EvE – Superbowl for nerds.

Lot’s of bold name checking in this post. That is not my title by the way, but it did come from a conversation I had in a channel I frequent where I was simply saying that because of recent EvE things…here is the conversation, it’s just easier:
TooNu > every year
TooNu > every single year
TooNu > I watch the tourn
TooNu > and every year
TooNu > I am VERY glad that I play EvE
TooNu > even with the bugs, and the annoying bits
Violettt > i know, what other game has something like that?
TooNu > it’s awesome
Violettt > superbowl for nerds

Yes this is about the Alliance Tournament, not that I can do the EvE event justice but I want to get down my enthusiasm for it. Because it’s cool.

Alliance Tournament 8 so far has been the best tournament so far. Not to say that the previous ones were rubbish but it does get better every year and this year is a real winner. I might not be completly accurate here but the “frontmen” of the alliance tournament are CCP_Soundwave and CCP_StevieSG and so they get the credit for putting together a great tourny. All the other people that work on it and do good things in the name of the tourny also get credit like CCP_Claw who is one of the masterminds behind it all but I don’t know who the fuck the others might be but thanks to you anyway. I understand it is voluntary work, if you can call doing something you enjoy “work”.

Lot's of pretty lights and explosions, it looks like a great fight...and yea that is a badger, weird.

The commentating really is awesome, and though I will try not to sound like some fanboi here but Kil2 is awesome pro’ at this. Verone is also great, he is a charasmatic commentator and knows his shit. Darius Johnson is just there for the lulz clearly so he gets 3rd place in my eyes (His puns and style are definetly a direct contrast to Verone and Kil2). Angel Hun sounds alot like he might be Ted Theodore Logan’s long lost brother and I haven’t made my mindup about him yet but after this weekend he certainly improved. And we have Brianna Tempest.

I can imagine that by not having Kil2 on the team I think everything would be weaker commentator wise, he seems to know exactly what he is talking about even if he might not know EVERYTHING that is happening, nobody does except the guys in the match but he does have the personality behind his comments to back what he says up and that counts in spades. Also, he is a known good pvper in game and that counts towards his respectibility.

People bringing the bling to this tournament in nearly every match, Machariel battleships being bought and wasted without a second thought. If only my wallet was so full.

The teams have been using different setups for the most part and have brought the entertainment while still using setups that could win. Nobody enjoys a Drake Vs Drake slug fest of course and the Stealthbomber setup is a little old but whatever works for you is fine by me. Dystopia Alliances Caldari blaster boats and of course the Circle of 2’s Freki-fest are notable setups and were really REALLY fun to watch. Lot’s of matches were fun to watch, but those 2 matches stand out by far. Oha nd I guess when Hydra gave the win by self destruction but I think you see my point.

Speaking of bling, Circle of 2 brought 3 Frekis to their match up against Red Overlord in what was the most expensive match in EvE history. And it was great to watch.

You know, I think the more I watch the alliance tournament the more I get into EvE and the more of a proud feeling I get that I play this and am somewhat a part of the game. It also puts me in a good mood while I play, I seem to be nicer and a bit more helpfull than usual. I am less prone to being sarcastic and irratating, at least that is what I think, my friends/corp mates might not think so but the point is that as an event that only EvE players really get behind (of course capt. Obvious) it makes the game universe seem a bit more together. Hopefully it also draws more players to our server. More players are a good thing don’t you think otherwise.

Yes, I am enthusiastic about this tournament, as I was the previous 2 tournaments I was able to see live and no doubt I will be enthusiastic about it until I stop playing games because of chronic arthiritis, death, dismemberment, accident, severe burns, arm donations, loss of psychic kinetic potential. Oh and one last thing, Pandemic Legion to win! again! (but secretly I hope they don’t).

Shots like this are awesome. Winterblink was allowed to the match arena to take screenies for everyone.

So the final weekend is coming up, I hope you watch it because it is always fun and always interesting. You should at least take the opportunity to get involved and be online, talk to your friends and corp mates, talk in the alliance tournament channels and just get in and involved because it is great fun. You can even make ISK if you are a betting person, my close friend and I make 100 ISK bets per match and we take it in turns to call the winner before the match starts…it’s not much ISK obviously but it is still pretty fun to do so. It’s fun, it’s great and if I spew anymore love for AT8 I think I might have to crush a ball in my sock drawer.

Winterblink Screenshot thread:


Chat channels in game: Alliance Tournament and Alliance Tournament public


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