EvE – bye, bye. Miss American P.I.

EvE, Tyrannis. The expansion that sounds like it is named after a ship belonging to a race I am sworn to fight for all eternity. I haven’t even injected Gallente Frigate that is how hardcore anti-Gallente I am. truth be told I really do want a Vindicator after seeing them perform in the alliance tournament but I can’t use one…nor can I use a Machariel and I want that to. All because of Gallente skills damnit!!!

Oh well nevermind me.

Planetary Interaction is here! yeehaa! (that is one too many yeehaa for this blog and infact your life, please don’t ever do it again) .The most perfect way to micro manage even further your EvE characters life. How to totally and utterly boil your game down into a list of tasks that must be completed so you can achieve maximum effciency and growth of your internet game bank account. It is here and its abbreviation is PI which sounds like pie and we all like pie in its many forms but PI is not like pie, pie is enjoyable and so to is PI but pie fills you up and PI leaves you feeling empty and alone like some German backpacker in a hostel.

My accounts are set up running this show of colonizing planets and they are running it quite smoothly after the first week of fucking around checking supply routes and making sure extractors are digging all the time. Moving products from storage to the spaceport, firing them into space, collecting them, moving system, putting them onto other planets where the things get made…logistical nightmare just about sums it up but also it is because I am not doing it correctly I am sure. Or I am making things overly complex or just not thinking about what I am doing. Are you in the same boat?

My first planet, such a bag of fail 😦

After talking with other players about it, they say it is fun to do what they are doing. I think it is fun aswell and it certainly adds to the existing game but it is a bit of a pain in the cock to get many of the different things made, if you are doing it by yourself. One corp mate of mine is making his own Nanite paste, I to am doing this exact same thing and you need 6 planets with several different things going on and lot’s of fucking around IF you want to do it quickly and by the bulk. Small ammounts and slowly, it is much easier and at a much more relaxed pace.

See this? all of that can be done by 1 person with 1 account if you have the patience but really it is a big pain in the cock. Big pain.

Obviously it is only just a week since it came out and we are all anxious to see what is happening and what will happen when they take the NPC orders away. It will be chaos no doubt but as this is EvE chaos is the norm.

More success with this planet, it is more organised and delivering more goods than I thought it would. A 23 hour cycle gives me enough of what I need so I don't work at it the entire day.

Much more wiser people have written about PI in many ways so I won’t go on any further unless I have something interesting to say about what I am doing. I’ve read the guides and read the forum posts and I can say that you don’t NEED to know the why’s and what if’s to figure all of this out but it helps to know how to make things more organised. I will redo my planets at some point, I am rich, I can afford to waste ISK on this becuase I find it fun and interesting that I can make shitty little products like some Sim carving wooden gnomes all day. Oh and lastly I have to say thankyou to Akita on the EvE-o forums for this idea because it’s just stupid…it IS stupid but it makes a little ISK so yey! for that.

Robotic factory planet. Nothing but 2 star ports and some factories churning out robotics for insta-cash. It has been running for 2 days and I've sold 30 mil of Robotics so if I keep this up I should cover my expenses for this planet in the next 2 days and so on. I don't think I can be arsed though to be honest.

(Sad that now the NPC orders have been removed so this setup isn’t actually going to be there for much longer.)

EvE University Planetary Interaction wiki:


Korai Iarok Planetary Interaction Material Diagram:



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