstrate I will throw in a couple of “obvious troll is obvious” type bullshittery into this post.

mmmmm delicious!

So far I haven’t yet been very skilled or used any tactics or had, by definition, a goodfight. Everything I have shot at has been either probed down and annihilated or directional scanner’ed, found and annihilated but in both of these cases the targets have been people who have no idea about how EvE works or their ships have been silly and the old autopilot has led them astray. I have not engaged anybody I think that might have friends next door, nor have I willingly taken on superior numbers or superior ships. To be honest, I have no care for internet honour in a spaceship game nor have I any care in improving my skill level as an EvE player to serious levels. The time invested is just not worth it and E-honour is FOR FAGS!! (Disclaimer: I am not a bigot but you fucking are!).

There is an Omen there but he got away 😦

Everything has been a huge success, by that I mean, the killing of noobs. Let’s call them noobs shall we, I don’t care if they are or are not but this title refers to them based on the following reasons.

Reason 1: Autopiloting into Lisbaetanne or any low-sec system from a high-sec system is not a bright move. Infact it is the opposite of bright which is dim, which is one characteristic of a noob.

Reason 2: Accepting a mission that is in low-sec without reading the warning that actually says you will be going to low-sec. If you were aware of this and didn’t check your map for the number of ships recently destroyed in said system and accepted anyway makes you a dunce. Go to the corner dunce.

Reason 3: Not checking for Combat scanner probes on your directional while you are missioning, this makes you silly billy, and silly billy is a noob, like your stupid face.

Sometimes pilots do get away from the inevitability of ship death, because they follow the rules of low-sec flying and don’t get caught. These people are wise or experienced or just lucky. To put your skill into perspective though, I am a complete numbskull when it comes to fast directional scanning and 100% of the time if I have a ship on a 30degree scan with more than 1 celestial (planet, gate, asteroid belt, your mom because she is so fat you have to begin your hug and then travel 18AU to finish it!!!)  on the route, I take a guess and hope for the best. That is how crap I am at the directional, so if I catch you…then you should commit Sepuku or wear a clown suit to work tomorrow as punishment. I am getting better and my usual company in Hellfleet, Kruger and Evi are ninja fast so generally they tell me where I should point my ship and get ready. Bless them.

Nothing here 😦 another celestial lottery that I did not win.

On top of everything, I seem to be only using a Hurricane battlecruiser which is slow as the recovery on a burns victim but on the plus side it has great damage potential and a decent tank. It can tank the sentry guns around a station or a gate pretty well…well enough to gank something and gtfo but don’t hang around eh? I’m going to swap my ship choice out just as soon as I figure out what the new ship will be, my supremely fitted Tengu is a bit too expensive to waste on a bait Drake for example. I don’t fly Gallente or the Myrm would be my likely choice…hmm I have to ponder on this one, any suggestions?

So having a blast and being a bit of a dick is quite entertaining. I think it would be pretty pointless after a while, the silly ganking of T1 fit T1 cruisers/frigates being pilotted by unfortunate “new players” or “unaware players” over and over could just infact be a thing for the moment. Thankfully my new alliance mates are entertaining and fun to chat with and play EvE with so hopefully that’s enough to keep me going.

Unrelated news! We had a family BBQ on Friday and these were the napkins we had on the table. I had no choice in the napkin, I had no idea the napkins even existed but the planets aligned, fate intervened and the pirate napkin made it to my BBQ, coincedence or just plain awesome?


EvE – Yo Ho Yo Ho a pirate’s life for me.

AHOY MATIES! Avast ye pox faced bilge-sucking blowfish! I be sailin the waters o’sweet Lisbaetanne wi a crew o’scallywags callin themselves Hellfleet, tis true YARR! Stand firm where ye be ya guttless squiffy, come no further I’ll reduce your ship to rubble, plunder yer coffers, send ye down to Davy Jone’s locker,  Savvy? no me either…fuck, trying to type like a pirate isn’t easy let alone talk like one. Ok enough of this let’s get a move on.

Pirating in EvE has so far been awesome. Pirating in EvE has been the easiest set of choices I’ve ever had to make while playing this game where multiple choice is a luxury we have to over complicate matters so much, that trying to eplain what possibilities are available to you in EvE becomes a chore. Pirating makes it simple, see a ship, shoot it. Done.

No more fucking about than that is ever needed. So far my only really difficulty has been in choosing what ship I want to tank the sentry guns with. Armor tanked Hurricane seems to be my go to ship, which is double-awesome because that ship looks mean anyway so it adds more flavour to my pirating ways. And I’ve only been doing this for a week now so that is some strong coffee right there.

From: Prizon
Sent: 2010.07.14 20:22
To: TooNu,

Cool thing shootin unaware noobs
right ugly?

Hell hound my ass

That single mail gave me so much thought I can’t begin to describe it. A simple moment where one player felt enough emotion to send a short message to me to let me know that he dissaproves of my very existance at that moment. At first I felt quite stunned that somebody would even bother to do that and then I felt nothing but sheer joy at the fact that my game had an effect on the player and not just his game.

When I showed my Hellfleet mates it barely registered on their brains and immedietly the awesomeness dipped somewhat. I felt a bit put out that it wasn’t cool enough or wasn’t funny enough or just wasn’t worth the time looking at. Then after a short time or so a few of them started linking their mails that they had recieved from various players over the time they had been playing and a large discussion broke out…well I say discussion, it was more like a bunch of EvE players waving their epeens about seeing who had upset the most players, or caused possible real-life self harming episodes as a result of their pirating in an internet spaceship game.

From: xxx187xxx

Sent: 2009.10.28 20:31

To: Kruger81,

ima kill ur bitch ass

I wasn’t the only person that shot at this guy’s ship, he just chose to send me a mail over my fleet mate. If you wanted to send a message of your displeasure wouldn’t you send the mail to everyone involved? did one player really have more to do with the kill than anybody else? Yes at times but in this situation, both of us were waiting for him and both of us locked and killed him at the same time yet he ignored my partner and foccussed on me. Weird. Perhaps it was my fleet mates female portrait that swinged the vote in my favor? Do female portraits or indeed, being female, affect how youfeel about your ship loss?

From: Beatrice Fox

Sent: 2010.03.19 19:24

To: eviwyn,

Your bio lies, you aren’t nice.Bah.

Sincle joining this group of active EvE players I’ve had more instant gratification for my playtime than I have had for quite awhile. And it has only been a single week. Incidently I say ‘Active players’ because that is the single biggest swinging vote of awesomeness for Hellfleet in comparison to some of the groups I have been a part of. Every group has its busy and slow times but I have yet to see a single “summer time” excuse from these guys yet. If there is indeed a summer slump for Hellfleet right now, I would LOVE to see what a busy period looks like.

That being slightly off topic. Back on and in the first week I noted that 50% of what I had helped destroy, were pods. So that’s 5 ships of varying “noob” quality and 5 pods. Here is a reminder about my collection and why pod killing helps that greatly. If this keeps up I should have 1000 corpses in fairly quick succession (300 to go).

Instant gratification indeed. Logging on and just joining in and getting something at the end of it is a huge boon to this game, particularly my game due to the lack of play time due to

From: Nigodnec

Sent: 2010.01.20 08:13

To: Kruger81,

kill mi … fack you

Pirating is perhaps a bit off the mark. If pirating was just shooting anything and destruction then fair enough but it isn’t, pirating in EvE terms means to be a bad guy but to hold your target to ransom. Extracting ISK from them then letting them go to help further your business of shoot, hold, ransom. Strangely building up a trust with victims. “Yes we will shoot and murder you but if you pay, we will let you go…tell your friends!”. The era of the trust worthy pirate in order to create a “trust” that everyone knows about to help further the business for everyone involved.

It feels a bit weird to have some sort of piratey cultivated trust-fund.

And in anycase, at least with Hellfleet, anything cruiser size and down just gets vaporized, everythign bigger gets ransomed. Pods get ransomed to.

From: Demigrog BaraksArimis

Sent: 2010.02.28 13:29

To: Lacrimae,

Thank you for the lesson I shall not be returning 😉

The honey-moon period is always the sweetest time and you only see the bright sparkley things and nothing could ever be bad. Once settled in and these things creep out however, and I am sure I will be chirping a different story. Who knows if that will happen but at the moment I am having great fun and I will enjoy it while it lasts. To play us out, here are the DropKick Murphys.


EvE – Guilty, of nomadic behaviour.

I am writing this on Monday 5th July 2010 as a two part single article. I want to get my thoughts out right now and see what happens by the end of the week. I can see the outcome in my head but just incase it is not inevitable I thought this might be an interesting way to do it.

:Initial thoughts:

Corporation hopping is shit. People that come and go in and out of corps have a problem and it is not the fault of anybody but their own. If you want to join a group of people and then leave them in a brief time then fair enough, I won’t moan at you or tut/tsk/sigh in your general direction but the fact remains that the behaviour is shit. That is my thought on the matter, now why did I bring it up?

As I type this I am one of these horrible annoying people and this would be a confession of sorts. Since leaving my own wormhole corp with my main I joined a mercenary outfit who are respected and who are a decent bunch of guys but as it turns out, high sec merc life just hasn’t clicked with me and I can’t help but think that it won’t ever click. And there in lies the problem. Stick around or go with your gut?

If it is some problem with how I play or if it is some problem with the mechanics of EvE I am not sure but something about it doesn’t sit right with me. So far the targets have been either organised and setup with neutral players remote repairing them complete with a torrential volume of abuse and smack talk in local OR they are a rabble who manage to get together something with which to fight with. Compared to low sec where fighting is calculated and somewhat easier to manage because well…when there are no rules you make your own up while adhering to the standard PvP code of sorts. In high sec these people can undock a Machariel or similarly large faction boats and not worry about anything because their repper alts/mates have their backs.

Maybe I need thicker skin or to HTFU in general.

If high sec is this protective area surrounded by a fence that is gaurded and these guys are inside this compound of sorts, then I am the guy outside the fence daring them to leave the comfort of said compound and come and play in the shithole that is the outside world. High sec is nice and comfortable with systems that are in the 50-100 players per system bracket, low sec systems would have 0-15 in a system on a usual day and you can see who you are going to fight, or who is possibly coming to fight, who is next door, who is 2-3 jumps out etc. It’s easier to process and you don’t have to worry so much about neutral eyes/hangers on. I am of course generalising about all of this but I can’t get my negativity out any other way.

So I was thinking about returning to low sec and infact turning toward piracy. If I want to fight, I will. If I don’t want to fight then I know the rules of low sec and I can usually GTFO if I need to. If not for profit, then for fun.


Quite regal looking isn't it? or medieval, I haven't decided quite which yet. Though it does resemble the Scottish flag so that is a bonus, bonus points there boys.

Well there we go. I jumped the ship and boarded another ship before the other ship noticed what happened. The CEO of CMAC being the only guy in the loop about this because he deserves to know. Commander Cross is one of the handfull of players that I respect fully, he is hard working, smart and fun so sending him an eve mail was the least I could do.

And now I am here in Hellhounds ready to embark on an entirely different game, one I am fairly aware of but it being covered in Hellhound sauce I am sure several layers of crazy “wtf” moments await.

Leaving one corp to join another in a short time like that is shit. I can’t excuse myself for it but having nothing that really gripped me as what I want to do in EvE over the last 2 months just clashed badly with what I knew I SHOULD be doing. Does that make sense? It’s done now anyway, and my game will now resume it’s pace of awesome and hopefully this blog, because even I have noticed how straight and tired it’s been this week.


EvE – Why I trained…pt.2

Having looked through my entire skill tree and my certificates it is plain to see that despite how awesome I think my toon is, he isn’t actually the best at anything. If I wanted to define “the best” for example in the case of gunnery I would have my toon at lvl V for medium autocannon specialisation (instead of IV), Trajectory Analysis V and Sharpshooter V (again instead of IV for both) which increase Optimal and Falloff respectively. I would be one mental awesome gunner then with nobody able to be better than me, only equal.

However I don’t value the 14-20 days needed per skill over anything else I could use that time for. Is 5% falloff range really that important over extra damage or tracking? What if it doesn’t fit your play style in that given moment and you like to be up close and personal rather than have range? I guess the only worry is some form of collector syndrome where in you MUST have everything at the highest level regardless of if you actually need it right now or not. I think most people probably skip these skills in favor of using the training time in other areas. Better to have a great game now than a perfect game in 60days time right? At least I think so.

A series of skills I trained up for were probably the most usefull skills I have trained but not exactly the most fun.


Complete the set! I have Caldari Dreadnought to IV aswell but I don't fly them...

Years ago I thought that having Caldari Frigate V would be a door opener to PvP. Thinking about the Harpy and the Crow gave me hope that I could do something other than die in a Kestrel to a gate camp. The Manticore gave me hope that I could solo PvP and snipe frigates/destroyers out of the sky but what really happened was as soon as Caldari Frigate V was done, I started on on Minmatar Frigate V to get the Jaguar instead. The same thing happened with Caldari Cruiser V, I wanted the Rapier over the Falcon and so I trained it almost straight away. The only exception was Caldari Battleship becuase I REALLY want the Chimera even though I am about 3 months from flying the damn thing becuase I have the absolute worst drone skills you can imagine. I can however fly the Phoenix…and I won’t be shooting at a POS any time soon so what is the point in having that skill? So my mission Raven is better? well I don’t need to mission either, plus, it is boring.

I see the Nidhogger and the Naglfar and wish I trained up Minmatar Battleships to V instead but that is abnother 30day skill. This sounds like I made the exact same mistake for each and every class of ship, Caldari first over Minnie. And why did I do that? Incase things go wrong, that’s why. If I lose everything I can still fly a mission 1 frigate really well, or a lvl2 mission cruiser really well, eventually I can grind through lvl IV missions in my Raven and build everything back again. I wouldn’t do this in Minmatar ships becuase they are easier and faster in Caldari ships. Though boring and something I won’t use in PvP the Caldari ships represent an insurance policy of sorts.

At least they are done and out of the way I guess.


Another boring group.

Missiles are dull and uninteresting for several reasons. The first being that we have no models for missile launchers or missiles. The glowing orbs just fly from our ship like flares from a life raft and hurtle towards whatever the target is and hit all of the time providing you are in range and the target is not moving so super fast. If we had some launcher on our ships and the missiles left the bay with a massive thrust andyou could see new missiles replacing the old ones and then get fired off and so on, that would be awesome. If the missiles looked like missiles other than mini-suns that to would be an improvement. You could disable the graphics I guess much like you can disable Drone models but it would be nice to have the option for good graphics, and why we don’t have launchers is beyond my comprehension.

There is no inspiring reason other than effciency to train this weapon system. You want to do some effective damage to PvE targets with minimal effort, you choose a missile platform like the Drake or Raven to do so. You don’t train it because they are exciting or interesting. PvP ships with missile launchers are further down the food chain than ships with guns. People recognise the effectivness of the missile but they don’t respect it because it is lame and weak and just fucking shit boring.

Cruise Missiles V was for the Manticore Stealth Bomber which I have talked about before and won’t get into again, suffice to say that now this skill now only serves as a cheap alternative to Arbalest Launchers for any Scorpion or Raven I might fly for PvP. A bit redundant to me now but again, at least I trained it and it is out of the way. The specialisation skill is no further than lvl I.

Rapid Launch and Target Navigation Prediction are pretty cool because you get more damage out faster and more accuretly so if a target is webbed or target painted then they are going to be hurt even more regardless of their size. These 2 skills have helped me tremendously while using my Tengu in a wormhole, more damage out from skills alone aloowing you more freedom in your fitting choice is just awesome. So despite how boring this weapon system is, it has its moments of greatness.

Ok now to change the channel and get all hopefull and dreamy.


Black Ops, the ship that screams out "True internet spaceship specialisation!!!"...ok maybe not

When I trained for the Widow I realised that having to train Caldari Battleship V specifically for this ship was madness, but seeing as it opened up the doors for Dreadnaughts, carriers, and the Golem further down the line in my EvE carear I might aswell just get it done. Having any battleship skill to V is a boon for your character to be honest.

The Widow was my dream ship from day one but to get the most out of it I would have to combine my existing Cruise missle specialisation skill with my formidable ECM skills with my sneaky bastard style of play. How else can you sit in a belt with a big bad ship and ruin somebodies day with style? Admittedly I have not tried it out yet but the possibility is still there!

Partly as a good reason to get yet another +1 on my EvE CV and partly to get one up on a freind ingame I trained Astrometrics V just so I could use the Covert Jump Portal generator. I think this module is cool. Being able to bridge in ships from one place and send them to another without anybody realising it is awesomesauce. I love that technology and I love that it exists in EvE and I love that a very small percentage of people have trained up for it. It gives my sense of who my character is even more character, even more worth and even more belief that I am on the right track.

Just for the sake of arguement, if I decided to join a 0.0 organisation I am sure that having the ability to do that would be of great help to like minded people. I’ve been hotdropped by Pandemic Legions blackops fleet before and I can tell you that despite the Kestrel ganking I wrote about in pt.1, this would rate up there in terms of great PvP moments.

Being killed stylishly is always worth it.


AWU V, the skill for serious EFT bandits.

Lastly I took these 2 skills out because for the longest time I would show ship fittings and always add the disclaimer, “I can’t use EANM II’s yet” or I would say, “not enough grid”. The whole point of playing EvE and infact most games is to play when you want and how you want to. These 2 skills however are to appease players who have questioned me at some stage about fitting my ships. I am pretty good at it, ship fitting, even if I haven’t flown the ship in question I can give pretty obvious advice to those that might not have thought about a problem or about how the ship SHOULD perform according to its predefined role.

AWU V gives you more options in how you fit smaller ships like Cruisers and Frigates where the extra 2% can mean the difference between a T2 module and a Meta 4 variant. The bonuses of making this choice are quite obvious. Most T2 modules perform the same as a Meta 4 but at a fraction of the cost. Again, I said MOST. As an example I would say that fitting my Jaguar became so much easier with this extra grid to hand. I didn’t need any PG implant to make it work anymore and is the sole reason on why I trained it in the first place. That and people would reccomend fits and I couldn’t make them work due to grid needs.

Hull Upgrades just meant more armor and more resistance due to the unlocking of the resistance skills. My Rupture which is armor tanked gained a heap of effective hit points and became even more one with the universe and even greater and dealing out the hurt. Also Energized Adaptive Nano-Membrane II’s are just awesome compared to the weaker golden color variants.

Sometimes you just have to train things to make your life easier, perhaps not more fun, but easier overall.


So there we have it, some skills I thought I would talk about briefly and though I have a dozen or so more points for each skill and why and the history behind them I hope that I just gave enough to show why things like these matter to me. I also realise this is more text than usual and probably not nearly as funny as it could have been but it was alot of thoughts and notes to decipher into coherent sentences.

We all like to discuss ships and modules in a rock, paper, scissors kind of fashion and we all like to talk in-game drama/politics but rarely do I see talk about WHY train specific skills beyond the usual, “It makes your ship better, train it” or, “lol you should have trained that by now”, or even, “26 days?? fuck that it takes ages I will do something different”.

Look at your own skills and find the ones you remember training up for specifically for a reason. Look at what that skill allowed you to achieve in game. Find out if it opened more doors for you in game. Try to think about what skills you have wanted to train but just haven’t got around to it yet, would that skill open doors or make your life easier? Whatever you end up thinking about, try to think about your skills in the same way you think about your shiny stuff in game, you might not be able to play with them but they are your best most closest friends in game who never leave and always play when you play (Awww that is a very Disney ending isn’t it?).

July 2010
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