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EvE – Inevitable things.

EvE expands at a varying rate each year. Some years we get 2 expansions that add extra things to the game, some years we get things that add extra flavour to the EvE client such as new servers (graphics, sound etc), some years we get major changes to current mechanics, some years we get lot’s of extra ships and things to play with in game.

Good or bad, we get 2 major expansions a year and there are always 3 tribes of people that are affected by whatever the expansion has just done.

Tribe 1 the Doom Sayers. People who dislike the changes or can see how it will ruin the game and bring nothing but shit and vomit into their game. They come at you with numbers and graphs and comparrisons and all sorts of bollocks to support their claims that the game is now ruined.

Tribe 2 the meh guys. Meh guys generally don’t care as it doesn’t really affect them, they couldn’t give a flying shit if it was implemented or not and they like to tell you this so you know that they don’t care. Almost like an Emo hanging outside McDonalds, they don’t want you to see them but you can’t fucking avoid it because they are so very obvious.

Tribe 3 the oh come on guys. This tribe is particular in how it shows it’s opinion. Firstly they will be pro-active towards the expansion, following it up with a selection of possitivty to show you how it isn’t so bad and you need to re-evaluate your opinion here, this is followed by glowing ass-suckery towards CCP and finished off by more pro-activity. Opptimistic to the bitter end and refuses to see any negativity.

Well, we get 2 major expansions a year and some several smaller patches that change things here and there but despite how much common sense you might think you are beaming towards the developers of our internet spaceship game you have to remember the wheels are allready in motion. Anything that may come out has probably allready been thought about and planned for and started. So here is what I think is most likely to happen to our game.


JON BON JOVE. Will include the Jovian race as a playable race for you to choose. It will have the various types of Jove race for us to choose from in both Male and female styles. It will also include ships from the Jovian catalogue which will include several REALLY great ships that will wtffacemelt the existing ships into oblivion. This will of course be overly corrected in a patch afterwards and they will become useless bags of shit.

The Jove ships and equipment won’t be true Jove technology and instead will be hybrid tech so we the players forgo the existing technology in favor of only using one races stuff. This is a sad fact but if the Jove tech really is awesome it will have to be so much better than the current stuff so a hybrid of tech is the only logical conclussion. Which is why Jove technology will be implimented into the game leaving everything else in the dust like level 60 epics. (omfg you did not go there).

This expansion will include several other things we don’t need so much but improves CCP as a company so expect thngs like…touchscreen technology and fuckin..I dunno, voice activated modules or some stupid shit.

Everything you wanted fixed will not be included in this expansion but the Legion will get “reimagined” and become the only T3 anybody flies.


Walking with Jesus is a great expansion, probably the best yet. CCP need to expand and to do new things with their company to encourage growth which encourages investors which encourages bank managers to agree to certain things that makes certain VP’s, CEO’s, MD’s and all the upper echelon of a company very happy. Making EvE more avatar based removes the, “so that spaceship is me? that is my character?…and your character is exactly the same?”. No more of this will ever be said. And who says things like that?

Girlfriends and wives say that because you have asked them to try EvE and it didn’t wash did it? no of course it didn’t. No clothing, no body, no clothing, no accesories, no gear, no clothing nothing that resembles the real world in a fantasy enviroment. CCP want a piece of your better half and this is their attempt at luring them in. Oh hey, if you are a female reading this I am sorry…ok I’m not, at all.

SIMs in space but more adult looking and less jibber jabber sims style, what the hell does “uulungala!” mean anyway? Along with walking with Jesus you get the ability to own property on spacestations which you rent out and make look all nice and stuff by picking from predetermined layouts and colors. You won’t get customisation just yet so your dream bar won’t be possible and just so you know, everyone is making a bar or a strip club so why leave to go to anyone elses if yours is just as good?

I dunno if this property can earn you ISK or not, if it does it will be very little ISK but I think it would be more for fun anyway.

Again, no bugs and broken shit you wanted fixed will be fixed but the Black Ops will get the ability to use the covert ops cloak…HAHAH no it won’t.

The revelations screen revealed this clever title, it's almost EvE like isn't it? yea it is! No you shut up!!

Grafixala will be the expansion where everything in the current universe gets removed and new models get put in. That is the planets, the stars, the blackness, the gas clouds, the stations, the ships, the modules, the portraits, the everything you can ever see in game…will be changed. The graphic patch will be absolutly massive and will take an entire week to implement properly as the server crashes constantly and things go wrong but hey see after that week? it will be awesome.

Things you dream about will suddenly be a reality. The Machariel will have big guns on it that will look like they should be there. The Proteus will look good no matter how you fit it. The Drake will look even bigger and even more flat and stupid but it will be allright because it’s the Drake and everyone loves the Drake. Things like, modules being online will actually give off effects and not just some aura around your ship. Missile launchers guys! actual missile launchers that move and everything!!

Ship decals, custom colors to your ships and hangar and everything can be painted if you own it. Hello Kitty Kestrel and Apocalypse are now viable options.

What a wonderous patch it will be. And you will only have to upgrade your rig to run it. Seriously though, see upgrading your PC, you really ought to do that every now and again just save up a bit of cash and invest in new tech so you can see things that look great all the time and not be some slow boating left behind person. Ok?

Not only GFX but new ships to. The T2 variant on the last BC And BS for each race in game will be available. T2 Rokh ladies and gents, a T2 Hyperion. Can you imagine something so amazing as that? No you can’t because see if you could, you would be something else like a god or a mythical being, inventing new colors and such like. No, the T2 BC and T2 BS will never happen because it would just spoil you.

Here we go, vindication and justice to the EvE player at long last!!!

Players that write long winded posts on the EvE-o forums rejoice! We’re well sorry is here at last. A patch that includes everything broken in EvE fixed at last and they listened to the players, they actually hire Akita and Chribba to work out everything industry wise that is broken and they fix everything. Invention is awesome now and you can totally get rich.

Ships that needed more PG and CPU get what they need, turret and missile launcher slots get worked out on ships that never use either or. Rockets FINNALY have a place in EvE and it is not in the reprocessing plant, oh no no no, they are amazing and everyone wants to use them now so each rocket now costs 10x what they are worth now.

Black ops can covert cloak. More sub systems for T3. More mining vessels and equipment. The UI is sorted out at last. There is no more lag. Faction warfare now has an actual point. Low sec is great for piracy and PvP. Scotty the dock manager pulls his finger out. Joining a fleet is instant and no longer gives you a 30 second waiting timer. There are no more hidden timers. Petitions don’t lag you out ever because there is no more lag!

Everything fixed! Everything is wonderfull!

Go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect 200 currency.

CCP decides that everything needs to go. The paintjob of EvE is kept in a special folder so it can’t be touched but the server is wiped clean. Every scrap of data is removed and gone forever with no going back. The new code for EvE is implemented and the paintjob is applied ontop of it so it still looks great but the code is now fresh and everything is now 100% virgin again.

Player data is removed, accounts are of course not removed but your ships and ISK and stuff is gone. Everybody starts again.

See it was too easy, everything became this great polished orb of splendour and happiness ruled over everything. Sure people were sad that they got blown up and ganked, lost millions to trading or whatnot but overall the feeling was of happyiess and game playing in an actual game that felt like a game. The old days of the granky space sim with it’s bullshit UI and old code with a fungus covering feel like they are long gone and indeed they are. This is EvE though, and CCP don’t want that. They don’t want the happiness and joy joy feelings you might be getting from expansion to expansion. They finally realised that be doing things right by the players, they made them happy, and by being happy people don’t try as hard and so their game became redundant and less challenging. CCP didn’t like this and so wiped the game, defraged the server and put on the new easy to use code with a fresh lick of paint.

The player base came back but it was half the number that the server had before at 1,000,000 players. 200k of these went to 0.0 straight away and began again, some for the first time ever but saw this as their only chance at being part of a future power bloc in 5 years time. The new BoB, NC and AAA. 100k went to low sec and started cartels dealing in drugs and piracy. Crime and various other gangster mechanics meant that they could turn low sec into the slum kingdoms they read about in comics or see in movies. 100k carebears went back to mission grinding and mining to keep the economy of EvE alive and flowing. They get ganked by the <Pimps> from low sec (the major alliance of all the low sec systems in game is finally realised) from time to time but the carebears just keep on going, the worker ants of EvE just trying to get through the day and make their ISK and have nice chats and things. The last 100k just sat in Jita and spammed local with stupid fucking contracts of obvious scams and obvious bullshit but because the server is awesome and clean Jita can take 100,000 morons so yey for that…


EvE – bye, bye. Miss American P.I.

EvE, Tyrannis. The expansion that sounds like it is named after a ship belonging to a race I am sworn to fight for all eternity. I haven’t even injected Gallente Frigate that is how hardcore anti-Gallente I am. truth be told I really do want a Vindicator after seeing them perform in the alliance tournament but I can’t use one…nor can I use a Machariel and I want that to. All because of Gallente skills damnit!!!

Oh well nevermind me.

Planetary Interaction is here! yeehaa! (that is one too many yeehaa for this blog and infact your life, please don’t ever do it again) .The most perfect way to micro manage even further your EvE characters life. How to totally and utterly boil your game down into a list of tasks that must be completed so you can achieve maximum effciency and growth of your internet game bank account. It is here and its abbreviation is PI which sounds like pie and we all like pie in its many forms but PI is not like pie, pie is enjoyable and so to is PI but pie fills you up and PI leaves you feeling empty and alone like some German backpacker in a hostel.

My accounts are set up running this show of colonizing planets and they are running it quite smoothly after the first week of fucking around checking supply routes and making sure extractors are digging all the time. Moving products from storage to the spaceport, firing them into space, collecting them, moving system, putting them onto other planets where the things get made…logistical nightmare just about sums it up but also it is because I am not doing it correctly I am sure. Or I am making things overly complex or just not thinking about what I am doing. Are you in the same boat?

My first planet, such a bag of fail 😦

After talking with other players about it, they say it is fun to do what they are doing. I think it is fun aswell and it certainly adds to the existing game but it is a bit of a pain in the cock to get many of the different things made, if you are doing it by yourself. One corp mate of mine is making his own Nanite paste, I to am doing this exact same thing and you need 6 planets with several different things going on and lot’s of fucking around IF you want to do it quickly and by the bulk. Small ammounts and slowly, it is much easier and at a much more relaxed pace.

See this? all of that can be done by 1 person with 1 account if you have the patience but really it is a big pain in the cock. Big pain.

Obviously it is only just a week since it came out and we are all anxious to see what is happening and what will happen when they take the NPC orders away. It will be chaos no doubt but as this is EvE chaos is the norm.

More success with this planet, it is more organised and delivering more goods than I thought it would. A 23 hour cycle gives me enough of what I need so I don't work at it the entire day.

Much more wiser people have written about PI in many ways so I won’t go on any further unless I have something interesting to say about what I am doing. I’ve read the guides and read the forum posts and I can say that you don’t NEED to know the why’s and what if’s to figure all of this out but it helps to know how to make things more organised. I will redo my planets at some point, I am rich, I can afford to waste ISK on this becuase I find it fun and interesting that I can make shitty little products like some Sim carving wooden gnomes all day. Oh and lastly I have to say thankyou to Akita on the EvE-o forums for this idea because it’s just stupid…it IS stupid but it makes a little ISK so yey! for that.

Robotic factory planet. Nothing but 2 star ports and some factories churning out robotics for insta-cash. It has been running for 2 days and I've sold 30 mil of Robotics so if I keep this up I should cover my expenses for this planet in the next 2 days and so on. I don't think I can be arsed though to be honest.

(Sad that now the NPC orders have been removed so this setup isn’t actually going to be there for much longer.)

EvE University Planetary Interaction wiki:

Korai Iarok Planetary Interaction Material Diagram:


Distraction month’o’awesome.

Recently games happened to me. Games that I love and have just started and games that I am learning. It has been awesome and despite the all at once factor it hasn’t relaly felt so stressfull. That is, getting stressed about palying games is a life I would truly dream of having but sadly it happens rarely. In short I shall explain what I have been doing.

Horus Hersey. A board game that makes other boardgames look very very small. It is only 2 players but the missus and I have been trying to get a few games in every so often but as a game it sucks and is more tactical and just doing things correctly in a certain order to win or deny the other person victory so you win anyway.

Deus Ex. It has been on STEAM for the longest time now but last month or so it came down in rice to something like 3 EUROs so I bought it just for the sake of having it. It would be the 4th time I have bought it aswell because a game like Deus Ex comes every 10 years and knocks the shit out of everything previously and in years to come. Today it is STILL one of the best games and so I played through it…again for the 20+ time or so. I love it.

Not games but books. Ravenor the omnibus which is a 40k novel of about 700 pages of pure Inquisitorial crime stomping and demon splitting and This Gaming Life by Jim Rossignol who writes for many things not the least is Rock, Paper, Shotgun which you can find in links to your right here. Incidently he is a massive EvE fan and has played for 6 years or so, I understand he had to quit playing but he still likes to keep up to date with news.

The missus wants me to play Spore so I have ben playing that every now and again and am currently at the civilisation stage, tanks and things like that. My Tower of doom is pretty awesome as a city centre piece.

A rather expensive 1998 PC version of Final Fantasy 7 arrived in the mail aswell. Bed wettingly awesome.

EvE just released the expansion for the summer, Taranis, and it has some pretty awesome things in which I will get into just like nearly every other EvE blogger has done so far.

So all of these things came at me in the last 3-4 weeks so my time has been rather limited, limited by distractions such as these, the missus, the family and of course work. Yey for work.


EvE – Superbowl for nerds.

Lot’s of bold name checking in this post. That is not my title by the way, but it did come from a conversation I had in a channel I frequent where I was simply saying that because of recent EvE things…here is the conversation, it’s just easier:
TooNu > every year
TooNu > every single year
TooNu > I watch the tourn
TooNu > and every year
TooNu > I am VERY glad that I play EvE
TooNu > even with the bugs, and the annoying bits
Violettt > i know, what other game has something like that?
TooNu > it’s awesome
Violettt > superbowl for nerds

Yes this is about the Alliance Tournament, not that I can do the EvE event justice but I want to get down my enthusiasm for it. Because it’s cool.

Alliance Tournament 8 so far has been the best tournament so far. Not to say that the previous ones were rubbish but it does get better every year and this year is a real winner. I might not be completly accurate here but the “frontmen” of the alliance tournament are CCP_Soundwave and CCP_StevieSG and so they get the credit for putting together a great tourny. All the other people that work on it and do good things in the name of the tourny also get credit like CCP_Claw who is one of the masterminds behind it all but I don’t know who the fuck the others might be but thanks to you anyway. I understand it is voluntary work, if you can call doing something you enjoy “work”.

Lot's of pretty lights and explosions, it looks like a great fight...and yea that is a badger, weird.

The commentating really is awesome, and though I will try not to sound like some fanboi here but Kil2 is awesome pro’ at this. Verone is also great, he is a charasmatic commentator and knows his shit. Darius Johnson is just there for the lulz clearly so he gets 3rd place in my eyes (His puns and style are definetly a direct contrast to Verone and Kil2). Angel Hun sounds alot like he might be Ted Theodore Logan’s long lost brother and I haven’t made my mindup about him yet but after this weekend he certainly improved. And we have Brianna Tempest.

I can imagine that by not having Kil2 on the team I think everything would be weaker commentator wise, he seems to know exactly what he is talking about even if he might not know EVERYTHING that is happening, nobody does except the guys in the match but he does have the personality behind his comments to back what he says up and that counts in spades. Also, he is a known good pvper in game and that counts towards his respectibility.

People bringing the bling to this tournament in nearly every match, Machariel battleships being bought and wasted without a second thought. If only my wallet was so full.

The teams have been using different setups for the most part and have brought the entertainment while still using setups that could win. Nobody enjoys a Drake Vs Drake slug fest of course and the Stealthbomber setup is a little old but whatever works for you is fine by me. Dystopia Alliances Caldari blaster boats and of course the Circle of 2’s Freki-fest are notable setups and were really REALLY fun to watch. Lot’s of matches were fun to watch, but those 2 matches stand out by far. Oha nd I guess when Hydra gave the win by self destruction but I think you see my point.

Speaking of bling, Circle of 2 brought 3 Frekis to their match up against Red Overlord in what was the most expensive match in EvE history. And it was great to watch.

You know, I think the more I watch the alliance tournament the more I get into EvE and the more of a proud feeling I get that I play this and am somewhat a part of the game. It also puts me in a good mood while I play, I seem to be nicer and a bit more helpfull than usual. I am less prone to being sarcastic and irratating, at least that is what I think, my friends/corp mates might not think so but the point is that as an event that only EvE players really get behind (of course capt. Obvious) it makes the game universe seem a bit more together. Hopefully it also draws more players to our server. More players are a good thing don’t you think otherwise.

Yes, I am enthusiastic about this tournament, as I was the previous 2 tournaments I was able to see live and no doubt I will be enthusiastic about it until I stop playing games because of chronic arthiritis, death, dismemberment, accident, severe burns, arm donations, loss of psychic kinetic potential. Oh and one last thing, Pandemic Legion to win! again! (but secretly I hope they don’t).

Shots like this are awesome. Winterblink was allowed to the match arena to take screenies for everyone.

So the final weekend is coming up, I hope you watch it because it is always fun and always interesting. You should at least take the opportunity to get involved and be online, talk to your friends and corp mates, talk in the alliance tournament channels and just get in and involved because it is great fun. You can even make ISK if you are a betting person, my close friend and I make 100 ISK bets per match and we take it in turns to call the winner before the match starts…it’s not much ISK obviously but it is still pretty fun to do so. It’s fun, it’s great and if I spew anymore love for AT8 I think I might have to crush a ball in my sock drawer.

Winterblink Screenshot thread:

Chat channels in game: Alliance Tournament and Alliance Tournament public


EvE – Being social, in a universe of anti-social.

Playing an MMO means you can’t escape being social with other human beings in game who try to talk to you and you to them.  It’s fairly easy to forget that you play with other people in your game, when they to are thinking it is their game and you are playing with them. It is your game but really it is theirs and we all share your/their game so we best get along and make beautifull music together. Or in EvE terms this music is a combination of ship explosion plus tears falling on the floor plus manical laughter.

Exp+T/dtf x m3+L= MUSIC. Would be the equation…yea so moving on.

On my UI I have a few chat channels because really, I’m not that chatty. I don’t think many people in EvE consider themselves chatty because we are all interested in at least 6 things which are breathing, eating, shitting, sleeping, sexing and internet spaceships. Some combinations can be made, nearly all of the combinations involve breathing but the choice is yours. We could all meet up and talk about EvE all day long like one big forum thread minus the trolls and we would at least find middle ground there. It might be one massive nerdy conversation but it’s a start.

While in EvE you might talk about real things to your fellow players, the ones you have known for awhile. It’s pretty unusual to talk to a stranger about your kayaking weekend or how your job is going. Though I encourage you to do so, if you kayak that is…or perhaps you like laser tag, or your tiddlywinks championship match or…ok you get the point. Chat outside the realm of EvE happens and it is how most of us form bonds in game and keep it less like a nerdfest.

Here is a paragraph of broad generalisation that is perhaps very alienating and wrong, probably wrong…quite very likely to get me in trouble oooh err missus.

Americans are more chatty, I think that is probably fact but I have no evidence or proof or any kind of numbers to back that up. It is just a claim. Americans tend to chat away and talk about something all of a sudden just incase anybody wants to chat about that exact same thing but hasn’t started the conversation yet. I like Americans in MMOs, they tend to break up the quiet and are usually not affraid to just talk, even if it is wrong or plain shit. Swedes and Finnish are mean horrible people and generally very angry. Weird isn’t it? you think of scandinavia as a nice place full of cheerfull gnomes, but behind the lies is a hidden anger and one of frustration and violent hatred and more anger. English people I think want to be American because of how they saved the UK in the second world war so try to speak like them because its cool and thus speak shit and do this “:p” emote every chance they get because of the onset of ‘Dog plague’ where all English people who are not allready dogs are slowly turning into dogs and will become a dog race by 2038. French, I’ve not met ANY French in game. Not a single French person has spoken to me ever. And I think that is because they know they are part of a secret organisation who speak only French and thus can’t break the code of ‘don’ttalktoanybodynotFrench’ less they lose their extra lung which helps them smoke themselves to death. Germans are hyper efficient and have this bizarre code much like the French but instead involves overly chatting and making bonds of trust and friendship before violently breaking it off citing a ‘lack of effciency’. Russians come in 2 shapes which are the same shape and they are the Russians that start playing EvE for the first time, create their first character ever, log in for the first time ever and suddenly get invited to -A-. And then you have the KGB trained ones that sneak away and form a high sec corp that nobody ever sees but their members all fly officer fitted Marauder battleships. The people that come from Macrosia don’t really talk much, they send out mails every now and again that start with warming phrases like “Hi friend :)” and “Hello again! happy to see!”. The Macrosias are friendly and don’t want to hurt anybody by violencing boat but pose a problem to the economy that everybody so rightly loves, but hey, without them I am sure somethings would go wrong and shit would just go down and then jeezlouise you will be straight on the forums looking for an Akita post explaining it all.

I might be wrong about all of this by the way, don’t read it as fact or anything and certainly don’t include this valuable insight into how people interact with each other into your psychology dissertation for university. Though having re-read it, it does sound like i’m having a dig at everyone. Well I thought it was quite amusing, so did monkey and he is as calm and serene as a budhist monk. Then again, he has fluffy cotton wool for inards and pitch black…souless eyes….

When you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you. A stand-in monkey has been used to protect the identity of the real monkey.

So monkies aside (and infact monkey is actually an ape because monkies have tails and apes do not but is this Animal planet? do you really care?) I have to say that without everybody talking and chatting, making deals and breaking them, being trolls and being helpfull, being clueless and being a know-it-all this MMO would be rather stale. If you ever played Freelancer, Privateer, Masters of Orion, Galactic Civilisations, or such games like these you probably notice the human element is lacking. Despite how when you leave your house for work or school or for whatever reason…i’m not here to judge, when you leave the house you might bitch and moan that people are in your way or being too loud or driving badly, generally being a pain in the cock. You still get home and log in and have the chance to interact with these exact same people.

If interaction is blowing them up, that is fine. So is interacting with them on your mining op, though probably less exciting. Either way you have to be in contact with other people for your game to work and be engaging. How obvious a statement is that eh?

So really my point to this entire post is to get to this part, where I start dropping names like some blogging whore. There is this EvE bloggers chat channel, and it has people that like to blog in it…clearly otherwise it would be pretty pointless calling a EvE bloggers…anyway so there are some fairly chatty types in here. I don’t tend to chat much myself but at times I like to join in. I put 2 other chat channels here aswell, one is from Hellcats who are pirate woman but this is a public channel so everyone can come in and be all piraty and talk about their pvping. The other one is from a PC gaming website I linked on my right here called Rock, Paper, Shotgun. And the website spawned an EvE corp and they are friendly people who love PC gaming and gaming in general.

1. the speech bubble is where you find your chat options. 2. type in your channel name. 3. A welcome message usually means you are in the right channel. 4. + 5. just repeat stages 1-3 for these next channels.


EvE – Scanning withdrawl, like drugs but costs less

So I’ve been in high sec now for an entire month and I can say that what is happening to my character right now feels similar to me in two ways, in game and out. To explain I’m going to need a paragraph of un-needed back story, (get on with it) and here it is coming up (yes, get on with it!). I swear it’s only a paragraph ok well maybe two so it shouldn’t be too much trouble but..(GET ON WITH IT!!!) oh ok.

Since starting EvE my character has lived in high sec since forever. My first month was spent migrating around going from mission agent to mission agent with everything I owned in a Badger II. My first real corp based themselves in the newly discovered Black rise of Caldari High sec and so I moved there and have been ever since.  I had 2 months in 0.0 in Syndicate and the recent 6 months stuck in a wormhole. So in almost 3 years I have been in the same area of space and so it is very familiar to me, almost like my internet home. Now I’m back in my high sec area everything should be second nature to me, I should just slip back into my old routines right? Well not really.

As I said, the feeling is slightly familiar in two ways. In real life since finishing school i’ve moved around constantly 2 different cities, 1 town in the mountains and now an entirely different country. I think I have been back to where I grew up and where my parents still live maybe 3 times in the last 10 years and each time I was thinking the same thing, “what the hell do I do while I’m here?”. Despite having spent 12 or so years in that place I had been away in other areas for so long that being back there just felt, weird. Almost like being away makes you think that you are no longer part of that place. Ok now to cleverly relink this back to EvE, watch out, here it comes.

Living in a wormhole and now not being in the wormhole is like the relaxing of a belt on a fat guy wearing a pair of jeans. That belt comes undone and it’s all “ahhhhhh yeaaaaa”. Being paranoid every minute while you are on and in a wormhole gives you no cause to relax. If you relax you best be in your POS shields or cloaked up in a safe spot because if somebody was on before you and scanned the site you just warped to, you could be very dead. Infact if they are on and just sitting at the wormhole waiting for you to warp to it, you could be very dead. The point is you could be very dead in many ways at any time and you have to be highly strung toa void it.

So now being in high sec again it feels more relaxing and safer, certainly less responsibility and less cause for concern. If my POS is running low on fuel, go to Jita. If I disconnect and lose my probes, go to Jita. Simple. I don’t need to scan further than a short range scan for ships or probes because I can see who is in local and if they are a possible threat or not. Everything is more relaxed and easier. Except for this constant nagging sensation that is familiar and sounds like, “what the hell do I do while I’m here?”. And so I kinda slip back into my old routine of travelling through low sec looking for militia fights to join in with, or help gaurd a plex gate, scoop up corpses and generally loot the field of a fight I was not privy to. Though I can’t escape the probing.

It’s honestly a nightmare of a thing to do, probing is a chore. At times I have hated it and at times i’ve had a day off and thought instantly, “today I have to probe so I can get a fuel run”. Or fuel, ammo, maybe it is just to get the loot out and sold before the weekend price spike. Either way I’ve felt like I SHOULD be probing or I HAVE to probe today. Being on the outside (like you are some reformed criminal you drama queen) now I probe a little just to keep my fast speed at doing so at the level it is sat at, which is ultra god mode probing. I tend to scan out Radar sites and run them, though I’ve done a few mags, I find the ISK is better with the Radar sites. I forgot about scanning for pure fun and doing these radars in low sec has certainly been fun but also, they look AWESOME. I forgot how diverse the graphics can be and really every Radar site I’ve done recently has weird structures or light shows or gas clouds or whatever, it just looks cool.

See? awww pretty Radar sites awww

So just last night I scanned down a few systems with little or no joy at all, I found one radar site but it just had some datacores in and a couple of skill books. None of the blue donut things that sell quite well. It was a bit disapointing you could say. A few systems on and I found a radar site so I rushed back home and grabbed my favourite pve ship and headed off to ruin some Guristas shit and steal their loot. As I was just getting started a Drake came on scan at long range so I reduced my scan range and after a few seconds low and behold the same Drake was on scan. He was heading to my site I thought so I cloaked up and waited incase I was wrong. No, there he was. I waited a few seconds and I saw that he started hacking into a can, the prick. He didn’t care that a few wrecks littered the place, he just started hacking the cans. Time to lose some sec status.

So I warped away, it was 4 jumps back to my home system and I wanted to ruin this guys night. I did, I wanted to ruin his night for stealing my site that I scanned down and started first. It was school playground rules, I was on the swing first so I’ll sit here until I’m done then it’s your go. The 4 jumps took awhile because I was in a hurry and EVERYTHING takes longer when you want it to go faster. I made sure that the ship I had in mind was actually viable to do the job, it was Smalltooth, a Hurricane battlecruiser. I got in her and headed back the 4 jumps to the radar site and the Drake. Being low sec the risk of being jumped by pirates or war targets is higher but I was focussed and intent on killing this SOB so I figured fate would be on my side. I arrived to the system and warped to the site as fast as I could, he was on short range scan so he was still there but when I landed he was 86kms from me, “bastard, he’s going to warp off”, I thought.

The MWD was engaged and I burned directly for him, I overheated the thing so it was just all or nothing. I got within 30kms and I primed the warp disruptor. Caught. No getting away unless he was stabbed, which he wasnt’ and so I started my cycle of death. 6 220’s, 2 medium neuts, webbed and for the “lols” I put a Gravimetric ECM on there which…and I can’t beleive this, worked first cycle. His shields dissapeared fast and at 10% shields or there abouts, he ejected. He ejected, I couldn’t believe it because I’ve never seen that happen before. I still shot that Drake up until it was dead, looted and GTFO. In hindsight a codebreaker would have been a better mod to take over the stupid ECM but I wasn’t thinking about the remaining cans at the time I picked the ‘cane up. And so the site despawned along with its secrets but the Drake died and it was probably the most extreme example i’ve seen of somebody just rolling over and dying. No fight in him at all, he just died and it must have been ok with him to accept his fate like that.

My shields were not even scratched the entire "fight" in comparison to the damage I was putting out onto his. Also look, I burned my MWD out like a fool. It did its job though *thumbs up*

Being back in high sec might feel like a home I used to know well but overtime it has somehow changed slightly. Different faces and business’s I don’t recognise. New pirates in areas I used to travel through with relative calm. A thriving mission hub populating the systems that used to be empty. It’s different allright and despite having lived there longer than some people have played this game, I can’t help but feel like the outsider.

June 2010
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