EvE – Being social, in a universe of anti-social.

Playing an MMO means you can’t escape being social with other human beings in game who try to talk to you and you to them.  It’s fairly easy to forget that you play with other people in your game, when they to are thinking it is their game and you are playing with them. It is your game but really it is theirs and we all share your/their game so we best get along and make beautifull music together. Or in EvE terms this music is a combination of ship explosion plus tears falling on the floor plus manical laughter.

Exp+T/dtf x m3+L= MUSIC. Would be the equation…yea so moving on.

On my UI I have a few chat channels because really, I’m not that chatty. I don’t think many people in EvE consider themselves chatty because we are all interested in at least 6 things which are breathing, eating, shitting, sleeping, sexing and internet spaceships. Some combinations can be made, nearly all of the combinations involve breathing but the choice is yours. We could all meet up and talk about EvE all day long like one big forum thread minus the trolls and we would at least find middle ground there. It might be one massive nerdy conversation but it’s a start.

While in EvE you might talk about real things to your fellow players, the ones you have known for awhile. It’s pretty unusual to talk to a stranger about your kayaking weekend or how your job is going. Though I encourage you to do so, if you kayak that is…or perhaps you like laser tag, or your tiddlywinks championship match or…ok you get the point. Chat outside the realm of EvE happens and it is how most of us form bonds in game and keep it less like a nerdfest.

Here is a paragraph of broad generalisation that is perhaps very alienating and wrong, probably wrong…quite very likely to get me in trouble oooh err missus.

Americans are more chatty, I think that is probably fact but I have no evidence or proof or any kind of numbers to back that up. It is just a claim. Americans tend to chat away and talk about something all of a sudden just incase anybody wants to chat about that exact same thing but hasn’t started the conversation yet. I like Americans in MMOs, they tend to break up the quiet and are usually not affraid to just talk, even if it is wrong or plain shit. Swedes and Finnish are mean horrible people and generally very angry. Weird isn’t it? you think of scandinavia as a nice place full of cheerfull gnomes, but behind the lies is a hidden anger and one of frustration and violent hatred and more anger. English people I think want to be American because of how they saved the UK in the second world war so try to speak like them because its cool and thus speak shit and do this “:p” emote every chance they get because of the onset of ‘Dog plague’ where all English people who are not allready dogs are slowly turning into dogs and will become a dog race by 2038. French, I’ve not met ANY French in game. Not a single French person has spoken to me ever. And I think that is because they know they are part of a secret organisation who speak only French and thus can’t break the code of ‘don’ttalktoanybodynotFrench’ less they lose their extra lung which helps them smoke themselves to death. Germans are hyper efficient and have this bizarre code much like the French but instead involves overly chatting and making bonds of trust and friendship before violently breaking it off citing a ‘lack of effciency’. Russians come in 2 shapes which are the same shape and they are the Russians that start playing EvE for the first time, create their first character ever, log in for the first time ever and suddenly get invited to -A-. And then you have the KGB trained ones that sneak away and form a high sec corp that nobody ever sees but their members all fly officer fitted Marauder battleships. The people that come from Macrosia don’t really talk much, they send out mails every now and again that start with warming phrases like “Hi friend :)” and “Hello again! happy to see!”. The Macrosias are friendly and don’t want to hurt anybody by violencing boat but pose a problem to the economy that everybody so rightly loves, but hey, without them I am sure somethings would go wrong and shit would just go down and then jeezlouise you will be straight on the forums looking for an Akita post explaining it all.

I might be wrong about all of this by the way, don’t read it as fact or anything and certainly don’t include this valuable insight into how people interact with each other into your psychology dissertation for university. Though having re-read it, it does sound like i’m having a dig at everyone. Well I thought it was quite amusing, so did monkey and he is as calm and serene as a budhist monk. Then again, he has fluffy cotton wool for inards and pitch black…souless eyes….

When you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you. A stand-in monkey has been used to protect the identity of the real monkey.

So monkies aside (and infact monkey is actually an ape because monkies have tails and apes do not but is this Animal planet? do you really care?) I have to say that without everybody talking and chatting, making deals and breaking them, being trolls and being helpfull, being clueless and being a know-it-all this MMO would be rather stale. If you ever played Freelancer, Privateer, Masters of Orion, Galactic Civilisations, or such games like these you probably notice the human element is lacking. Despite how when you leave your house for work or school or for whatever reason…i’m not here to judge, when you leave the house you might bitch and moan that people are in your way or being too loud or driving badly, generally being a pain in the cock. You still get home and log in and have the chance to interact with these exact same people.

If interaction is blowing them up, that is fine. So is interacting with them on your mining op, though probably less exciting. Either way you have to be in contact with other people for your game to work and be engaging. How obvious a statement is that eh?

So really my point to this entire post is to get to this part, where I start dropping names like some blogging whore. There is this EvE bloggers chat channel, and it has people that like to blog in it…clearly otherwise it would be pretty pointless calling a EvE bloggers…anyway so there are some fairly chatty types in here. I don’t tend to chat much myself but at times I like to join in. I put 2 other chat channels here aswell, one is from Hellcats who are pirate woman but this is a public channel so everyone can come in and be all piraty and talk about their pvping. The other one is from a PC gaming website I linked on my right here called Rock, Paper, Shotgun. And the website spawned an EvE corp and they are friendly people who love PC gaming and gaming in general.

1. the speech bubble is where you find your chat options. 2. type in your channel name. 3. A welcome message usually means you are in the right channel. 4. + 5. just repeat stages 1-3 for these next channels.


2 Responses to “EvE – Being social, in a universe of anti-social.”

  1. 1 Thunder
    13/07/2010 at 12:03 pm

    I think you would be surprised by the number of french players fitting in with the american crowd :p (that smiley is my english side)
    Me talking here would be my american side and basicaly I’m french.

    The funny part is that your name, in french, is pronounced just like “Tout nu” which means bare-assed.

    Oh btw, nice blog, liked that rorqual part; keep going =)

  2. 2 aayla
    10/01/2011 at 7:12 am

    hmm u forgot to talk about aussies in eve online 😦

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