EvE – Scanning withdrawl, like drugs but costs less

So I’ve been in high sec now for an entire month and I can say that what is happening to my character right now feels similar to me in two ways, in game and out. To explain I’m going to need a paragraph of un-needed back story, (get on with it) and here it is coming up (yes, get on with it!). I swear it’s only a paragraph ok well maybe two so it shouldn’t be too much trouble but..(GET ON WITH IT!!!) oh ok.

Since starting EvE my character has lived in high sec since forever. My first month was spent migrating around going from mission agent to mission agent with everything I owned in a Badger II. My first real corp based themselves in the newly discovered Black rise of Caldari High sec and so I moved there and have been ever since.  I had 2 months in 0.0 in Syndicate and the recent 6 months stuck in a wormhole. So in almost 3 years I have been in the same area of space and so it is very familiar to me, almost like my internet home. Now I’m back in my high sec area everything should be second nature to me, I should just slip back into my old routines right? Well not really.

As I said, the feeling is slightly familiar in two ways. In real life since finishing school i’ve moved around constantly 2 different cities, 1 town in the mountains and now an entirely different country. I think I have been back to where I grew up and where my parents still live maybe 3 times in the last 10 years and each time I was thinking the same thing, “what the hell do I do while I’m here?”. Despite having spent 12 or so years in that place I had been away in other areas for so long that being back there just felt, weird. Almost like being away makes you think that you are no longer part of that place. Ok now to cleverly relink this back to EvE, watch out, here it comes.

Living in a wormhole and now not being in the wormhole is like the relaxing of a belt on a fat guy wearing a pair of jeans. That belt comes undone and it’s all “ahhhhhh yeaaaaa”. Being paranoid every minute while you are on and in a wormhole gives you no cause to relax. If you relax you best be in your POS shields or cloaked up in a safe spot because if somebody was on before you and scanned the site you just warped to, you could be very dead. Infact if they are on and just sitting at the wormhole waiting for you to warp to it, you could be very dead. The point is you could be very dead in many ways at any time and you have to be highly strung toa void it.

So now being in high sec again it feels more relaxing and safer, certainly less responsibility and less cause for concern. If my POS is running low on fuel, go to Jita. If I disconnect and lose my probes, go to Jita. Simple. I don’t need to scan further than a short range scan for ships or probes because I can see who is in local and if they are a possible threat or not. Everything is more relaxed and easier. Except for this constant nagging sensation that is familiar and sounds like, “what the hell do I do while I’m here?”. And so I kinda slip back into my old routine of travelling through low sec looking for militia fights to join in with, or help gaurd a plex gate, scoop up corpses and generally loot the field of a fight I was not privy to. Though I can’t escape the probing.

It’s honestly a nightmare of a thing to do, probing is a chore. At times I have hated it and at times i’ve had a day off and thought instantly, “today I have to probe so I can get a fuel run”. Or fuel, ammo, maybe it is just to get the loot out and sold before the weekend price spike. Either way I’ve felt like I SHOULD be probing or I HAVE to probe today. Being on the outside (like you are some reformed criminal you drama queen) now I probe a little just to keep my fast speed at doing so at the level it is sat at, which is ultra god mode probing. I tend to scan out Radar sites and run them, though I’ve done a few mags, I find the ISK is better with the Radar sites. I forgot about scanning for pure fun and doing these radars in low sec has certainly been fun but also, they look AWESOME. I forgot how diverse the graphics can be and really every Radar site I’ve done recently has weird structures or light shows or gas clouds or whatever, it just looks cool.

See? awww pretty Radar sites awww

So just last night I scanned down a few systems with little or no joy at all, I found one radar site but it just had some datacores in and a couple of skill books. None of the blue donut things that sell quite well. It was a bit disapointing you could say. A few systems on and I found a radar site so I rushed back home and grabbed my favourite pve ship and headed off to ruin some Guristas shit and steal their loot. As I was just getting started a Drake came on scan at long range so I reduced my scan range and after a few seconds low and behold the same Drake was on scan. He was heading to my site I thought so I cloaked up and waited incase I was wrong. No, there he was. I waited a few seconds and I saw that he started hacking into a can, the prick. He didn’t care that a few wrecks littered the place, he just started hacking the cans. Time to lose some sec status.

So I warped away, it was 4 jumps back to my home system and I wanted to ruin this guys night. I did, I wanted to ruin his night for stealing my site that I scanned down and started first. It was school playground rules, I was on the swing first so I’ll sit here until I’m done then it’s your go. The 4 jumps took awhile because I was in a hurry and EVERYTHING takes longer when you want it to go faster. I made sure that the ship I had in mind was actually viable to do the job, it was Smalltooth, a Hurricane battlecruiser. I got in her and headed back the 4 jumps to the radar site and the Drake. Being low sec the risk of being jumped by pirates or war targets is higher but I was focussed and intent on killing this SOB so I figured fate would be on my side. I arrived to the system and warped to the site as fast as I could, he was on short range scan so he was still there but when I landed he was 86kms from me, “bastard, he’s going to warp off”, I thought.

The MWD was engaged and I burned directly for him, I overheated the thing so it was just all or nothing. I got within 30kms and I primed the warp disruptor. Caught. No getting away unless he was stabbed, which he wasnt’ and so I started my cycle of death. 6 220’s, 2 medium neuts, webbed and for the “lols” I put a Gravimetric ECM on there which…and I can’t beleive this, worked first cycle. His shields dissapeared fast and at 10% shields or there abouts, he ejected. He ejected, I couldn’t believe it because I’ve never seen that happen before. I still shot that Drake up until it was dead, looted and GTFO. In hindsight a codebreaker would have been a better mod to take over the stupid ECM but I wasn’t thinking about the remaining cans at the time I picked the ‘cane up. And so the site despawned along with its secrets but the Drake died and it was probably the most extreme example i’ve seen of somebody just rolling over and dying. No fight in him at all, he just died and it must have been ok with him to accept his fate like that.

My shields were not even scratched the entire "fight" in comparison to the damage I was putting out onto his. Also look, I burned my MWD out like a fool. It did its job though *thumbs up*

Being back in high sec might feel like a home I used to know well but overtime it has somehow changed slightly. Different faces and business’s I don’t recognise. New pirates in areas I used to travel through with relative calm. A thriving mission hub populating the systems that used to be empty. It’s different allright and despite having lived there longer than some people have played this game, I can’t help but feel like the outsider.


1 Response to “EvE – Scanning withdrawl, like drugs but costs less”

  1. 03/06/2010 at 10:44 am

    That’s exactly how I feel every time I go back down to Genesis. Black Rise still seems familiar, though it’ll never quite have the same nostalgia as Genesis for me.

    Meh. So my heart is in Amarr space. It is what it is.

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