EvE – Debt clearing.

I thought about everything that I had written since I started this blog and it suprises me as I avoid editing the many mistakes or ways I could have improved on each post. Being a control freak helps me organise everything I do but it also hinders me because I want things just so or I want them to be as close to perfect in my eyes as possible. Which is never possible. And so instead I just made a new page at the top of this blog with everything compiled into one so rather than go through the archives which in my opinion is not such a great feature, you can click on that page and see every post from March to May of this year and read what you want. Up to you of course if you want to do that but it helps me see what I have done so far, and so far I quite like what I have done. And so follows a “cop out” post.

Nothing to do with this post but look at this, how the hell did I manage that?

Now about the title ‘Debt clearing’, it’s a double-whammy for me to be honest. I clear a large debt in real life which is awesome but also and more blog focussed is that our Wormhole corp has cleared its debt. of the Rorqual which we built last month. Which is awesome. Though it was all a bit messy and seemed a bit sloppy the funds to build it came from one corp member at the time and he built the parts as we hauled in the minerals gradually over 3 months or so. A long fucking time to be honest and a serious pain int he cock but the luck with finding exits or not having the time to find an exit suitable for mineral hauling kept us back. It was finished, the Rorqual was built and you can read all about it in a previous post but the ISK was still owed from the corp to this guy.

The plan was to pay him back with mined ore that we gathered in the WH over the last 5-6 months. It was compressed and hauled out (again in the same previous post you can read about this), refined and sold and now the ISK has been distributed back to the dude and the remaining ISK has been split between everyone AND we still have a portion of the Rorqual each. Despite the fact that I fly it, we all own that large fucking thing and there is no way it is getting out so if we sell up, that goes with it…or in a large ball of self destructing fire for minimal insurance gain. Either way, it’s still ISK.

All the Ore refined into that, which took a bit of time to sell (0.01 isk market ninja battle go!) but it sold and we made close to 3 billion ISK.

So that is done and now there is this planetary interaction to fuck around with. I am sure it won’t be broken or come out like some processed bullshit burger from the grill of CCP.


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